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If you’re in search of polyester sheets, it have the right to be difficult to recognize what renders one brand better or worse 보다 another.

In general, polyester sheets space a super affordable alternative that critical a lengthy time and resist wrinkles — and also most brands will describe their polyester sheets the way.

So how do you recognize which polyester sheets are finest for you?

We dug right into what polyester is, what renders a polyester sheet collection great, and also the best choices for you come try. Review on to view our picks.

Polyester, likewise known as polyethylene terephthalate, is one of the most typically used fabricated fibers in the world. Artificial is the key word right here — polyester is human-made, unlike natural fibers, choose cotton or bamboo.

Polyester is known for being an extremely strong, wrinkle-resistant, and also affordable. It additionally blends well with various other fabrics, washes easily, and also dries quickly.

When it involves polyester sheets, you’ll most likely see a the majority of microfiber options. This basically method the polyester used in them is extremely fine (about 1/100 the a person hair).

Microfiber polyester is durable, lightweight, shape-retaining, and pill resistant. It’s likewise considered much more comfortable and softer than constant polyester.

How we made decision the best polyester sheets

There room a couple of factors to think about when determining which polyester sheets are finest for you. Right here are the criteria we offered when making our picks:

Material. while polyester is wide-spread, and you can uncover 100 percent polyester sheets, microfiber polyester is recognized for gift a much more comfortable, lighter weight, and softer version of the fabric. Due to the fact that of this, every one of our picks space microfiber.Affordability. The exceptional thing around polyester cloth is the price range, which us took seriously. Every the alternatives below are under $51, and also some are even less 보다 $20. Customer reviews. It deserve to be a little bit overwhelming to find for polyester sheets. We focused on sheets v overwhelmingly hopeful reviews — and also a high number of reviews in general — to recognize the ideal options.

Pricing guide

The cost may vary depending upon what size you need for her bed. The prices below are specifically for queen-size sheets:

$ = under $20$$ = $20–$40$$$ = over $40’s picks because that the best polyester sheets

Best overall polyester sheets

Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets
Price: $$$Material: Brushed polyester microfiber

Brooklyn Bedding’s polyester sheets are described as breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. The brands claims the brushed microfiber provides these sheets a “superior softness” and also that they’re constructed with a tighter weave the helps for sure durability with washing.

Reviewers say these sheets space cooling and also breathable throughout the night. They’re also impressed by the longevity of the sheets, through some saying that they’ve had actually the sheets because that 2 year or longer.

On the other hand, a few reviewers think the sheets are too thin and also stifling. Part say the sheets have small breathability and show pilling ~ a pair washes.

Still, there room far much more positive evaluate than an important ones, saying that reviewers overwhelmingly enjoy this product.

Buy Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets online.

Best polyester sheets ~ above Amazon

Mellanni 1800 collection Microfiber sheet Set
Price: $$Material: Double-brushed polyester microfiber

Mellanni’s polyester sheets room made of double-brushed microfiber, i beg your pardon is an alleged to make them feel super soft and also silky. Like various other polyester microfiber sheets, the brand says the sheets are incredibly durable and resistant come fading, shrinking, stains, and also wrinkles.

The set comes in an assortment of colors and the fitted paper is completely elastic, keeping tight to her bed no issue what size.

With nearly 200,000 reviews, these microfiber sheets space a massive hit. Lock an Amazon #1 bestseller and the testimonial section is a group of compliments, with one reviewer also writing a poem commemorating the sheets.

Most say these sheets are comfortable, soft, wrinkle-free, and great purchase for the price.

A few reviewers room disappointed by the “cheap-feeling” fabric and also a night the sweaty sleep, but in its entirety people think these are few of the finest sheets to ever grace your sleep.

Buy the Mellanni 1800 repertoire Microfiber Sheet collection online.

Best value polyester sheets

Wayfair Basics sheet Set
Price: $$$Material: Polyester microfiber

This sheet collection from Wayfair come in 20 various colors and also full–king to adjust come with four pillowcases rather of the usual two. The brand additionally says this sheets room hypoallergenic.

Out of practically 50,000 reviews, Wayfair’s microfiber sheets nearly average a 5-star rating. Reviewers speak they’re impressed v the extra deep pockets for bigger mattresses, the quality for the affordable price, and also how soft the sheets are.

While some keep in mind the material stains easily and also may be as well thin, most reviewers song high praises around these polyester sheets.

Bonus: Wayfair generally has sales, so save an eye the end for a lower price ~ above this pick.

Buy the Wayfair Basics Sheet set online.

Best range polyester sheets

Amazon Basics Microfiber sheet Set
Price: $Material: Polyester microfiber

From patterned fabric to solid colors, this Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheets market a substantial variety. They come in 44 colors and also sizes from twin to California king.

The polyester microfiber is likewise made in one OEKO-TEX typical 100 certified factory, which means the products are made through a safe and environmentally conscious process.

Amazon likewise says the sheets space breathable and also come v a deep pocket fitted sheet the fits thicker mattresses.

With virtually 200,000 Amazon reviews, civilization are extensively impressed by these sheets. Civilization find them really cool and lightweight in ~ night, specifically in the summer. Others say the sheets are exceptionally soft and also wrinkle-free.

On the upper and lower reversal side, some reviewers uncover that the sheets big out and also seem also thin, v pilling after the first couple washes. But overall, human being who to buy this collection are delighted.

Buy the Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheet set online.

Best soft polyester sheets set

Danjor Linens 6 piece Hotel deluxe Soft 1800 series Premium Bed Sheets Set
Price: $$Material: Polyester microfiber

Reviewers say these sheets are exceptionally soft and some that the best sheets they’ve ever before owned. Danjor Linens says their microfiber is double-brushed, giving the sheets a at sight smooth feel the reviewers rave about.

The sheets are also considered hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, and also resistant to fading.

With a almost 5-star median rating, reviewers love Danjor’s sheets. People say the sheets feel and also look an ext expensive 보다 the price they paid. They additionally confirm the the sheets withstand pilling, fading, and also shrinking over time.

A few reviewers speak the sheets still wrinkle. Others room disappointed through the thinness and say the fitted sheet doesn’t stay on. But, by and large, reviewers love this six-piece set.

Buy Danjor Linens 6 piece Hotel high-end Soft 1800 collection Premium Bed Sheets collection online.

Best polyester sheets for acne-prone skin

Room Essentials Microfiber Solid paper Set
Price: $Material: Polyester microfiber

This Room Essentials sheet set is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, supervisor affordable, and also well-reviewed. The microfiber is brushed because that softness and Room Essentials claims the sheets room breathable and wrinkle-resistant.

The brand likewise says lock resistant to benzoyl peroxide stains, i beg your pardon is a usual ingredient in skin care products that have the right to stain sheets. Save in mind that other species of sheets or pillowcases (like silk or copper) have the right to be better at reducing acne. But, if you’re looking for an affordable sheet set that deserve to withstand acne products, these sheets are a good option.

From end 3,000 reviews, world are big fans of these microfiber sheets. Most love the top quality for the price, and also some speak they remain soft and durable over time. Reviewers are usually impressed with how cool the sheets feel and also how resilient they space to washing.

While part think the sheets are too thin, and also pill easily, most reviewers space happy with their purchase and also even take into consideration buying more.

Buy the Room Essentials Microfiber solid Sheet set online.


The products we recommend right here are every made native polyester microfiber, i m sorry is recognized for being softer, much more absorbent, and also lighter load than constant polyester materials. Microfiber is also much much easier to uncover when trying to find polyester sheets.

But both fabrics are well-known for being durable, wrinkle-resistant, and also affordable. I m sorry one you pick ultimately relies on what makes you most comfortable.

In general, though, due to the fact that polyester is a artificial material, it’s not as breathable as organic materials. If you often tend to sleep hot, you could prefer a blend of polyester with natural fibers, choose cotton, to do them more breathable. Keep in mind that these blends could be much more expensive 보다 100 percent polyester, due to the fact that they do contain more expensive herbal fibers.


Overall, polyester sheets autumn in a comparable price range, and also they’re typically very affordable.

You might see some fluctuations in price for brushed or double-brushed microfiber sheets or because that polyester blends, yet in general you need to expect come pay around $20–$50 for a queen-size set.


Some polyester sheets room OEKO-TEX traditional 100 certified. This way the manufacturer follows safety and also environmental regulation to keep the fabric protected native harmful chemicals.

A certification favor this have the right to put girlfriend at lull if you’re weary of included chemicals with artificial materials.

Polyester is a strong, wrinkle-resistant towel that deserve to be one affordable enhancement to her mattress. The sheets are much less prone to wrinkles, and they will certainly wash easily and also dry quickly.

But, while certain polyester sheets space labeled together breathable and also cooling, polyester material does not absorb moisture and also may feeling stifling or hot at night.

Polyester microfiber is more breathable and also absorbent, however natural materials, choose cotton, often tend to it is in the most breathable and absorbent.

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Additionally, if you have allergies to fabricated materials, you may want to steer clear of polyester. Her allergy might come indigenous the handling of the sheets, added chemicals, or the towel itself.

If you have sensitive skin, polyester could be irritating, even if the material is labeled together hypoallergenic. Various other fabrics, such as cotton, linen, or hemp, can be a much better fit because that you.