Our pharmacist answer our recent question concerning an individual that accidentally took an extra sheep of your morning Zyrtec (cetirizine).

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I hope you can help me together I'm fairly nervous. I typically take mine Zyrtec sheep at night, ~ dinner. However, tonight, later in the evening, I completely forgot I had taken my dose and took another one hour later. Am i going to be okay?


Key points

The FDA-approved maximum daily dose that Zyrtec (cetirizine) is 10mg However, numerous clinical studies have actually concluded that higher doses the Zyrtec (up to 20mg, or two tablets) are linked with just mild next effects and also can provide much better symptom relief than 10mg Experiencing major side results from taking two tablet computers of Zyrtec (20mg total) would certainly be an extremely uncommon. An ext likely, girlfriend will just experience mild side effects, such as sleepiness and also dry mouth

Hello and also thank you for your question!

I absolutely understand her worry regarding accidentally acquisition an extra sheep of Zyrtec!

The good news is that although you may experience part side effects (more top top this below), Zyrtec (cetirizine) is an antihistamine the is considered fairly safe, and it would take fairly high sheep to existing a real medical emergency for most individuals. Accidentally taking one extra pill, in most situations, is nothing to it is in too involved about.

Before relocating on come the following section, I always like to put in these articles the information for toxicity Control. That is a valuable source to refer to in situations where inadvertently ingestion the a substance (including extra sheep of medication) has occurred. It provides good direction on as soon as you have to seek emergency care and also what symptoms to look the end for.

You can go to your website, Poison.org, or speak to them in ~ 1-800-222-1222.

Zyrtec security At High Doses

Zyrtec is a second-generation antihistamine that is accessible over the counter (it was at once prescription only). Various other second-generation antihistamines encompass Claritin (loratadine) and Allegra (fexofenadine).

For adults, the recommended dosage is 10mg (one Zyrtec tablet) every 24 hours. This is the FDA-approved maximum daily dose.

In the instance you explained in her question, you take it one extra pill, which would equate come 20mg. Also though this is higherthan the day-to-day recommend dose, the wouldn"t be considered toxic in the vast majority of situations.

In fact, numerous clinical studies have actually been released where high doses of Zyrtec have actually been utilized, v minimalside effects.

One such study, released in 2013 in theJournal of Dermatological Treatment,concluded the a double dose the Zyrtec (cetirizine), i m sorry is 20mg (the sheep you took), was effective in help to minimize the symptoms of itching that was formerly not responding to reduced doses:

Conclusion: copy the dose of cetirizine might be efficacious to the patients through urticaria refractory to the consistent dose of cetirizine.J Dermatolog Treat. 2013 Apr;24(2):153-60

This study only detailed mildside results to this dose.

Several other studies have pertained to the same conclusion...that 20mg that Zyrtec is actually advantageous for a lot of individuals who haven"t had an excellent success v conventional doses.

In state of just how much Zyrtec would be taken into consideration a dangerous overdose, the prescribing info for the drug (which is uncovered on the FDA website) particularly discusses cases where high doses have been consumed.

It mentions two situations of overdose, one where an adult take it 150mg (15 tablets) and another wherein a kid took 180mg (18 tablets). Only mild side impacts were reported at these high doses. Every the prescribing information:

In one adult patient that took 150 mg that ZYRTEC, the patient was somnolent but did not display any type of other clinical signs or abnormal blood chemistry or hematology results. In an 18 month old pediatric patient that took an 12 overdose the ZYRTEC (approximately 180 mg), restlessness and irritability were observed initially; this was complied with by drowsiness.Zyrtec Prescribing Information

So, based upon the available information we have regarding Zyrtec, girlfriend shouldn"t be too worried about that extra dose you took as it is fairly well tolerated, also at higher than encourage doses.

Zyrtec side Effects

Like many drugs, the side effects of Zyrtec are dose dependent, an interpretation that greater doses tend to boost the threat of side results occurring.

The side effects of Zyrtec (and all antihistamines) include:

SleepinessFatigueDry mouthDizzinessHeadacheDiarrheaNausea

The most commonside result is sleepiness (often described as somnolence). The is what you are many at hazard for through taking one extra dose, however it need to wear off together the sheep wears off, within 24 hours.

Past that, again, friend shouldn"t have too lot trouble.

Final Words

I want to include the caveat here that everyone"s medical situation is different. Also though acquisition an extra sheep of Zyrtec won"t cause too many problems for mostpeople, some might be more at danger for others.

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One such instance would be with individuals who have heart conditions.

High sheep of antihistamines can cause changes in heart rhythm. Two tablet computers of Zyrtec probably won"t placed you much more at danger of an adverse impact happening, however is tho something to keep in mind. If you execute experience any troubling symptoms, I very recommend contacting Poison manage (information in ~ the height of this answer) or going to your nearest emergency room.