Cotswold got started in the mid 1980"s as an neck auctionin Seattle, importing fine British antiques. Us picked our name based on TheCotswolds, that lovely an ar in the southwest of England well-known for its countless antiques(

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As you can guess, that wasn"t a straight course from armoiresand dining tables to specializing in 12 inch action figures. However by 1989 us hadbranched out into lots the English collectibles including action Man (the brand surname for G.I. Joe in England), and also in 1989 wesent out our very first sales perform of vintage Joe components we"d discovered in awarehouse in Uruguay (true story). Our G.I. Joe/Action number mail orderservice because that collectors was born!

Fast front to the mid-nineties. Us were knee-deep in theUS Vintage 12-inch G.I. Joe and also ActionMan and began production replacement components (like hands) and also figures tocomplete and also use all of the vintage gear that to be around. We named our product lineThe upstream Brigade. Before long westarted to expand on Joe"s legacy, including additional uniforms and periods ofhistory and moving the hobby past vintage G.I. Joe. By the late ninetiesseveral other large manufacturers join us and together the sixth scalecollectible number hobby that spans interests indigenous the previously 60"s figuresright as much as the many incredibly detailed figures currently in the marketplace,evolved.

Today there"s no a pole of antique furniture to be seenanywhere in our business and we"ve committed ourselves completely to the creativefun the the activity figure hobby. Military action figures room still one importantpart the what we do, however following our customers" large interests, we also offerall type of 12 inch (1:6 scale) figures and accessories and figures ofother scales.

After our company start in Seattle, we break-up our timebetween England and California for a couple of years. In 1992 we relocated ourheadquarters indigenous California come Whidbey Island in Washington State wherein weremained because that the next 28 years. Then in 2020 ours headquarters, under theleadership of new owner (and ahead long-time Cotswold marketing director)Greg Brown, relocated to Ennis, Texas, close to Dallas.

We have actually a friendly, useful staff and also enjoy gift aperson-to-person business, therefore please call when you have actually questions or need help.

What we Sell

We space all around having funny with action figures, so us carryall the leading brands and also products native the smallest companies . . .and consisting of our own Elite Brigade12 customs figures and also accessories. You"ll find military, civilian and also "popculture" (based on movies, TV, comic books) collectible figures....andfancy complete sets and also bits and pieces to put together in distinct ways.Our philosophy: have It her Way!

Our an option of collectible action figures consists of bothold (we speak to them "vintage") and brand new, highly detailed state-of-the-artaction figures from suppliers like warm Toys, DiD, DAM Toys and Dragon Models.We have original Hasbro G.I. Joes indigenous the 1960"s and also 1970"s (plus the HasbroJoe-related brand from around the human being like England"s activity Man and Spain"s Geyperman)as well together sets date from the 1990"s when the "rebirth" that the 12 inch actionfigure acquired underway. For this reason our website is a mix of more difficult to discover older sets in verylimited supply and also brand new sets in good supply. But even new items sometimessell out quickly and also most that the contemporary manufacturers carry out not reissue theirsets.

Our site enables you to shop by her area that interests(categories), or by brand, using the menu options in the red bar close to the topof the residence page. There is additionally a quick-look sidebar that shopping choices onmany the the screen pages.

While the majority of our products are 1:6 range (12 inch)figures and accessories, we additionally offer a large selection of activity figures inother scales (1:18 come 1:4). Us designate the items that space not 1:6 range soyou can tell the difference. Range designations are based upon 72 inches together full(1:1) scale. To recognize the size of a figure all you have to do is divide 72 bythe number after the colon. For example: 1:8 scale would it is in 9 customs tall. Mostitems that are not sixth range (1:6) will tell girlfriend both the scale and theheight of item in the product descriptions. A an excellent way to watch these othersizes of activity figures is to usage the "OtherCategories" menu in the red menu bar.

Cotswold"s EliteBrigade & Vintage Joe instead of Parts

We have actually manufactured our brand, The elite Brigade, because the mid-1990’s. Our very first manufacturingprojects were all around fixing increase old G.I. Joes. We started with Germanhelmets, and soon added replacement hand for initial G.I. Joe figures, andbefore girlfriend knew it we had a complete 12 inch action figure virtually identical tothe numbers of the 1960"s and also 1970"s.

Our offerings have actually grown to encompass lots of replacementparts because that vintage G.I. Joe figures including finish figure bodies, a bigselection of heads (including fuzzy versions), finish dressed figures,uniform sets and unique items the 1:6 range collectors deserve to use with anyfigure.

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Our commodities are not affiliated v Hasbro, however we areproud to support and to help continue the now-expanded 1:6 range hobby thatHasbro inadvertently released with your hugely effective G.I. Joe toy line inthe 1960’s.