Latin dorsum, back; interosseus, between bones; lumbricus, earthworm; abducere, to lead away from; digitus, finger; minimi, smallest

Comprising: dorsal interossei, lumbricales, and abductor digiti minimi. The 4 dorsal interossei are about twice the dimension of the palmar interossei.

The lumbricales space composed of tiny cylindrical muscles, one for each finger. The abductor digiti minimi is the many superficial muscle the the hypothenar eminence.


Dorsal interossei: by two heads, each from nearby sides of metacarpals.

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Lumbricales: tendons the flexor digitorum profundus in palm. Abductor digiti minimi: pisiform bone. Tendon that flexor carpi ulnaris.





Dorsal interossei: right into extensor expansion and to basic of proximal phalanx. Lumbricales: lateral (radial) side of corresponding tendon of extensor digitorum, ~ above dorsum of particular digits.

Abductor digiti minimi: ulna (medial) next of base of proximal phalanx of little finger.


Dorsal interossei: abduct fingers away from middle nger. Help in flexion of fingers at metacarpophalangeal joints.

Antagonist: palmar interossei. Lumbricales: prolong interphalangeal joints and also simultaneously flex metacarpophalangeal joints of fingers.

Abductor digiti minimi: abducts small finger.


Dorsal interossei: ulnar nerve, C8, T1. Lumbricales: lateral—median nerve, C(6), 7, 8, T1; medial—ulnar nerve, C(7), 8, T1.

Abductor digiti minimi: ulnar nerve, C(7), 8, T1.

Basic sensible Movement

Examples: spreading fingers; cupping hand; hold a huge ball.







Referred Pain

1st dorsal interossei: solid finger pains in dorsum of index finger (lateral half), v vague ache on palmar surface and also dorsum of hand.

Other dorsal interossei: referred pain to certain associated finger. Lumbricales: sample is similar to interossei.

Abductor digiti minimi: pain in dorsum of small finger.


Finger pain/stiffness, pain when pinching/gripping, associated with Heberden’s node(s) - (e.g. In expert musicians, particularly pianists), “arthritic” finger pain, additionally seen in artists/sculptors, Bouchard’s nodes (middle knuckles).


Repetitive grasping, occupational, computer mouse, write-up wrist fracture and/or splinting, grasping, carrying shopping, typing, massaging, fine handiwork (e.g. Writing, sewing, knitting, artwork, painting, airbrushing), play musical tools (e.g. Piano, violin, guitar), sporting activities (e.g. Golf, archery, fencing).

Differential Diagnosis

Cervical radiculopathy. Ulnar neuritis. Thoracic outlet syndrome. Digital nerve entrapment. Articular dysfunction.


Intrinsic thumb muscles, scalenes, latissimus dorsi, long finger flexors/ extensors, pectoralis major, lateral/ medial head triceps brachii.

Self Help

Self-massage/pressure techniques deserve to be really helpful. Merely locating cause points and pressing with other thumb can be enough; psychic to organize trigger suggest until it softens.

Alternatively, a range of pressure gadgets can be used, or also a pencil v a rubber (never usage the "sharp" end!).

General Advice

Take a rest from repetitive activities and large out. Stretching and exercising. Examine work-related postures/ergonomics. Explore sporting activities (e.g. Grip in golf). Usage of ergonomic pens/cutlery.

Common Techniques

Spray and StretchYES
Dry NeedlingYES
Deep Stroking MassageYES
Muscle EnergyYES
Positional ReleaseYES
Wet NeedlingYES



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