completing the lost Souvenir search in Destiny 2 isn"t necessarily straight-forward. Here"s exactly how to acquire it done.

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If naught else, Destiny 2 is wonderful at constantly giving girlfriend one an ext mystery to solve once you the very least expect it. This extra tiny quests that you stumble across are always worth her time, especially The shed Souvenir quest. That"s suspect you"re able to unravel the an enig and actually complete the quest, though.

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This one, in particular, is among the game"s more challenging puzzles, however will knife you a rare reward fine worth the effort. If you"re feather to fix this quest, or don"t also know exactly how to discover it, our guide has every the answers friend seek.

This overview will have very minor spoiler for how to resolve the riddle connected in The lost Souvenir quest, and the price you obtain for perfect it. Save that in mind prior to reading top top if you favor to conserve the surprise.

beginning The lost Souvenir Quest

This quest is tucked far inside another event in Destiny 2 included in the black Armory. You will first need to start the Izanagi"s load Exotic quest and progress till you have found all the tricks to the mysterious Box. Once open, friend will obtain a pair the items: the mysterious Datapad and also Mysterious Decryption Device. The last will lead you additional toward completing the Izanagi"s burden quest, if the previous unlocks The lost Souvenir questline. Make certain you end up the Izanagi search first, because you are required to have that exotic prior to you will be able to finish this quest.

Gear Up

as soon as you have actually the Izanagi"s load sniper rifle, girlfriend will additionally need three other weapons ~ above hand before heading out. Girlfriend will require the Spiteful Fang Bow, Tatara rigid Sniper Rifle, and also Hammerhead device Gun. This weapons space the rewards you unlock by perfect the Volundr, Gofannon, and also Izanami forges.

To Niobe Labs

Fly end to Niobe Labs in the EDZ, southern of Sojourner"s Camp, and find a switch in the facility of the area. It will be under the communication in the facility of the area. Activating this switch is what will officially start the shed Souvenir Quest.

Activating the switch will teleport you ago and spawn seven symbols all about the lab. However, and here"s where things gain tricky, the symbols space invisible uneven you"re aiming in ~ it v the exactly weapon. So, not only do you need the best weapon come hit each symbol with, however you won"t even be able to see lock if friend don"t have that weapon with you. Right here are whereby each symbol is located, and the weapon you have to shoot the with.

1 - ideal from whereby you spawn, look to the obelisk to the left. Top top the blue section dealing with towards you is the first symbol you need to shoot through the bow.

2 - The tower opposite the first one, only on your best this time, only much higher up in in between the yellow and also black strip areas. Fight this one with the machine gun.

3 - Turn about from encountering this pillar. The next symbol is facing the ahead one. Snipe it.

4 - examine the floor come the right side that the tower we shot the very first symbol from and also hit it v your bow.

5 - Whip the end your an equipment gun and scan the floor of the upper balcony area in between all the pillars. There are multiple icons here, for this reason make sure the one friend shoot is of a star.

6 - also on the floor here is a price of a hand you have to use your device gun top top next.

7 - The critical symbol is directly under the communication you were simply on. Head under and also look on the roof to your left v the sniper rifle for the price of the black color armory and shoot it.

Prepare for a Fight

once the critical symbol is hit, acquire ready for a hard battle. You"ll be got into by tide of bring away that room equipped through shields the can"t be damaged by any type of weapon other than for the Izanagi"s Burden. So lengthy as you followed our instructions and also got the weapon first, you"ll have the ability to pop your shields through it. While girlfriend can injury them with any type of weapon as soon as their shields room down, the last shot still needs to be from Izanagi"s load or the Taken will never autumn for good.

Get a create Essence

when all the Taken have been...taken treatment of...the last action of the search will be to gain a forge Essence. By currently you must be acquainted with just how to gain one of these, yet if not you just need to finish all the forges, Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and also Bergusia, while totally equipped v Black Armory armor and also weapons. It will be a difficult grind, however you"re nearly there.

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once you finally overcome all the forges with the correct gear and weapons, the quest will be complete. What is wait for you? ~ a cutscene us won"t spoil for you, you"ll earn yourself a brand-new emblem, Obsidian Dreams, and an Obsidian Accelerator. Take it it to Ada-1 earlier on the Tower for an Obsidian Radiance. This item is required to upgrade any of the black Armory weapons. No too negative of a reward if you"re looking come run more forges and have a black Armory weapon you"d choose to buff.