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Events (Continued)

Mantis ship Collectors

You are automatically hailed by an impressive-looking Mantis ship, "Your ship would certainly make a mighty well prize. Prepare because that battle!"

loss the boarders and also ship, and they will try to make a hasty getaway (FTL leap nearly immediately).Destroy the delivery for medium Scrap and rewards.Destroy the crew because that high Scrap and also rewards.Ship escapes.Follow them.Let them acquire away.Nothing happens.Mantis ship Collectors

You catch up with the Mantis the escaped before, just to see them transferring their crew right into an even bigger ship!"Not girlfriend again! perform you know just how much these repairs room going to expense me? Time come take the end the large guns."

Fight the ship, until they shot to escape.Damage them an ext to get a communicationLet them live.Receive high Scrap, rewards, and a Weapon.Finish lock off.Receive high Scrap and rewards.Destroy the crew.Receive high Scrap, rewards, and a Weapon.Mantis delivery Detected

There room multiple text intros for this Event:

You"re greeted through a rarely sight: a Mantis delivery that appears not to have noticed you.For once, you watch the Mantis prior to they watch you.When they view the Mantis warship waiting in ambush at your intended coordinates, her crew is relieved to note you"ve jumped someway off the mark.You overhear Mantis comm chatter: "Negative, I have actually killed more humans!" girlfriend gulp noticeably, but luckily they don"t view you yet.You overhear Mantis comm chatter: "The one top top the right is beginning to rot. Take it him down. Take turn off his fingers. Placed him the end of the airlock." They definitely don"t it seems to be ~ to be friendly...You overhear Mantis comm chatter: "Agreed. Following ship is her turn. Good hunting." castle don"t check out you yet.Attack the ship.Fight a mantis ship because that Scrap and also rewards.Attempt to remain concealed.Nothing happens.Fight a Mantis ship because that Scrap and also rewards. (two results cause this)(Cloaking) coat to stay hidden.Nothing happens. (two results result in this)Fight a Mantis ship because that Scrap and also rewards.Mantis delivery Rockman human body parts

A Mantis ship here is adorned v Rock human body parts! it would certainly be a gorier display screen if they had internal organs, but the article is clear enough: this is a hunter of a really specialised kind.

You are watching: A rather large fleet of civilian ships

Attack!Fight a Mantis ship because that rewards.Ignore them.Nothing happens.(Rock Plating) ram the bastards.Disables a device on enemy ship, fight Mantis ship because that rewards.(Rock Crew) placed your rock crew member on the comm.Often causes 2 Mantis to board your ship, fight Mantis ship for rewards.

NOTE: The rock Plating alternative is supposed to disable Engines, yet it will disable a random device instead.

Mantis Ships battle for rock Freighter

A curious vision greets you at this beacon: a disabled rock freighter drifts in an are while 2 Mantis craft battle it the end - maybe over that deserves the spoils.

Wait, then strike the surviving Mantis.Fight a Mantis ship, receive high Scrap and also rewards.Ignore them.Nothing happens.(Repair Drone) fix the rock ship.Lose a Drone Part, obtain high Scrap and also rewards.(Hull fix Drone) fix the rock ship.Lose a Drone Part, hit a Mantis ship, and also receive high Scrap and rewards.Mantis battle Camp

You receive a request, "All that our armed forces ships have actually been destroyed or damaged during the rebellion. However, there have actually been reports that a Mantis war camp only a few jumps native us. Deserve to you help?"

Pledge to carry out what you can.Apologize and decline.Nothing happens.Mantis battle Camp

You uncover the Mantis encampment yet there are far too many of lock to count accurately. Girlfriend send a long range message earlier to the negotiation with your findings but unfortunately there"s not much you can do. It would certainly be suicide to attack directly.

Leave before they notification you.Fight a Mantis ship for rewards.Nothing happens.(Missile Weapon) Bombard their crucial structures.Fight a Mantis ship because that rewards.(Fire Bomb) Teleport fire bombs into their an essential structures.Lose 2 Missiles, gain 1 Engi crewmember, obtain Scrap and also rewards.Mantis that thinks that is Human

As soon as you jump right into the system, you obtain a hail indigenous a adjacent civilian Engi vessel. Their Captain appears on your screen: "Strange bug. Deserve to you help in debugging?"

Listen to their problem.Send a shuttle v an far team come help.he states to take him home.Return the home.Offer him a position on her ship.Gain Mantis crewmember Robert Smith.Ask if they can take a watch at her engines.Engines are upgraded by 1 slot.Leave them, a cornered Mantis is also dangerous.Nothing happens.(Human Crew) Send your human crewmember to connect with the Mantis.He claims to take it him home.Return that home.Offer that a position on your ship.Gain Mantis crewmember Robert Smith.Ask if they can take a look at at your engines.Engines space upgraded by 1 slot.(Mantis Crew) Send her mantis crewmember to communicate with the Mantis.Scares Mantis, who you have to kill, getting little Scrap and also rewards indigenous Engi.(Mind Control) usage your Mind manage System to patience him down.Calms Mantis, who you take residence for tool Scrap and rewards.Mercenary Ship

This event has multiple intros:

You discover a mercenary for hire in ~ this Beacon. Their unique skills can occasionally prove to be useful.A mercenary hails you: "Greetings, friend! We"ve heard call of your quest and are below to sell our beneficial services."There"s a ship through pirate markings orbiting the nearby planet. You obtain his hail: "Anything is possible, because that the best price"The captain of this ship insurance claims he can carry out "services" as lengthy as you"ve gained the scrap.Mercenaries room swarming the galaxy now, learning that their less-than-legal solutions are in need during this period of unrest. One is wait at this beacon and also hails you.A delivery hails you: "Good, sir! It appears you"re having some troubles with the Rebels. I"d like to aid you, however I can"t bought the upkeep required on this hunk of junk I"m flying... Probably we can involved an arrangement?"Hire the mercenary to hold-up the Rebels.Lose Scrap, delays Rebels jumps for two jumps.Hire the mercenary to scout the sector.Lose Scrap, obtain map that the ar beacon types.Fight the ship.Receive rewards.You have actually no need of his services.Nothing happens.Merchant"s Job

You arrive at a populated sector. One merchant seems to be mass-broadcasting a inquiry for a mercenary ship to help him. Shall us respond?

Yes."Great, ns was worried no one would certainly respond. My usual carrier is days late. I need you to provide this cargo that drone components to a small station a few jumps native here. I"ll salary you a little bit of scrap now, yet they will surely pointer you generously.Accept.Decline.Nothing happens."Your ship seems reasonably equipped... A freighter moving a delivery of my items is a mainly late. The fools flew v a pirate-filled ar in your haste and I fear for the cargo"s safety. I"m in search of a less incompetent captain come investigate.Accept.Receive a quest marker (see Merchant"s task ) Decline.Nothing happens.No.Nothing happens.Merchant"s project

This occasion has two feasible scenarios.

Scenario 1You find the tiny research station and also discover the it"s putting out a distress signal. Strangely, over there is no an answer to your hails.

Dock v station and also investigate.Get boarded, gain 1 crewmember.Prepare because that a fight!Fight person boarders.(Medbay) have actually the advanced medbay analysis their condition.Gain 1 crewmember and also medium Scrap.Receive medium Scrap and also rewards.1 crewmember it s okay sick.Drag him ago to the ship and also prepare for a fight.Lose 1 crewmember, that joins human being boarders to attack.(Teleporter) usage your teleporter come retrieve your crew.Lose 1 crewmember, who attacks your crew.(Advanced Medbay) drag your ailing crew member back to the Medbay.Level 2 Medbay saves your crewmember, repeal human being boarders.(Advanced Medbay) have the progressed medbay analysis their condition.Level 3 Medbay saves your crewmember, obtain 1 extr crewmember.Leave the alone.Nothing happens.(Anti-Personnel Drone) usage an Anti-Personnel Drone to investigate.Lose 1 Drone part .(2 outcomes cause this)Receive medium Scrap and rewards.

Scenario 2You uncover the station and also they respond to her hails immediately, saying, "It take it you long enough! us have nearly no use for this now... Ns refuse come pay full price, take this and also leave the cargo in ours holds.

Accept the paltry payment.Lose 5 Drone Parts, get low Scrap.Refuse and also keep the drone parts.Accept brand-new offer.Lose 5 Drone Parts, receive tool Scrap.Leave.Keep 5 Drone Parts.(Weapons) continue to be silent but power up her weapons.With Level 6 or higher Weapons, shed 5 Drone Parts, obtain high Scrap and rewards.(Mind Control) to convince him that he"s being "unfair."Lose 5 Drone Parts, receive medium Scrap.Merchant"s task

This event has three possible scenarios.

Scenario 1After a quick scan, you uncover a delivery being chased by a pirate. This should be the missing delivery ship! You move in to rescue them.

Destroy the delivery for medium Scrap and rewards.Destroy the crew for high Scrap and also rewards.

Scenario 2You discover the remains of the ship. It appears to have severe exterior damage, however you can not pinpoint a cause. The bulk of the cargo seems intact. You control to discern the ship"s to plan destination.

Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Take the cargo and head to its original destination in find of a reward.Take the cargo for yourself.Receive high Scrap and also rewards.Receive a Weapon.

Scenario 3You discover a severely damaged ship floating amongst some debris. The crew hails you, "I can"t think that cheap bastard sent out someone ~ us! I thought we would freeze to death. If you help us finish the delivery, we"ll share the reward and also join her crew."

Promise to deliver the cargo and ask if any type of would be interested in joining your crew.Take the cargo yet drop them turn off at a adjacent station.Receive high Scrap and also reward,Receive a Weapon.(Teleporter) Beam the cargo aboard and leave castle to your fate.Receive high Scrap and also reward.Receive a Weapon.Merchant"s task

You find the station that had actually ordered your cargo. Friend drop the off and also they respond, "Ignoring the reality that this is work late, us really evaluate that you ceded our materials. Us realize just how dangerous this ar is these days. Take this together payment."

Receive tool Scrap and a Drone schematic.Merchant Ship through Lanius Transport

A seller ship is docked with a Lanius transport. You post them to see if castle need any kind of help. It transforms out they have been studying the Lanius"s capability to reshape metal.

Inquire about the process.Give 45 Scrap to craft an Augmentation.Lose 45 Scrap, receive an Augmentation.Give 50 Scrap to craft a Weapon.Lose 50 Scrap, get a Weapon.Give 40 Scrap to craft a Drone schematic.Lose 40 Scrap, get a Drone schematic.Decline their offer.Nothing happens.(Lanius Crew) offer to aid in the process.Reduces price in choices 1-3 by 10 Scrap.Leave castle to their research.Nothing happens.Nebula Battlefield

This nebula looks favor it"s newly seen 2 ships exchange fire... Through mutually-assured devastating results. Wreckage drifts by your screens and also tumbles right into the depth of the nebula to be shed to sight. It"s tough to determine who the combatants to be without closer investigation.

(Slug Crew) Ask her Slug to scan because that survivors.Spot a survivor.Make castle comfortable for their last moments.(Advanced Medbay) acquire them into the medbay!Gain 1 crewmember.(Clonebay) try to clone them prior to it"s as well late.Gain 1 crewmember.Investigate the battlefield.Take 4 Hull point out damage.Nothing happens.Spot a survivor.Make them comfortable because that their final moments.(Advanced Medbay) acquire them right into the medbay!Gain 1 crewmember.(Clonebay) shot to clone them prior to it"s also late.Gain 1 crewmember.Leave the battlefield before other pearls arrive.Nothing happens.Nebula Battlefield

You have arrived in ~ the coordinates given come you through the dead crewman friend attempted to save. There doesn"t it seems ~ to it is in anything right here - no planets, no vessels, and also no clue regarding what he expected by sending out you here.

(Slug Crew) Ask her Slug crewmember come scan because that life forms.A Zoltan delivery decloaks.Explain around finding the dead crewman.Fight Zoltan ship because that rewards.Say ANODYNE.Fight Zoltan ship because that rewards.Say ABADOTH.Receive rewards.Say ABATODH.Fight Zoltan ship because that rewards.Do a full system scan - though you"re sure to shed some of her lead through the Rebels.Fleet gain 1 jump, reveals alternatives in 1. Above this option.Odd Moon

Something strikes you together odd about a moon in the distance.

Check it out.Receive medium Scrap and also a Weapon.Layer that moon look at fragile.Attempt to detonate some explosives come break with the surface.Lose a Missile, receive medium Scrap.Lose a Missile, receive tool Scrap and a Weapon.Lose a Missile, naught happens.Explosives room too an useful to garbage on excavation work. Let"s obtain out the here.Nothing happens.Nothing happens.Scan reveals cavern system.Attempt come detonate some explosives come break v the surface.Lose a Missile, receive tool Scrap.Lose a Missile, receive medium Scrap and also a Weapon.Lose a Missile, nothing happens.Explosives are too beneficial to garbage on excavation work. Let"s obtain out the here.Nothing happens.Leave that be.Nothing happens.(Boarding Drone) Send a drone come probe the surface.Gain 1 Zoltan crewmember.Pirate charges Crystalline Transport

A pirate delivery jumps in right after you arrive at the beacon. It must have followed once the Long-Range Beacon to be reactivated. It nearly charges a small Crystalline transfer ship, weapons armed.

Attack the pirate.receive short Scrap and also rewards.Ignore them.Nothing happens.Pirate Engine Hack

Once girlfriend arrive, your screen lights up with warnings. A surrounding pirate seems to have progressed hacking tools and they have actually tried come shut down our engines. Your crew manages to store them operational and also you move in to attack.

Continue...Engines lessened to 1 slot, hit Pirate ship for rewards.(Hacking System) respond to the far hacking.Hacking mechanism is disabled, fight Pirate ship because that rewards.Pirate delivery Bribe

This occasion has multiple introduce texts:

You come throughout a pirate in warm pursuit of an unidentified ship. You conveniently receive a transmission from the pirate: "Stay out of this fight and we"ll do it worth your while."An unidentified delivery is bad damaged and also still being attacked by a an are pirate. The victim starts a distress article until the pirate cuts in and also offers to separation the bounty if you sit tight.A missile shoots across your bow when the jump completes. Your scans conveniently reveal a ship v pirate markings pursuing an unknown vessel. The pirate hails you: "Damn it, us weren"t expecting company. Remain out the this and you might profit."Accept their bribe.Receive short Scrap and also rewards.Try to it is in a hero. Assault the pirate.Destroy the ship, get low Scrap and also rewards.Destroy the crew, receive medium Scrap and also rewards.Accept much more generous bribe, obtain high Scrap and also rewards.

After the fight ends, friend will have the opportunity to study the other ship.

It is a Rebel Scout.Destroy the ship and salvage it.Receive low Scrap and rewards.Use the leverage you got by saving their resides to convince them to delay the follow fleet.Rebels will certainly not move for 1 jump.15 Hull Points are repaired.A save opens.The crew is dead, receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Nothing happens.Pirate Slaver

An especially well-armed pirate ship approaches you. "Hand over one of your crew and the rest deserve to go unharmed"

Draw straws and send a crew-member over to the slavers.We will never surrender one of our crew come slavers!(Engines) attempt to out-run the slaver ship.Escape the Pirate Slaver. (two outcomes cause this)They sell surrenderAccept their offer.Gain 1 crewmember.Surrender is not an option.Destroy the ship because that high Scrap and rewards.Destroy the crew.You find plenty of slaves in the hold.Demand the Mantis joins your crew but release the rest.High Scrap, rewards, and 1 Mantis crewmember.Demand the Rockman joins her crew yet release the rest.High Scrap, rewards, and also 1 Rockman crewmember.Demand the Engi joins your crew but release the rest.High Scrap, rewards, and also 1 Engi crewmember.High Scrap, rewards, and also 1 crewmember.High Scrap and also rewards.Pirate Smuggler

"A pirate ship arrives soon after you. Judging from the fact that the is attempting to prevent your ship, girlfriend assume the it"s a smuggler trying to remain away from beacons."

Attack the pirate.Destroy the ship because that rewards.Destroy the crew.Gain 1 crewmember and receive tool Scrap.Receive tool Scrap, and also update to her map.Receive medium Scrap and a Drone schematic.Receive tool Scrap and also a Weapon.Ignore the ship.Nothing happens.(Weapons) Activate your progressed weapons threateningly.Take their bribe.Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Ignore your bribe and attack.Destroy the ship because that rewards.Destroy the crew.Gain 1 crewmember and also receive Scrap.Receive Scrap, and update to your map.Receive Scrap and a Drone schematic.Receive Scrap and also a Weapon.Pirate Toll

Upon completing your jump, you obtain a blog post from a adjacent ship. "Greetings, and welcome to our beacon! for a tiny fee, we"ll allow you proceed on your way."

Pay their toll.Lose Scrap, avoid fight.Reject your "offer".Fight Pirate ship for rewards.Pirate Tuco

At an initial it appears you"ve arrived in an north system, but a ship shows up from behind a planet and hails you: "Haha! ns am the dread pirate Tuco, prepare to die!"

Destroy ship/crew to obtain low Scrap and also rewards.Pirate may off surrender throughout battle.Let them go.Receive medium Scrap and also rewards.Piracy can not be forgiven. Attack!Receive low Scrap and rewards.Plasma Storm Auto Ship

"You jump into a ar of the nebula beset by a plasma storm. An automatic rebel scout stationed at the beacon moves in to attack.

Prepare come fight.Fight the Auto ship for rewards.(Engines) effort to out-run it.Escape the ship.Fight the Auto ship for rewards.(Cloaking) usage your cloaking come escape.Escape the ship.Plasma Storm Incapacitated Ships

You jump right into the center of a plasma storm. Multiple freshly incapacitated ships impend in the shadows, summary illuminated by the lightning.

Manually find the wreckage for survivors and equipment.Take 4 Hull points of damage, receive medium Scrap and also rewards.Receive low Scrap and a Weapon.Receive tool Scrap and also a Drone schematic.Gain 1 crewmember, obtain low Scrap and also rewards.Lose 1 crewmember, receive low Scrap and rewards..Avoid the risk and wait come jump away unscathed.Nothing happens.(Piloting) have actually your pilot closely explore the debris.Gain 1 crewmember, receive low Scrap and also rewards.Receive low Scrap and also a Weapon.Receive medium Scrap and a Drone schematic.Nothing happens.Powered-Down Lanius Vessel

You have picked increase a Lanius courage drifting in this sector. There is no damages to the hull, and also it appears to be powered down.

Scan the ship because that lifeforms.Fight a Lanius delivery for low Scrap and also rewards.Power weapons to attack.Fight a Lanius delivery for low Scrap and rewards.You get no response.Ignore the vessel.Nothing happens.Navigate carefully approximately the ship and also strip what materials from the hull girlfriend can.Receive short Scrap and also rewards.Fight a Lanius delivery for short Scrap and rewards.(Advanced Piloting) connect the autopilot to strip the delivery safely.Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.(Lanius Crew) Send end a Lanius crewmember to plunder the ship of resources.Receive medium Scrap and also rewards.You gain no response.Ignore the vessel.Nothing happens.Navigate carefully approximately the ship and strip what products from the hull you can.Receive short Scrap and also rewards.Fight a Lanius ship for low Scrap and also rewards.(Advanced Piloting) communicate the autopilot to piece the ship safely.Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.(Lanius Crew) Send over a Lanius crewmember to plunder the ship of resources.Receive tool Scrap and rewards.Quarantine Level 5

"The nearby planet shows signs of habitation and an excellent beauty. A rudimentary automatically planetary defense device is looping the message into space: "Warning! Quarantine level 5 in impact under FHA action 22, post 11.2. Warning! Quarantine level..."

Nothing happens.Rebel Automated ship at a Sensor Station

You detect a Rebel automated ship nearby. The does no engage and seems to it is in patrolling around a long-range sensor station.

Attack the automated ship to obtain to the sensor station.Receive low Scrap, rewards, and an update map.Avoid provoking the ship.Nothing happens.(Sensors) use your sensors to attempt to access the data.Receive an update map.Fight one Auto ship, receive low Scrap, rewards, and an to update map.(Teleporter) Beam directly onto the terminal to shot to protect against detection.Receive an update map.Rebel Automated ship at a an are Station

An breakthrough rebel automatically ship stays stationed close to a little Rebel space-station. However, without functioning sensors that is impossible to tell what is inside.

Attack the automated delivery to get to the station.Fight Auto delivery for low Scrap and rewards.Avoid provoking the ship.Nothing happens.(Cloaking) use your stealth to accessibility the space station undetected.Fight Auto delivery for low Scrap and rewards.Nothing happens.Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Receive medium Scrap and also a Drone schematic.Receive medium Scrap and a Weapon(Hacking System) try to hack the terminal to protect against an alert.Fight Auto ship for low Scrap and also rewards.(Improved Hacking) Hack the terminal to stop an alert.Nothing happens.Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Receive medium Scrap and also a Drone schematic.Receive medium Scrap and also a Weapon.Rebel automated Ship utilizing Shield Virus

Your arrival is greeted through numerous computer alerts. The nearby automated Rebel scout has actually deployed a virus and disrupted your shield system. Hopefully it won"t reason further problems before you can destroy it.

Continue...Shield system is halved, struggle Auto delivery for short Scrap and also rewards.(Hacking System) respond to the remote hacking.Hacking mechanism is disabled, fight Auto delivery for low Scrap and also rewards.Rebel battle Squadron

A number of big transports are being pursued by a Rebel bombing squadron. One bomber has regulated to slip through the defensive fire, and also is poised to wreak among the enormous yet vulnerable transports. There"s time for you to advancement and take it out!

Prepare come fight the Rebel ship!Destroy the ship to receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Destroy the crew to obtain high Scrap and rewards.There"s no time, get ready come jump.Nothing happens.Rebel Civilian Checkpoint

There space multiple intro messages for this Event:

A rather large fleet the civilian pearls are held up at this Beacon. It appears to it is in a Rebel checkpoint; anyone is gift inspected for possible ties come the Federation. No one has actually noticed friend yet.Another Rebel checkpoint is surveillance this location. A number of civilian ships room awaiting inspection, any type of of them might be Federation loyalists. The Rebels haven"t i found it you yet.A Rebel space station and single fighter is surveillance this Beacon for Federation activity. A number of civilian ships room docked, awaiting investigate by the Rebels and possible detainment if they are Federation loyalists. The Rebels haven"t i found it you yet.It looks favor this Beacon is residence to a Rebel checkpoint. They"re stopping and also searching any ship the passes through. Civilians room being harassed, and Federation members room detained. The Rebels haven"t noticed you yet.Fend because that yourself, attack, and escape.Fight a Rebel delivery for low Scrap and also rewards.Bribe the Rebels to release the civilian ships.Lose Scrap.Contact the civilian ships.Receive short Scrap.Receive rewards.Nothing happens.Fight a Rebel delivery for short Scrap and rewards.A set of possible options (depends top top intro text for Event).Fly behind a moon and stay hidden.Shut under all non-vital systems and stay hidden.Stay quiet and also hope lock don"t an alert you.Stay out of their means and fee your FTL drive.Nothing happens (in every instances).Rebel Defector

A Rebel ship is patrolling this beacon, and immediately turns to engage. Together your crew scramble to battle readiness, sensors detect a short-range teleporter signal. An intruder is ~ above board! A flushed and panicky rebel soldier has teleported aboard. The rebel, who shows up unarmed, continuously declares his peaceful intentions. It seems the rebel life has lost that is charm.

Accept his proposal, and also prepare to fight the Rebel ship.Gain 1 crewmember, struggle Rebel ship for rewards.3 Hull points damage, challenge boarders, and fight Rebel ship for rewards.Lose 1 crewmember, face boarder, and fight Rebel ship for rewards.2 Hull point out damage, 1 Engine device damage, Rebels gain 1 jump, and fight Rebel ship because that rewards.Reject his offer. You can never to trust these Rebels.Fight Rebel ship for rewards.Face boarder, and fight Rebel ship for rewards.He offers to take you to a Scrap cache.Reluctantly accept his proposal and fight the Rebel ship.3 Hull points damage, confront boarders, and also fight Rebel ship because that rewards.Lose 1 crewmember, confront boarder, and fight Rebel ship because that rewards.2 Hull points damage, 1 Engine mechanism damage, Rebels acquire 1 jump, and fight Rebel ship for rewards.Reject that outright and execute the on the spot.Fight Rebel ship for rewards.Reject his offer again.Face boarder, and fight Rebel ship for rewards.Rebel Defector

You arrive to find Scrap.

Receive high Scrap and also rewards.Receive low Scrap.Rebel Scout attacking Refueling Outpost

You finding a Rebel scout on one attack approach to a tiny refueling outpost. Your weapons are charged, however they"re no firing yet.

Intervene to defend the outpost.Fight Rebel ship for low Scrap and rewards.Receive low Scrap and also rewards indigenous outpost.Rebel Scout follow Civilian Ship

You come throughout a Rebel automatic scout delivery persuing a civilian ship, weapons engaged.

Aid the civilian ship.Fight the Mantis ship for rewards, followed by contacting the civilian ship.A human offers to sign up with your ship.Accept the crew ~ above board.Decline request.Receive medium reward native the science vessel.Receive reward, and also Captain installs a weapon.5 Hull Points space repaired.The Civilian crew has actually died, obtain low reward.The Civilian delivery escaped throughout battle.Stay the end of it.Nothing happens.Rebel delivery in Nebula

You spot a rebel ship in the nebula ahead and stay off your radar. Shot to engage?

Stay hidden.Nothing happens.Prepare to follow them!Fight the ship for rewards.Rebels get 1 jump.Nothing happens.(Advanced Sensors) try to track them together you relocate to engage.Fight the ship because that rewards.(Long-Ranged Scanners) shot to track them as you relocate to engage.Fight the ship because that rewards.(Lifeform Scanner) usage their life signatures to follow.Fight the ship for rewards.Rebel Transport

You clues a tiny rebel ship nearby. It appears to have been re-fitted because that transport fairly than combat. That does not seem to desire to connect you and also your ship.

Demand the surrender of your goods.Receive low Scrap and rewards, with a feasible secondary prize.A Weapon.A Drone schematic.Sector map updated.Gain 1 crewmember.Avoid the ship.Nothing happens.Rebels supplying Civilians

This event has multiple intro texts:

You come throughout a Rebel delivery distributing supplies to regional civilian colonies. It"s more than likely not anything military grade, but every small bit helps.You discover a Rebel combat delivery that has been reassigned together an emergency it is provided vessel. The neighborhood civilians are reportedly in require of help, and the Rebels are climbing to the occasion.The Rebels in this system are doing supply runs for the local room stations. This civilians have likely been out of supply because that months due to the war and are in no hope need.Civilian homesteaders loyal come the Rebel reason are current on a surrounding planet. That looks choose they are right now receiving a it is provided shipment. Might be useful.Because of the war, thousands of colonists have had actually their it is provided lines disrupted and also have discovered themselves in dire straits. It appears in this system, the Rebels room sympathetic and also are distributing what small supplies they have the right to spare.Fight a Rebel ship.Receive short Scrap and rewards.Steal the civilian supplies.Receive short Scrap.Receive low Scrap and rewards.2 Hull points damage, 2 damages to a System.Nothing happens.Leave the civilians alone.Nothing happens.Wait and also steal the supplies from the civilians.Receive low Scrap.Receive low Scrap and also rewards.2 Hull points damage, 2 damages to a System.Nothing happens.Leave them be.Nothing happens.Refugee transition Adrift

You have encountered a refugee delivery drifting in space. That looks as if it was fleeing the Rebel advance and ran the end of fuel. Its distress beacon is active, however you"re not sure anyone is top top board, and also its interactions seem to it is in down.

Prepare to board and investigate.Receive tool Scrap and also rewards.Gain 1 crewmember.Lose 1 crewmember.Face boarders.Nothing happens.Ignore the refugees.Nothing happens.Remote Settlement

Scans present a remote negotiation being blockaded by a pirate ship. The ship hastily message you, "Stay the end of this, or you"ll be next!...Concentrate fire on..."

Attack the pirate.Fight a Pirate ship because that rewards, and receive rewards native the settlement.Ignore them.Nothing happens.(Fire Beam) display the pirate just how to intimidate settlers: burn their crops!Receive high Scrap and also a Drone schematic.(Fire Bomb) present the pirate how to intimidate settlers: start fires in their crude dwellings!Lose a Missile, get high Scrap and also a Drone schematic.Rock Armoured Transport

A rock armoured transport nearby looks to have lost that bearings, however when girlfriend hail they thrive suspicious: "Whatever life-form you are, we uncover you repugnant. We seek no aid. Leave. Now."

Leave.Nothing happens.Repugnant? arm the weapons.Fight rock ship because that rewards.(Rock Crew) sell to command them the end of the nebula.Receive medium Scrap and rewards.Rock Bride

A rock captain hails you: "It is not correct of me to call off-worlders, yet this is an emergency. Us were on our way to deliver our passenger to her brand-new husband - the cool Basilisk of Numa V - when our engines broke down. Will certainly you take possession the her, and make haste come Numa V?"

Accept the passenger.Refuse.Nothing happens.Rock Bride

A large tunnel network close to the surface ar of Numa V indicates an advanced Rock civilization. This should be wherein you to be asked to supply the passenger.Realizing arrival is imminent, your passenger - quiet so much - pleads through you no to hand her over. She"s interrupted by the grand Basilisk"s chief Aide: "To the extraterrestrial vessel stop the Basilisk"s wife. Supply her come us. You will be rewarded... Well."

Hand she over.Receive low Scrap and an Augmentation.Refuse to comply.Gain 1 Rockman crewmember.Fight absent ship, get low Scrap, rewards, and a chance at an Augmentation.Rock Deserters

You encounter a little craft v minimal propulsion; its rock crew-member describes that the rock home-world is run on lies and propaganda that store the populace in check, and also that they desire no part of it.

Tell them their god sent out them right here to sign up with your crew.Fight a rock ship because that rewards.Promise to share v them the truths they"ve been denied.Gain 1 Rockman crewmember.Nothing happens.(Improved Sensors) display them to her data suite.Gain 1 Rockman crewmember.Rock Mine

The scorched out hull that a rock mine great drifts by. Behind the wreck drifts a live mine; an automatic drone that drills into ships" hulls before exploding. It locks onto her ship"s signature and heads her way!

Attempt evasive maneuvers. Move fails.Send someone out there to defuse it.Receive tool Scrap.Choose a cable to cut.Red!Receive tool Scrap.Lose 1 crewmember, take it 5 Hull clues damage, and 1 random mechanism damage.Blue!Receive medium Scrap.Lose 1 crewmember, take 5 Hull point out damage, and 1 random mechanism damage.(Missile Weapon) effort a managed detonation using a Missile.Lose 1 Missile, take it 3 Hull point out damage, 1 random system damage, and also receive low Scrap.(Beam Drone) usage a Drone to cut away the mine v a precision beam.Lose 1 Drone component and get low Scrap.(Improved Engines) turning back thrusters!Nothing happens.Rock battle Vessel

You are automatically messaged by one imposing feather Rock battle vessel, "You"re the ship off to "save the Federation," aren"t you? and you mean to endure with that hunk that junk?"

"We"re walking to save them or dice trying.""We"re solid enough to damage you!"Ignore them.Nothing happens.Rock war Vessel

You arrive at the works with given and find yourself dangerously close come an M-class star! The other ship message you, "Let"s see just how long your puny ship have the right to handle this heat! Prepare because that a challenge!"

Fight the rock ship.Destroy the delivery for tool Scrap and also rewards.Destroy the crew for high Scrap and rewards.Rock war Vessel

You come at a huge Rockman shipyard and an alert the delivery that had actually just tried to kill you is docked and currently being repaired. "Well fought! I have to say ns did not suppose you to survive."

Unlocks the absent Cruiser.Fully repairs your Hull Points.Receive the rock Plating Augmentation.

NOTE: See the Ship pursuits section because that details on just how to finish each important step because that unlocking the absent Cruiser.

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Settlement Mercenary Work

You are immediately contacted through a settlement, "Hello, travelers. Her ship seems to be outfitted because that combat... Treatment to take up a little of mercenary work?"

Listen to your offer.A store requirements rescuing,Agree come rescue the store.Adds a pursuit marker to her map (see settlement Mercenary job-related ).Decline.Nothing happens.Convince their friends to protect against being pirates.Accept.Fight ship, reduce health and wellness of Hull it spins they sell surrender.Let castle live and also then go back to the settlement.Receive short Scrap and a Weapon.Forget your promise, lock die!Receive low Scrap and also rewards.Decline.Nothing happens.Decline.Nothing happens.Ship in a tiny Asteroid Belt

There are multiple outcomes to visiting this pursuit marker:

By complying with the directions offered to you, you find a well-disguised outpost. You room welcomed by a friendly face who uses to assist you in your quest by joining your crew.Receive a crewmember, short Scrap, and also rewards.After a quick search you uncover the concealed Federation space-dock. They market you some offers in enhancement to fully repairing your ship.Hull Points totally repaired, receive tool Scrap and rewards.You discover the world at the indicated coordinates. Her initial scans present the planet to be barren and also devoid that life, however you gain a notice reply as soon as you broadcast on Federation frequencies. "Hello! so nice to view friends. We"ll carry you up some supplies."Receive high Scrap, rewards, and also a Drone Schematic.You search close to the collaborates given come you, yet your search returns no results. Perhaps they to be mistaken.Leave.Nothing happens.(Sensors) run a 2nd scan pass.Receive medium Scrap and a weapon.(Long-Ranged Scanners) operation a second scan pass.Receive medium Scrap and also a weapon.