DescriptionTitanium technologies 3 x AA to 1 x D Serial Battery AdapterThese battery canisters placed three AA-sized battery in series taking the space of a single D cell. Typically used with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, this permits greater overall voltage in applications utilizing D cell.Upgrade your 2-D Maglite by first selecting a TerraLUX upgrade suitable for 6D Mags, climate use 2 of these battery canisters v rechargeable Ni-MH AA"s to placed the necessary 6 cells in series.Features and also SpecificationsCompatible through AA size batteriesPlaces 3 AA"s in collection to triple the voltageDimensions (L x D): 2.5" x 1.24" (63.5 x 31.5 mm)Weight: 0.08 oz (22.7 g)Made the light-weight, resilient plasticSpecifications

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I had 3.6V NiMh battery pack with 3 batteries in a triangle form within mine wine opener. The battery packs were expensive and also had a set milliamp hour figure. I uncovered this battery adapter that fit 3AA 1.2V NiMh cells similar to the battery fill equaling the 3.6V I essential in this collection configuration. The end of this adapter we"re really easy to solder my wires to. I offered a little rubbing alcohol ~ above the ends prior to I soldered because that a strong clean connection. Now I have actually a way to change batteries whenever i want! If my wine opener ever dies I"m walking to save my adapter!
These room well developed devices, but I ordered the wrong part. This puts the AA cells in series, but one more version puts them in parallel. Those space the one i wanted. Totally my fault, not Battery Junction. Simply understand there are two versions. I was maybe to convert these come parallel, however it took a soldering iron and some work.
ProsHigh quality You have the right to store your flashlight through rechargeable battery to defend it from alkaline leaks. Then switch to D cabinet alkaline as soon as you require it for lengthy term use.
While i cannot warranty for long-term durability at this point, I have the right to state that these adapters are straightforward to load and unload and work perfectly!
Awesome!! Turned mine 2-D Mag into a high powered 1000 lumen torch through the Terralux 310M-EX autumn in. Nice because that emergency & brief time use...
I have actually used the cheap 3 AA converters and also these room worth the extra money because that sure. Batteries fit snugly all relationships are tight. Ns am making use of them in a mag. 2d ROP
ProsAlso have to mention battery junctions quick shipping and never an issue with any kind of products I have purchased native them
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