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Report and also Abstract Grading Codes and also Abbreviations

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? ?? ??? ¶ awk. Colloq. Expt.focus FALSE gram. Incomplete LC mixedmsg NAS NAW noinfo. Nolists nonseq. Oops phys.focus PKA ~PKA pl/singquantify Red. Rpt run-on RDC scattered Sp TMDtoo advanced toolong UA uncertain unneces. Vague var.name vb.# vb.tense woe wordprocess wordy WPh WW ~WW X.verb. ZZZ

These will certainly only appear in comments on physics paper

linethroughtext ^orv ignore


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something in quotes A direct quote native the instructions because that this assignment i beg your pardon you have actually not followed.
ignore I marked something that i shouldn"t have. Salary no attention. Every little thing is fine here.

Rules the writing:

Sp Spelling error. Sometimes, the is impossible for me to tell whether an error is because of grammar or spelling, and gets both marked.
LC Lower case: This shouldn"t it is in capitalized.

Grammar error.

vb.# or pl/sing Two or more words do not agree as to whether they space plural or singular.

Run ~ above sentence: something composed as one sentence, but actually is two separate sentences (possibly with words "and" between them). The worst type are when the two pieces have actually nothing to perform with each other.

NAW This is no a genuine word
NAS This repertoire of words is no A Sentence
oops Obvious mistype or inadvertently omission. Might reflect carelessness, yet not a underlying trouble with grammar or spelling.
UA Unclear Antecedent. This pronoun is offered in a means that provides it challenging for the leader to understand to i beg your pardon noun it refers.


colloq. Colloquial expression, too conversational for composed reports.
expt. Focus Your writing should emphasis on what your own experiment, not on what who "could" carry out with the very same or comparable setup.
phys. Focus Your creating should emphasis on the physics of her experiment, no on the succession of events during your experiment. This is more a matter of layout than content; an extremely likely you can rewrite these sentences in a means that transforms the focus.
PKA Prior knowledge Assumed. The indicated sentence assumes the the reader knows something that they haven"t read about yet. This relates come something girlfriend did that the reader cannot know. Various from the "advanced" code.
~PKA The text reads together if girlfriend assume that the reader knows something, but could be fixed without actually adding information. Example: "We increased the air monitor to an angle of…" sounds prefer you have already described the wait track, when "We raised an air monitor to an angle of…" walk not.
TMD Too much Detail. This might either relate to something that the leader doesn"t really have to know, or it may be due to your having actually underestimated what you have the right to assume indigenous the intended audience.
vague Sentence states something, yet the reader cannot number out exactly what. Common example: writing "calculated" only method that numbers were involved; over there is almost always a better way come express what you did.Difference native "incomplete": "vague" is due to style or indigenous choice, if "incomplete"calls for composing more.

Various things are written in this part, however they space not associated into an arranged narrative.

no lists A perform of tools is never the finest option. Instead, define what each point does.

Written the end Equation: you have actually written out in words something that must be written as a mathematical object (most most likely an equation). * for Reports, compose as one equation. * because that Abstracts, you probably shouldn"t be consisting of this information, uneven you are writing a "presentation abstract."


Excess Verbiage: This might have been done significantly much more concisely. Uses to a complete thought.

wordy The format is unnecessarily wordy. Similar to "X.verb.", but uses to a expression or words, regularly words which can just be left out.
Red. Redundant: The very same thing has been composed twice.

Repetitious: utilizing the exact same words too regularly doesn"t read nicely.

vb. Tense

The tense of verbs (e.g. Past, present, future, etc.) in her writing have to be consistent.Normally, use existing tense for statements of fact or describing points genericly, past tense when describing actions friend took, and future tense for specific actions to be taken.(Non-specific usually indicates generic, and also thus present tense.)

word process Scientific writing frequently requires things which would certainly be challenging to create on a typewriter (symbols, greek letters, subscripts and also superscripts, ...). However, you space not making use of a typewriter. I mean you to learn to use the facilities of her word processor to perform these things.

New paragraph should start here.

awk. Awkward wording.
too long This sentence is too lengthy to be check out easily. Break right into several sentences.


? I can"t tell why this native is used.
?? I can"t call what this sentence or i means.
??? The sentence, together written, means something different from what you more than likely intended. (Often, the literal definition is clearly silly.)
no info. This sentence basically says nothing. Or at the very least nothing that interest.
ZZZ Boring. Offer no real objective in the compose up, the is, doesn"t really connect anything brand-new to the reader.
RDC Reader Doesn"t Care: Not only are friend not concentrating on the physics that the experiment (see phys focus), her actual content is not around the physics that the experiment, which is what the leader has involved read about.
unclear I can"t know what you room trying to say here.
incomplete Sentence go not provide reader enough information to fully understand what to be done. Distinction from "vague": "vague" is as result of style or native choice, when "incomplete"calls for writing more.
quantify Doesn"t give as much details as it have to (often, there have to be a number value rather of a vague descriptor)
mixed msg There room two separate issues here i m sorry are obtaining mixed together, with the result that no one is clear.

Wrong Word: this indigenous doesn"t average what friend think that means.

WPhr Wrong Phrase: this expression doesn"t average what girlfriend think it means.
~WW Not the best word choice, back not completely incorrect.
^orv pointing at part words

Word(s) that i think you have to have added to clarify meaning.

too advanced You have overestimated the prior physics knowledge of the intended audience. This does NOT mean that you need to remove it; rather, more explanation is needed.
unneces. or a line through text

Unnecessary statement. Either apparent enough to be assumed, or will be clear as soon as a more specific explain is made. Example: "We had actually to measure the table length. The table to be measured to be 6.55m long." offered the 2nd sentence, the an initial one is unnecessary.

non seq. non sequitur: A conclusion is made the does not follow from the premise.


var. Name

Use variable names the are proper for the specific situation. Plenty of equations, once you discover them, are offered using generic variable names that are not suitable for your particular application.

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FALSE The sentence claims something incorrect, and I don"t think it is a language problem.