I first started the town hall The CW’s ‘The 100‘ since it seemed like every time ns turned it on there to be fabulous music play on the soundtrack. The recent episode that the show was no exception (Season 3, illustration 1 – “Wanheda: component One” — January 21, 2016) because, together with music from Clairity, Violent Femmes‘ classic track ‘Add that Up‘ additionally showed up on ‘The 100‘.

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Add it Up‘ is from the Femmes debut album released back in 1983. One album that obtained Violent Femmes a large amount of airplay ~ above radio train station all throughout the US, and a massive fan adhering to thereafter.

More than 30 years later, and the album is tho the Femmes’ many successful, and also ‘Add that Up‘ among those songs anyone who heard it very first back then remembers with good nostalgia, as it yes, really was therefore so good.

Listen come Violent Femmes singing ‘Add it Up‘ in the video below, and think around how risque those lyrics were earlier then. I know the radio terminal I provided to be a DJ at only enabled us to play it after a specific time.

Why can’t I get just one screw

Believe me I’d recognize what to do

But other won’t allow me do love to you

Why can’t I obtain just one fuck

Why can’t I obtain just one fuck

I guess it’s got something to do with luck 

And, if you love alternative rock, however haven’t ever heard Violent Femmes’ debut album, what space you waiting for? This should be in every absent fan’s collection.

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