There room some people that won’t talk about details when it involves potty training. I’m not one of those people.

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My youngest kid potty trained a couple of months earlier and for the most part it to be a really easy process. Then, things began changing. He started having regular accidents, both pee and poop, and also we were on the verge ~ above considering diapers again. I was therefore DONE v washing 5 pairs of underwear, shorts, and sheets a day.

The pee crashes stopped again and also he began going top top the potty for pees however the poops in the pants preserved happening. He would certainly walk approximately me, smile, and also say “poop” while pointing to his pants. That shit is no funny (ok, so it is a little but i tried not to laugh) so it to be a bit hard to save my cool. I wanted to scream in ~ him “why the hell perform you keep pooping in her pants” however I would breathe deeply and also say “You had an accident?! Poop walk in the potty, no your pants. Let’s walk clean girlfriend up.”

Part of me is thrilled he is pooping, pants, floor, diaper, whatever. After virtually a year of handling his withholding issues and also being his “poop doula” at any time it come easily and pain free I’m thrilled. The various other part, notsomuch.

So what execute you do when your boy prefers to poop anywhere yet the toilet? I’ve heard that toddlers who demand diapers to poop in, or who go into a corner to privately poop. It seems to be a thing, right?

When Everett go poop on the potty, either by asking to acquire on and go, or once it just happens when he is ~ above the toilet to go pee, that is prefer a directly up awards ceremony. I’m clapping, screaming, dancing, and also waving my arms prefer a foolish woman. The is prefer the potty run on steroids. He can’t get enough praise for doing his duty on the toilet.

We marvel in ~ the size, the length, the smell…. Yeah… it is gross…. But my little boy does take it pride in his poops. The bigger, the better. Though he additionally marvels at the “baby” poops. Even huge brother come in and makes a huge deal of it, i beg your pardon Everett loves.

Making a son feel ashamed that they are having accidents is absolutely not the method to go. As tough as it have the right to be no to be mad as soon as you find a toddler running around with poops dropping the end of his underwear and also having to progressively retrace his procedures to make sure all poops room found, it won’t assist to yell or punish.


This main we’ve had a good couple of days complying with last week and also the many poop accidents, including the 3 on the floor on the carpet in his room. Ns think we are gaining through the accident phase and also he is ago to notifying me of when he needs to poop and also he appears to it is in looking front to it.

How we gained past the phase:

Consistency in reaction: once Everett would have actually an accident ns was clear and consistent as soon as I spoke to him about the issue. I never ever raised my voice yet maintained eye contact and told him it was not the place to poop. Even though over there were some comedic moments in this operation (the poop dropping indigenous the pants leg was one of them) ns kept any kind of laughter inside. Laughing motivates the continued behavior.

Results in action: i took the poop indigenous his underwear or indigenous the floor and also flushed it and made the go with me so that he experienced it should constantly go in the potty.

Privacy: when he began showing the he required to poop I had a hunch privacy was component of his routine. I stayed outside and also left the door cracked- close sufficient to be near in instance he needed me yet far sufficient that i couldn’t see him and he couldn’t see me. I think this component was an important to getting back on track. Your child might need aid getting onto the potty but after you need to see if providing them an are will assist them relax enough to go.

Patience: It deserve to (and did) regularly take a while because that the activity to happen. Fairly than questioning over and over if he was done I determined to just wait for him to contact out. Periodically I left him through a tiny board book or other potty friendly toy while the waited for points to move.

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Praise: together stated over the effective poop ~ above the potty is a pretty big deal approximately here! I understand my son took pleasure in graphic dramatic retellings of his massively large poop, and reveled in the attention. As soon as poops happen on the floor a poop ~ above the potty is worth the party.

I think we’ve had actually it easy contrasted to some kids I’ve heard around going v the very same problem. If you have an endure with it you re welcome share exactly how you overcame the in the comments. The may assist others analysis this!

UPDATE: My kid (the pants pooper) is now almost 5 and has to be a effective potty pooper because right after this post. I won’t speak it was easy yet we made it through. That is now a continuous pooper (2x a day!) but still demands wiping help. Hopefully all of you analysis this will uncover a method to make it through your current struggle through this same, an extremely annoying problem. If you resolved your difficulty please leave a comment v tips to help another family!

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