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Relative (ree- lay-shun) location is a area in relation to an additional place. The absolute location of Rome, Italy is 41° N, 12° E. It"s relative places are Switzerland also, France, Austria, and also Slovenia which are all north of Italy.

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Also, what hemisphere is Italy? northern

Just so, what is the absolute location of Rome Italy?

41.9028° N, 12.4964° E

What is loved one location?

A family member location is the place of something relative to one more landnote. For example, you might say you"re 50 miles west of Houston. An absolute location defines a solved position that never before changes, regardless of your current location. It is determined by certain coordinates, such as latitude and longitude.

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Is living in Italy good?

Italy is a really good country for most reason, weather, food, great locations, absolutely great girl, 80% of girls in Italy are extremely gorgeous, and this is a really good thing.
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What is the climate in Italy?

With its hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, Italy experiences a mediterranean climate. Sometimes cold air from northern Europe can spread southern into Italy, carry snow to many hills, while the shores are preserved heat by the high sea temperatures.
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What is the human environment interaction in Italy?

Humans depend on the environment- Italy counts on the Padan Level for much of its agricultural create. Its abundant soil permits Italy to grow numerous of its plants such as corn and also tomatoes. Humans modify the environment- Venice is a fantastic instance of humans editing and enhancing the environment.
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What are the physical and also humale attributes of Italy?

Physical Characteristics - Italy. Italy has many type of distinct landdevelops, not to mention the country itself is shaped choose a boot. The Alpine Mountains and also Italian alps are situated in the north. Tbelow is some abundant soil for farmland, yet the southerly components periodically have actually droughts.
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How cshed to the equator is Italy?

Distance facts
How far is Italy from the equator and on what hemispbelow is it? Italy is 2,960.43 mi (4,764.34 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemispright here. How far is it from Italy to the South Pole? From Italy to the South Pole, it is 9,181.45 mi (14,776.11 km) in the north.
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What are the physical attributes of Italy?

Italy is a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. Its the majority of influential function is its boot-like form kicking the island also of Sicily. Much of Italy is extended by mountains. The Dolomite mountains which extfinish throughout north Italy are part of the Alps mountain array.
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What parallel is Italy on?

In Europe the 4fifth parallel stretches between the Bay of Biscay coast of France in the west and also the Caspian Sea coast of the Russian Caucasus in the east.
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Is Italy a formal region?

Italy is part of a formal region Europe.
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Is Rome a great location to live?

Rome is an exceptional city to live in. It feels 10 times even more alive than Paris or London. It is nearly as large as London but it"s 12 times bigger than Paris. It"s difficult to acquire to recognize also for those who live tright here their whole lives, so much tright here is to see/explore in that city.
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Is Italy in France?

Corsica, while traditionally Italian-speaking, is component of France, whereas the Valle d"Aosta, while traditionally French-speaking, is part of Italy.
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Wbelow in Europe is Italy located?

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What is Italy known for?

Italy is renowned for its astronomical contributions to the people of art, architecture, fashion, opera, literary works, design, and also film – the list goes on, and we haven"t also discussed the food yet. Italy has actually just been a nation given that 1871.
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Is Hawaii in the Western Hemisphere?

Locations have the right to be defined in many ways (the New World, the Western Hemisphere, etc.), but in this instance, we would certainly say that the Hawaiian Islands lie at the optimal of Polynesia, a large triangle of islands in the east-central Pacific Ocean.
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Is Hawaii in the Southern Hemisphere?

In reality, the Southern Cross appears on the flag of at least 4 other countries in the Southern Hemisphere. If you"re north of the equator yet south of a latitude of around 25 degrees, which is roughly say Hawaii and also components of northern Africa, you can still watch the Southern Cross.
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Is Hawaii in the eastern or western hemisphere?

(Northern is Alaska) (Southern is Hawaii) (Eastern is Alaska) (Western is Alaska)
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Which city is in the Southern Hemisphere?

The major cities in the Southern Hemispbelow are Nairobi, Lima, Kinshasa, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Antananarivo, etc. The Southern Hemisphere
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Is Japan northern or southern hemisphere?

Japan is in both the northern and also eastern hemispheres, and also is positioned off the eastern shore of Asia, eastern of the Korean Peninsula. Japan is bordered by the Philippine Sea, East China Sea, Sea of Japan (East Sea), Sea of Okhotsk and the North Pacific Ocean.

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Is Italy over or listed below the equator?

With a latitude of 41.8719° N, Italy is in the north hemispright here, above the equator.
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