Blood push 118/85 - what does the mean?

Your blood push reading the 118/85 indicates a High Normal blood pressure and also is likewise classified together Prehypertension.

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In most situations a high common blood push is still thought about normal. However, under some circumstances or v pre-existing problems or diseases the high typical blood pressure can be a problem.

By the way: her systolic value of 118 mmHg is better than her diastolic value and would classify together Ideal. But if girlfriend are obtaining two different varieties of category for her blood push it is correct to select the one the is taken into consideration worse.


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What you must know around a blood pressure of 118/85

Your blood press of 118/85 is right now elevated. If her blood pressure is in the variety of 130-139 / 85-89 that is considere to it is in high normal. If you carry out not have symptoms such together chest pain, nausea, dizziness or headaches, over there is no factor to worry about this rating.

What if ns continuously have high blood pressure?

If you have a high blood press reading, you need to consult with your doctor to set up a series of blood press screenings to assess any type of long-term trends. If your medical professional regularly checks her blood press after one initial reading and also it remains high over time, much more than most likely you will be placed on medication to help lower her blood pressure. Also, your physician will also assess other contributing lifestyle factors and make a series of recommendations to help you lower your blood pressure.

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What room some lifestyle factors that I have the right to control

Those through normal high blood pressure, or pre-hypertension, need to seriously look at the following lifestyle factors that have the right to be regulated in order to alleviate one"s danger for the advancement of phase one and stage 2 hypertension. This lifestyle determinants include:

Sleep - gain at least eight hrs of sleep a nightStress - Control activities and or occasions in life that contribute to stress

High blood pressure can be controlled and eliminated all together. All it takes is being aware of one"s lifestyle and also regularly consulting with a physician.