The story is separated into five sections. In section I, the narrator recalls the moment of Emily Grierson’s death and how the whole town attended she funeral in she home, i m sorry no stranger had gone into for an ext than ten years. In a once-elegant, upscale neighborhood, Emily’s house is the last vestige of the grandeur that a shed era. Colonel Sartoris, the town’s vault mayor, had actually suspended Emily’s tax responsibilities to the town after she father’s death, justifying the activity by claiming that Mr. Grierson had once lent the neighborhood a far-ranging sum. As brand-new town leaders take over, they make not successful attempts to obtain Emily come resume payments. Once members of the board of Aldermen pay she a visit, in the dusty and antiquated parlor, Emily reasserts the reality that she is not compelled to salary taxes in Jefferson and also that the officials have to talk come Colonel Sartoris around the matter. However, at that suggest he has been dead for virtually a decade. She asks she servant, Tobe, to display the males out.

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In section II, the narrator explains a time thirty years earlier when Emily resists one more official inquiry on instead of of the town leaders, when the townspeople recognize a an effective odor create from she property. She father has actually just died, and Emily has actually been abandoned by the guy whom the townsfolk thought Emily was to marry. Together complaints mount, referee Stevens, the market at the time, decides to have actually lime sprinkled follow me the structure of the Grierson house in the middle of the night. Within a couple of weeks, the odor subsides, but the townspeople begin to pity the progressively reclusive Emily, remembering just how her good aunt had actually succumbed come insanity. The townspeople have constantly believed that the Griersons assumed too extremely of themselves, v Emily’s father driving turn off the plenty of suitors deemed not great enough come marry his daughter. V no sell of marital relationship in sight, Emily is still solitary by the time she turns thirty.

The work after Mr. Grierson’s death, the ladies of the town contact on Emily to market their condolences. Meeting them in ~ the door, Emily says that her father is no dead, a charade that she keeps increase for 3 days. She finally turns her father’s body over because that burial.

In section III, the narrator explains a long condition that Emily suffers after this incident. The summer after she father’s death, the city contracts workers to wrap the sidewalks, and a building company, under the direction the northerner Homer Barron, is awarded the job. Homer shortly becomes a famous figure in town and is seen taking Emily on buggy rides on Sunday afternoons, i m sorry scandalizes the town and increases the condescension and also pity they have for Emily. Lock feel that she is forget her family pride and also becoming involved with a man beneath she station.

As the work continues and Emily’s reputation is more compromised, she goes come the drug keep to acquisition arsenic, a an effective poison. She is required by regulation to reveal how she will usage the arsenic. She uses no explanation, and also the package arrives at her residence labeled “For rats.”

In ar IV, the narrator describes the fear that several of the townspeople have actually that Emily will use the poison to kill herself. Her potential marital relationship to Homer seems significantly unlikely, in spite of their continued Sunday ritual. The more outraged females of the town insist that the Baptist minister talk v Emily. After ~ his visit, he never speaks of what happened and also swears that he’ll never ever go back. Therefore the minister’s wife writes to Emily’s two cousins in Alabama, who arrive for an extended stay. Because Emily orders a silver toilet set monogrammed with Homer’s initials, speak of the couple’s marital relationship resumes. Homer, lacking from town, is thought to it is in preparing for Emily’s relocate to the north or avoiding Emily’s intrusive relatives.

After the cousins’ departure, Homer enters the Grierson house one evening and also then is never seen again. Holed increase in the house, Emily grows plump and gray. Despite the occasional lesson she gives in china painting, her door continues to be closed come outsiders. In what i do not care an annual ritual, Emily refuses to recognize the taxation bill. She at some point closes up the peak floor that the house. Other than for the occasional glimpse of her in the window, nothing is heard from her till her death at period seventy-four. Only the servant is watched going in and also out that the house.

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In ar V, the narrator defines what happens after Emily dies. Emily’s body is laid the end in the parlor, and also the women, city elders, and also two cousins to visit the service. After some time has actually passed, the door come a sealed upstairs room that had actually not been opened in fourty years is damaged down by the townspeople. The room is frozen in time, through the items for an upcoming wedding and a man’s suit laid out. Homer Barron’s human body is extended on the bed as well, in an progressed state the decay. The onlookers then notice the indentation of a head in the pillow alongside Homer’s body and also a lengthy strand the Emily’s gray hair top top the pillow.