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When friend or your kid is discharged indigenous hospital, you’ll be offered advice about your recovery in ~ home, including when you deserve to drive, go back to work and have sex. The wound heals in 5 come 7 days. If the ring is plastic, a piece of suture is bound tightly approximately the foreskin. This pushes the tissue right into a groove in the plastic over the head the the penis. In ~ 5 come 7 days, the plastic covering the penis falls free, leave a wgc2010.orgpletely healed circumcision. In general, it typically takes at least 10 days for your penis to heal after circumcision. You’ll more than likely be advised to take at least 1 mainly off work to recover.

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Self-care advice

As circumcision is a painful procedure, painkillers such together paracetamol or ib frames will need to be taken because that at least the very first three days after the operation. Kids who space 16 years old or younger should not take aspirin.

Circumcision exposes the sensitive skin the the glans (the pointer of the penis). In babies, nappies have the right to rub against the glans, making that sore. Therefore, make sure that you tuck under your baby’s penis before putting the nappy in place.

Following circumcision, the penis will it is in red and swollen for a couple of days. Friend or your kid may find it more wgc2010.orgfortable come wear loose clothing for a while. Petroleum ointment put straight on to the area can also reduce irritation.

After her son has been circumcised, make sure that that does no ride a bike or use various other sit-on toys until the swelling has wgc2010.orgpletely gone down. If your boy is of school age, the should be able to return to school about a week after gift circumcised. However, permit his teacher understand that that has had the operation.

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When come seek clinical advice

Following circumcision, consult her GP if:

there is bleeding from your child’s penis

your child’s cock remains swollen after two weeks

your boy still finds passing urine painful a couple of days after ~ the operation

Older boys and men should also see their GP if lock have any problems after having actually a circumcision.