“Bon Iver” is an American indie people band indigenous Wisconsin, started by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon in 2006. The surname “Bon Iver” is taken from the French hatchet “bon hiver” definition “good winter”. There are five members the Bon Iver: Justin Vernon, Sean Carey, Michael Lewis, Andrew Fitzpatrick and also Matthew McCaughan.

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In 2006, Vernon moved to his father’s isolated cabin in Dunn County, Wisconsin. He moved there mostly to try and cure from previous occasions in his life like not only a breakup of a relationship, but also the breakup that a previous band he remained in (DeYarmond Edison) and also a bout the mononucleosis hepatitis. It was in this cabin the Vernon created Bon Iver’s an initial album (and arguably their best) “For Emma, Forever Ago”, and wrote, recorded and played every little thing himself, there is no the assist or aid of producers. “Skinny Love” is the 3rd track turn off the album and also probably the most well-known and also popular track of the band’s. Despite it only having actually two verses, the song still manages come be extremely heart wrenching and relatable.

“Come on, thin love, simply last the yearPour a small salt, us were never hereMy, my, my, my, my, my, my, myStaring at the sink of blood and crushed veneerI tell mine love to wreck it allCut the end all the ropes and let me fallMy, my, my, my, my, my, my, myRight in this moment, this order’s tall”

The an initial verse starts v the namesake the the song: “Skinny Love”. V an interview v Pitchfork, Vernon explained the expression “skinny love” as not having weight: “Skinny love doesn’t have actually a chance because it’s malnourished”. Vernon is hope it will last a little longer, at the very least for the remainder of the year, and hopes the by putting salt, it’s healing properties will aid heal the wound the is the relationship, together if it never ever happened. The “my, my, my…” line might be a referral to once an individual states “oh my” in shock. “Staring in ~ the sink of blood and also crushed veneer” might be alluding come the fragility of the relationship in the song. He wants his lover to damage the relationship, and to just let him go and also fall; to offer up top top him. But, that knows the in this moment this a large thing come ask that his lover (this order’s tall).

“And ns told you to it is in patientAnd ns told you to it is in fineAnd i told you to be balancedAnd ns told you to be kindAnd in the morning I’ll be v youBut it will be a different kindAnd I’ll be holding all the ticketsAnd you’ll be owning all the fines”

The chorus mirrors Vernon as an extremely bossy and demanding lover, telling his lover just how to act. Probably this is just him informing the lover exactly how to act v him, come his patience when he’s in a dark time of his life. He’ll still be v his lover in the morning, despite him feeling as if the they haven’t been every the things they wanted them come be, for this reason it will certainly feel different. And because that this, he’ll be offering the lover “tickets” that she requirements to salary the fines because that – which might mean the Vernon is blaming the lover because that the fact that he is emotion this means or that this is why the connection is “skinny”.

“Come on, thin love, what happened here?Suckle ~ above the hope in irradiate brassiereMy, my, my, my, my, my, my, mySullen, pack is full, so sluggish on the split”

The second verse is Vernon trying to number out why the connection turned sour, and also how he’s quiet holding onto the partnership hopefully via the form of physical intimacy: “in irradiate brassiere”. “Sullen, load is full, so sluggish on the split”, might be referring to exactly how Vernon felt he had a lot going on in his life and in his mind, for this reason he was slow to break-up the relationship.

“And ns told friend to it is in patientAnd i told you to be fineAnd i told friend to be balancedAnd i told you to it is in kindAnd currently all your love is wastedAnd then who the hell to be I?And I’m breaking at the britchesAnd at the finish of all your lines”

The chorus repeats again, but with the last 4 lines different from the first. Vernon feels as if the lover’s love towards him has been wasted and was this whole time, leading him come question and also think about his very own identity and also whether he was of any worth come her. He’s currently breaking at the “britches” i m sorry is an additional term for trousers, so making use of imagery to more emphasize how him and this connection are falling apart, yet he’s still being held onto through his lover, but that is breaking too.

“Who will certainly love you?Who will certainly fight?Who will fall far behind?”

The last verse the the track is reasonably ambiguous, together it’s not made clear whether these are inquiries Vernon is questioning himself or the lover. If directed in the direction of himself, it can be perceived as the start of the breakup and mourning duration of the relationship; if it’s directed towards the lover (maybe currently ex-lover), it could be Vernon firing back at them, asking them just how they’ll ever discover someone that will love and fight because that them, and fall behind because that them prefer he did.

There is no main music video clip for the song, regardless of its immense popularity.

Release Date: 8th July 2007

Songwriter/s: Justin Vernon

Album: for Emma, Forever back (2008)

Genre: Rock, Indie, Folk

Chart Rankings (2011- 2014): #2 in Australia, #15 in Austria, #3 in Belgium Ultratop 50 Flanders Charts, #4 in Belgium Ultratop #50 Wallonia, #2 in France, #73 in Germany, #22 in Ireland, #29 in Japan, #2 in the Netherlands Dutch optimal 40, #1 in the Netherlands single Top 100, #2 in brand-new Zealand, #88 in Poland, #17 in Scotland ~ above the Offical Charts Company, #19 in Switzerland, #17 in the UK Singles Charts, #37 in the united state Billboard Adult height 40, #40 in the alternative Songs chart, and also #24 in the hot Rock songs chart.

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Certifications: 7x Platinum in Australia, Platinum in Belgium, yellow in Canada, Platinum in Denmark, Platinum in France, Platinum in Italy, gold in Switzerland, and Platinum in the US and also the UK.