The Collaborative worldwide Dictionary Word interpretations in The collaborative International thesaurus Nestor Nes"tor, prop. N. (Zo<"o>l.) A genus the parrots v gray heads, of new Zealand and also Papua, allied to the cockatoos. View Kaka .

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper"s Etymology thesaurus surname for "old king renowned for wise counsel," 1580s, from Greek, surname of the aged and wise hero in the "Iliad," king of Pylus, who outlived 3 generations. Klein says the surname is literally "one who blesses," and is concerned nostimos "blessed;" Watkins...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia Néstor is the Spanish-language version of the general European surname Nestor . Category:Spanish masculine offered names

intake examples of nestor.

He is a formidable warrior, formidable enough so the in publication 7 no Achaean volunteers to challenge him in single combat until they space tongue-lashed by Menelaus and also then by Nestor.

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Nestor Hay knew anyone in the town round about, your fathers and grandfathers, their politics and spiritual opinions, and whether lock were new folk or old inhabitants--an encyclopaedic understanding not written, an Homeric memory.

Out castle rushed, the sentries in armor, forming under the child of Nestor, captain Thrasymedes, under Ascalaphus, Ialmenus, young of Ares, under Meriones, Aphareus and Deipyrus, under the boy of Creon, trusty Lycomedes.

Lord Geoffery that Helmscarp, lord Nestor of Laverin, mr Tavis of Brengard, and TradeGuildsmen Osten Deveral, Jerard Stonesmith, Petar Ringwright, and Igan Horstfel.

Achaean chariots near Diomedes and also Nestor explode in a tumble that horseflesh and flying bodies.

He was the Nestor that the occasion, and strove heartily to create all quarrels, and so to arrange matters the a wholesome, moderately free Ministry could be again mounted for the good of the country and the comfort of all true Whigs.

I discovered two Nestor end in the tray this morning, so you must have been smokin" last night, sir.

Simon and also Schuster contents PREFACE 1 The revolution of Dona Soledad 2 The small Sisters 3 La Gorda 4 The Genaros 5 The arts of Dreaming 6 The second Attention Preface A flat, barren mountaintop ~ above the west slopes the the Sierra Madre in central Mexico was the setup for my last meeting through don Juan and don Genaro and their various other two appren- tices, Pablito and Nestor.

I fig- ured the they need to have been in their at an early stage twenties as soon as I had first met them, back Pablito and Nestor constantly re- fused to talk about their ages.

Round-faced, red-haired Menelaus to be there, whose cuckolding by Paris had provided the pretext because that the war, and also wily Odysseus, and also the aged and also rambling Nestor, whose head trembled incessantly.

Despite what Brad Berea said around him now, then there had been fire in Nestor.

Once, there is no thinking, he had actually told Brad Berea, "I am the mr Nestor.

With the thought of her, and a tiny bit of initiative on his part (elbow grease was the method he believed of it), Jack Nestor finally started to relax.

Nestor was uncovered emulsified and smeared top top the ceiling of a windy restroom in a casino in ras Vegas, Nevada, and also it pains me come say that his death was commemorated by the normal environmentalist extremists that think trees are good.

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Then, other than for Nestor and Wratha themselves, and their very first lieutenants, the remaining flyers landed their riders without emotional down, and also lifted off through empty saddles.