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In his ancient hymns, Homer tells us of the unyielding lord of the Dead that kidnapped the chaste daughter of Demeter. He speak us quite a bit, in fact, for someone who wasn’t there.

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Persephone is no catastrophic victim, yet a sort young woman hosted in place by her overbearing mother. A failed system by Apollo leads she to a possibility encounter through the humorless Hades, that is struck by love’s arrow. Currently he should wrestle with his aching heart prior to he loses control entirely.

...Not that the infatuated Persephone has any type of complaints about Hades" plight.

As desire blooms between the diverted goddess the the harvest and also the ruler of the underworld, the world transforms both above and below.

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The publication is a 164-page softcover comic intended for an adult audience. 

**Book contains implied sexual activity and nudity**

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