Is anyone else in their second trimester and also not showing? A friend told me I might have a tiny baby yet apparently its been normal in size as soon as they have actually taken measurements. I am around 5"7 and average weight. Not much body readjust except for some extra belly fat. Anybody else in this boat?


It"s incredibly normal. I"m 5"8" and on the slim side of average and also didn"t display with my initially until almost the finish of the 2nd trimester. I measured behind my whole pregnancy but he was 8.5 lbs so clearly not a small baby! I"m 16.5 weeks with my 2nd and also not showing yet this time either. Some womales just carry differently.

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I"m 5"8 and 15w4d and also hardly showing. I notice a difference in my body but no one else on the world would certainly recognize I"m pregnant. I"m hoping in the following couple of weeks I begin reflecting and also it"s more obvious but nothing you deserve to do!

me too!! i have told the majority of people im pregnant and get told constantly im not showing and human being wonder if i am eating well or am dieting. im not!

If you have actually Instagram please look up Sarah Stage and likewise Chontel Duncan. And you"ll feel much better. =)


knorris315. I"m 15 weeks pregnant, had actually no symptoms throughout my first trimester and have absolutely no belly mirroring. To all mommies, you should really google these 2 ladies" pregnancy development. Everyone has actually a various one, so do not be worried if you don"t show yet.

I"m 5"6" and I am not showing either. Will be 15 weeks tomorrow. The tiny, annoying area of fat on my lower stomach is more pronounced but if world don"t know, they have no concept.


I"m exactly the exact same way. only 5"4 yet not showing at all I am on the smaller sized side however everytime they meacertain baby it is normal. I didn"t gain any kind of belly fat just bigger boob"s, which my husband doesn"t mind.

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I simply looked bloated at 16 weeks with my first, I am currently as substantial as I was at 6 months pregnant- each one is different! And it counts on just how fit you are, I was slim and also in good form via my first so my muscles held out longer than they are now. I was actually slimmer starting out this time about, however plainly my abs were in worse shape!

I"m 5"8" through a huge structure....I"m technically overweight yet always appear average sized bereason of the means my fat distributes. I"m 15w5d and not reflecting...I"ve def. got added padding in my belly, hips, and also boobs....yet at this suggest it just looks choose I"ve been eating more than usual (which in all honesty, I have!). So yea, right now I simply look fat. It sucks! But I was talking to a mother freshly and she said don"t wish for the bump simply yet...gain it while you is true that I have the right to still comfortably lie on my stomach and also a lot of of my regular clothing still fit (though a small tighter than usual), so for those factors I"m thankful...yet it"s difficult with you first pregnancy not to problem. I recognize there is no damn way my husband also and I will have a small baby...I was over 9lbs at birth and both him and I have actually large frames. I"m simply waiting for our roly poly to make his existence well-known lol.