The Lucid 6 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a light and comfortable choice for children and also teenagers in require of a mattress upgrade. 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam offers ample pressure-relieving comfort for your entirety body as you sink right into satisfactivity. The optimal layer of foam is ventilated and infused via cooling gel to assist regulate temperature while you sleep. 5 inches of thick foam, infprovided with bamboo charcoal, acts as a stable assistance. Plus, the bamboo charcoal infusion helps save your mattress smelling fresh thanks to its organic hypoallergenic properties.

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This mattress functions a 6-inch supportive feel right for children and teens in need of a mattress upgradeGel infprovided memory foam regulates temperature while concreating to the body to ease pressure pointsThe 1 inch ventilated gel memory foam top layer creates a cooler sleep endure than standard memory foam by helping to regulate body temperature and boost circulation5 inches of dense bamboo charcoal infprovided assistance foam provide added stcapability and full body support


Product at a Glance


Full: 54" x 75"Queen: 60" x 80"Twin: 39" x 75"Twin Xl: 39" x 80"

Firmness Rating:




Featured Material:

Gel Memory Foam

Ideal Sleeping Position:

Back & Stomach




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10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

At Lucid, we take high quality incredibly seriously. This is prstove in our lab-certified safe memory foam, moisture-regulating TENCEL™ lyocell blend mattress covers, and also supportive high-thickness base foam. We guarantee all our mattresses with industry-leading warranties, so you have the right to gain a good night’s sleep in complete confidence.

Warranty uses just to assets purchased in the United States.
Works via any kind of surface

Eexceptionally bedroom has actually a distinctive style and also look. It’s nice to know that Lucid mattresses work-related with a wide range of bed frames.Choose anything from a sleek and minimalist platcreate to a storage-focused steel grid to a maximum comfort adjusecure bed base. Be certain your slat bed frame spacing is no broader than 4 inches.And although it won’t influence the durability of your mattress, the only option we don’t recommfinish is placing your new mattress on the floor—it simply renders it a little simpler for creepy crawlies to climb in through you.


Box Spring



What form of frame deserve to this be provided on?

This mattress is designed to be supplied through a metal grid, platcreate, slat, box spring or adjusteady base.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty on this mattress covers any kind of manufacturer worries or unusual wear in the product.

How long will certainly this mattress last/what is the quality?

This is a high-top quality mattress that is made with only the finest components to ensure that it will feel great and be sturdy and long-lasting.

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What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress? 

Memory foam is designed to have actually a plush, sinking in feel while latex is designed to have even more of a springy, responsive feel.

How is memory foam various than a typical spring mattress?

A conventional innerspring mattress will certainly have a a lot springier feel than a solid memory foam mattress. Memory foam has a denser feel than springs and also is designed to help through press points. Many first-time memory foam customers discover that an all-foam mattress has a firmer feel than their old innerspring mattress.

How carry out I sregularly a mattress that is also firm for me?

Adding a memory foam topper is a good means to soften the feel of any kind of too-firm mattress. Memory foam toppers are designed to have actually a very plush feel. The thicker the topper the more plush the topper will certainly be.

Is tbelow a weight limit? 

No, this mattress is designed to host any reasonable amount of human weight. Any weight limit will certainly come from the bed framework the mattress is being used on.

Can I remove the cover?

No, the cover on this mattress is not removable. If the mattress demands to be cleaned we recommfinish spot cleaning with a mild detergent and making use of a mattress protector to defend versus any kind of spills.

Will tbelow be a new memory foam smell? 

All new foam products deserve to have a brand-new smell as soon as they are initially opened up, specifically as they expand also. This smell is entirely harmless and have to dissipate exceptionally quickly. A great way to air out this mattress is to area it in a well ventilated room through a fan blowing on it.