Sarah B. Pomeroy, Stanley M. Burstein, Walter Donlan, Jennifer Tolbert Roberts, David Tandy, and Georgia Tsouvala

Publication date - July 2017

ISBN: 9780190686918

608 pages Paperback 7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inch

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The most balanced coverage accessible of old Greek political, social, cultural, and economic history


Revised and also updated throughout, the 4th edition the Ancient Greece gift the political, social, cultural, and economic background and civilization of old Greece in every its complexity and variety. Created by six leading authorities top top the classical world, this captivating examine covers the entire period from the Bronze age through the Hellenistic Era.

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FEATURES* Uniquely in-depth coverage of society and cultural topics consisting of women and also family life, material culture, religion, law, homosexuality, slavery, athletics, and also life in the countryside* Excerpts from old documents, selective referrals for additional reading, and a timeline and general arrival that administer a bird"s-eye check out of Greek history* 2 sets ofcolor bowl that administer ample proof from material culture* an essential terms (boldfaced in ~ their very first appearance) and considerable glossary

New come this Edition

Substantially enhanced coverage of roman Greece, in chapter 12 and the Epilogue, by new coauthor Georgia TsouvalaAn extensively revised art routine featuring forty brand-new photosRevised captions for every figuresA revised and also updated Companion Website at

About the Author(s)

Sarah B. Pomeroy is identified Professor of standards and history Emerita at Hunter College and The City university of brand-new York Graduate Center. Stanley M. Burstein is Professor of history Emeritus in ~ California State University, Los Angeles. The late Walter Donlan to be Professor of classics Emeritus at the college of California, Irvine. Jennifer Tolbert Roberts is Professor of classics and background at City College and The City college of brand-new York Graduate Center. David Tandy is Visiting Research other in standards at the university of Leeds, UK. Georgia Tsouvala is associate Professor of background at Illinois State University.


"Ancient Greece is a sweeping, accessible historical narrative, punctuated through social and economic insights of among the most facility and intriguing societies of antiquity."--David Graf, University of Miami

"This text is great choice because that those seeking a considerable treatment of old Greek history. That is chronological with is long, and it devotes a an excellent deal of fist to society and social topics along with the traditional political and military ones."--Eric Wild Robinson, Indiana University

"Ancient Greece is a an extremely clear, an extensive overview of Greek history, in that political, social, cultural, and intellectual dimensions, with particularly an excellent coverage that the Archaic and Classical Periods, created by several of the height scholars in the field."--Philip Kaplan, University of north Florida

Table the Contents

Maps and also Battle PlansPrefaceNew to the fourth EditionTranslations used by PermissionTimelineINTRODUCTION A Bird"s-Eye check out of Greek HistorySources: exactly how We Know around the GreeksRetrieving the Past: The material RecordRetrieving the Past: The written RecordPeriodizationFrogs roughly a PondCity-StatesGreek City-StatesI. Early on GREECE and THE BRONZE age DomesticationSources for early on Greek HistoryThe land of GreeceGreece in the Early and Middle Bronze ages (c. 3000-1600 BC)Minoan CivilizationGreece and the Aegean in the late Bronze age (1600-1200 BC)The years of Glory (c. 1400-1200 BC)The finish of the Mycenaean CivilizationII. THE beforehand IRON AGE(C. 1200-750/700 BC) Sources for the early on Iron AgeDecline and Recovery, early on Iron period I (c. 1200-900 BC)The brand-new Society of at an early stage Iron age II (900-750/700 BC)Revival (c. 900-750 BC)Homer and also Oral PoetryHomeric SocietyCommunity, Household, and Economy in the at an early stage Iron age II* The end of early Iron period II (c. 750-700 BC)III. Archaic GREECE (750/700-480 BC) Sources for the Seventh and also Sixth CenturiesThe development of the City-State (Polis)Government in the beforehand City-StatesEmigration and Expansion: The Colonizing MovementEconomic and also Social departments in the at an early stage PoleisHesiod: The check out from OutsideThe Hoplite ArmyThe archaic Age TyrantsArt and also ArchitectureLyric PoetryPhilosophy and SciencePanhellenic religious InstitutionsRelations amongst StatesIV. SPARTA Sources because that Spartan history and InstitutionsThe early Iron Age and also the antiquated PeriodThe Spartan SystemDemography and also the Spartan EconomySpartan GovernmentSparta and GreeceHistorical change in SpartaThe Spartan Mirage in western ThoughtV. THE growth OF ATHENS and also THE PERSIAN wars Sources for at an early stage AthensAthens from the Bronze period to the Early archaic AgeThe reforms of SolonPisistratus and also His SonsThe revolutionary of CleisthenesThe increase of PersiaThe Wars in between Greece and also PersiaThe various other War: Carthage and also the Greek cities of SicilyVI. THE RIVALRIES of THE GREEK CITY-STATES and THEGROWTH of ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY Sources for the years After the Persian WarsThe consequences of the Persian Wars and also the foundation of the Delian LeagueThe "First" (Undeclared) Peloponnesian battle (460-445 BC)Pericles and the expansion of Athenian DemocracyLiterature and also ArtOikos and PolisThe Greek EconomyVII. Greek ON THE night OF THE PELOPONNESIAN battle Sources for Greece ~ above the eve of the WarGreece ~ the Thirty Years" PeaceThe break down of the PeaceResources for WarIntellectual Life in Fifth-Century GreeceHistorical and also Dramatic literary works of the fifth CenturyCurrents in Greek Thought and also EducationThe Physical room of the Polis: Athens on the eve of WarVIII. THE PELOPONNESIAN battle Sourcesfor Greece throughout the Peloponnesian WarThe Archidamian battle (431-421 BC)The increase of ComedyBetween Peace and WarThe intrusion of Sicily (415-413 BC)The battle in the Aegean and the Oligarchic at Athens (413-411 BC)Fallout indigenous the long WarThe battle in RetrospectIX. THE GREEK civilization OF THE beforehand FOURTH CENTURY Sources for Fourth-Century GreeceSocial and also Economic Strains in Postwar GreeceLaw and Democracy in AthensThe Fourth-Century PolisPhilosophy and also the PolisX. PHILIP II and MACEDONIAN supremacy Sources for Macedonian HistoryEarly MacedoniaMacedonian culture and KingshipThe reign of Philip IIMacedonian supremacy of GreeceXI. ALEXANDER THE good Sources for the Reignof AlexanderConsolidating PowerFrom Issus to Egypt: conquest of the east Mediterranean (332-331 BC)From Alexandria come Persepolis: The King that Asia (331-330 BC)The High road to India: Alexander in central AsiaIndia and the finish of the DreamReturn to the WestXII. ALEXANDER"S SUCCESSORS and THE COSMOPOLIS A new WorldSources for the Hellenistic PeriodThe struggle for the SuccessionThe Regency the PerdiccasThe preferably of Antigonus the One-EyedBirth Pangs of the brand-new Order (301-276 BC)The place of the Polis in the CosmopolisThe Macedonian KingdomsHellenistic SocietyAlexandria and Hellenistic CultureSocial connections in the Hellenistic WorldEPILOGUE The come of the RomansA Greco-Roman WorldGlossaryArt and Illustration CreditsIndex

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