Everyone is various. For me I was able to wear a 1 1/2" bandwidth pretty conveniently. I had been utilizing a leather ball stretcher casually for numerous years though. I loved the feeling of tugging on my balls so relocating as much as a solid stainless steel ball weight was a herbal. I would certainly still consider myself a lightweight. I can wear the 1 1/2" together with an Omega Split Ring (which puts it at slightly over 2 lbs.) however I do not find it comfortable for more than a few hours. (I guess I simply have tender balls!)

I execute have friends that deserve to rock this weight 24 hrs a day though. Our frifinish John from Phoenix wrote:

"I had the very same instance when I got right into sphere weights. My balls were high and also tight, especially in cold weather. I could not wear my 16oz ball weight extremely lengthy. I opted for a rubber sphere stretcher which might adapt to the size and form of my scrotum. I began through a 1" design and wore it A LOT. When it ended up being so comfortable I forgained I was wearing it (around 2 months) I relocated approximately a 2" version and also wore it all the time. The gentle stress assisted me stretch and then I had the ability to wear my ball weight comfortably and also reap the feeling of the weight and also my nuts swinging in my pants or shorts.

"A year on, I wear my ball weight day and also night, removing it to shower. I coated the soft steel pin through an automotive lacquer to kelp rust-proof it and that’s functioning. There is nopoint prefer the feeling of having actually a pound of steel pulling on me all day unless it’s the brand-new sensations I gain when I fuck and also yeah, this brings a totality brand-new collection of sensations to fucking."


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Stretching via Ball Weights: before with the Omega Split


John"s ideal, sphere weights carry an entirely new sensation to fucking--and also to life!

For me it"s all about the pleacertain. I love to wear my 8 ounce ball weight all the time. It"s simply enough so that I gain the tug and also twist that I reap and also it pulls my balls dvery own. But I do not obtain a sense of round tiredness from it either. It"s pure pleacertain.

When having sex I"ll upsize to a larger dimension. The pleacertain is prompt and also intense. I even find that my erections are more powerful with a sphere weight on. (This has nopoint to perform through physiology--it"s all about the mind!)

The male pictured listed below went from the Omega Split Ring (.6" and also around 9 oz. of weight) to a 2" / 50.8 mm (32 oz. / 91 kg) round stretcher within four months. This is awesome progress!


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Stretching through Ball Weights: AFTER via 32 Ounces!


You can tell he loves the feeling of the weight on his round sac. But you might be asking why any kind of guy would certainly do this to his balls. Most guys who try also the lightest round weight uncover that they gain the erotic tug, twist and also pull on the balls. A bit bit of ball tug feels great but even more feels also BETTER! 


So Why Wear a Ball Stretcher?

Ball weights feel awesome as they tug your scrotum and stretch out your round sac. On Testosterone replacements? Placed a sphere weight or two on to store the round sac drop you currently have! (Sadly, one of the side effects of testosterone replacement is ball shrinkage.)Ball stretchers proccasion your balls from retracting upwards as soon as you reach orgasm--this delays, prolongs and boosts the intensity of your orgasm. Many kind of guys report that they have more cum as soon as wearing a round stretcher.In Tantric practice it is recommended that you stretch your balls manually (or usage your round weight) for a number of minutes a day for better sex-related health and wellness and well-being. If you are looking to prosper your sphere sac, we recommfinish making use of lotion and manually extending your balls after you take your weights off. This will certainly assist your sac stretch also much faster.Many sexual partners report that they choose the rhythm of the weight banging against them--another erogenous touch at a time as soon as every nerve finishing is hyper sensitive.When you have actually one (or more) ball weights on, your nads become also more sensitive to eextremely touch, stroke, tickle, lick, nipple or slap. You may find yourself whimpering through pleasure!Finally, when you take it off, you endure another sort of erogenous sensation--hop in a warm shower, soap up and also begin playing and tugging. You may find tright here is an additional bullet in your gun!

Ready for some man-sized bull balls?!  Feel the stretch!