I have actually been top by example and using enemies and custom monsters to display off combat strategies and also builds to my players. This has worked pretty fine so far – mine players have actually been much an ext receptive to these demonstrations than once I just give them build advice, and also they"ve adopted some combos I"ve demoed.

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The next mix I to be intending come demo is boosted Trip, Combat Reflexes, and also Elusive Target v the Spiked Chain, however it seems an extremely synergetic, and possibly broken. Is this combo as overpowered as it seems? does it have actually notable weakness or drawbacks? I"d like to obtain a truth check before I pit mine players versus it.



I"ve played a fighter character up to level 6 with enhanced Trip, Combat Reflexes, and also a spiked chain. Ns wasn"t too many impressed through the setup. That looks an excellent on record until you spend every one of those attack actions on trip attempts that are straight protest checks against the enemy"s mrs or Dex, whichever is higher. Granted, mine fighter had a fine above-average stamin score, but it wasn"t other-worldly, therefore my expedition attempts had about a 70% possibility of success versus a foe with no far better than typical strength and dex. It isn"t too often that you obtain to stand toe-to-toe through an adversary that is typical in both of those stats (otherwise that enemy would likely not desire to it is in in melee selection with you), therefore the trip attempts were mainly a 50/50 shot. The is far, much worse, than the success price of simply a typical attack, come the point of being an extremely depressing and wasting so plenty of actions on failure attacks.

As for Combat Reflexes with a spiked chain, the extra reach v the chain really intensified the capability to do attacks of opportunity. However, against any type of clever enemy, one successful lash the the chain ~ above an attack of possibility severely discouraged other enemies from comes within also the extended selection of my character"s position, unless the terrain dictated a an ext close quarters fight. Also, if over there are various other melee-range allies nearby, smart enemies often can use them together soft cover to stop provoking my strikes of chance at an extended range.

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So, all-in-all, the layout points are pretty cool, yet the handy application the tripping everyone v a spiked chain, even on constant extended range attacks of opportunity simply didn"t work-related out an extremely well.