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Leather armor is really popular, not only in fantasy but likewise in movie supposedly set during historical periods in the actual world. Yet most of it would certainly be leather garments at best, only slightly more resistance to obtaining ripped by thorny bushes.Like with armor make from cloth, leather rotts away end time, so there space very few preserved examples. And with paintings and also statues, you deserve to never tell the material. There room several problems with the idea of leather armor: because that one, leather is easily reduced by sharp knives and additionally flexible, for this reason it uses minimal protection against blunt impacts. This deserve to be boosted upon by dealing with the animal leather in the appropriate ways and of course likewise using multiple great (but you pretty lot never see that in movies).But there"s likewise economical problems with it: I"ve review in some areas (which method there"s no means to tell if someone simply made that up), that leather for usage in armor would have to be for this reason thick and also tough the you can really just use the skin native the shoulders of a bull, or something choose crocodile or elephant. And leather of that type is much an ext rare and therefore expensive 보다 leather from lamb or goatskin. That doesn"t mean it was difficult to get enough of it (mining for metal ore is hugely labor intensive too), yet it wouldn"t have been cheap.And one problem that ns am see is exactly how to fix it when it it s okay damaged. Also if you have thick hardened leather, once it it s okay hit through a blade, the does get cut. Possibly not every the means through or just with very small penetration, however even then, just how would you fix the whole? Sew that up with string and needle?Now over there is one form or lether armor that appears to be quite well documented, and that is Monglian armor. I beg your pardon adresses both the the issues I named: The mongols to be nomands who had substantial herds of animals from which they got most of your food and also clothing, so they would certainly have access to large amounts of reasonably cheap leather. Also, that form of armor did no use big leather "plates", however lots of small scales favor lamellar. That renders repairing it very easy. Just undo the lacing or rivets the a damaged plate and also replace it with a brand-new one.

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Gaining high quality leather for simply one or 2 scales is a lot easier than getting a huge piece because that a cuirass. However something like this appears nonsense.Does anyone here have actually decent knowledge about how actual animal leather armor was made, how it worked, and also when and also where it to be actually used historically?