Baraboo library volunteers wilhelm Emerson, 16, left, and also Rain Thomas, 13, show 5-year-old Aria Defosse-Chavez the Wisconsin Dells just how to do a rhinoceros the end of document June 22 at the Maxwell-Potter Conservancy park in Baraboo. The library"s game On program is just one of a number of activities gift hosted exterior the year supposed to accommodate because that a building project that hasn"t started yet.

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The Baraboo library readjusted its surname today, the only progress organizers have seen in months together they try to get the final step the a $6 million USDA loan approved.

As of July 1, the building now goes by the name Carnegie-Schadde Memorial public Library, commemorating a $2.5 million donation the secured the expansion and also upgrade project which was slated to rest ground in April.

Whooping crane chick Wampanoag with foster mommy Achilles top top June 20 at the global Crane Foundation"s breeding facility. Wampanoag is the offspring of two cranes at Zoo brand-new England’s stone Zoo in Massachusetts. Footage detailed by ICF.

Library plank President man Ellington said it to be some form of development as the wait because that one critical approval continues.

“We just decided, ‘Let’s just acquire the surname changed,’” Ellington said. “Let civilization know it’s quiet happening.”

In at an early stage April, Library director Jessica Bergin said the task was delayed until early or mid-June. Together July begins, they are still wait for the financial piece of their applications to be authorized after month of work-related by city officials submitting materials.


The expansion and renovation task will overhaul the 117-year-old library through upgrading its current 14,000 square feet and including 22,000 square feet of new space at a expense of more than $10 million.

The building plans have already been authorized. As soon as given final approval, they deserve to seek bids native contractors, other they had hoped to perform months ago. Bergin stated the project is going come begin, and also likely end, around three months behind schedule. It was originally slated come be perfect in September 2022.

“We save thinking it’s going come be any time, yet it’s just taking a lot longer than we initially expected,” Bergin said. “It’s very much the end of our manage at this point.”

The target is to have actually approval in comes weeks. After that, they can seek contract bids indigenous companies and hire a basic contractor through the end of July or early August.

“We certainly want to upgrade the public and also the community that the project is still happening, it’s simply taking a tiny bit much longer to secure the $6 million loan than we expected,” Bergin said. “We’re no concerned about it, however it’s just taking a lengthy time.”

As for library operations, Bergin claimed “it’s kind of organization as usual” as summer programs space “in complete swing.” since of the initial plans to rest ground in April, many programs and events are following outside and in partnership with local organizations. The building remains open up for its consistent hours.

The name change will take effect gradually, through a move to a new website and logo, and also updating products like brochures together they are printed. Patrons deserve to still use their library cards as usual. Bergin claimed it is the exact same library v a brand-new name.

A change to the surname honors Juanita Schadde’s so late husband’s family, which have actually owned Schadde Plumbing and Heating in ~ the city since the early 1890s, and also Andrew Carnegie, a philanthropist who granted $15,000 come the original construction of the Baraboo library in 1902.

Bergin stated they wanted to respect the regards to the donation, i beg your pardon was given by Schadde in 2019 and also helped certain the full fundraising amount needed for the project.

As because that the job taking longer than anticipated, she claimed patrons deserve to still express attention in it come library workers and provided that those operation the building are simply as excited come see development take place.

“Don’t shed hope, it’s quiet happening,” Bergin said. “We’re just going to need to be patient because that a while.”


From left, Portage elementary student Sydney Fait, Aaron Fait, Nora Duffy and Grace Evans develop cocoa powder in the Portage public Library"s Make-It Monday STEM programming. The monthly science, technology, engineering and mathematics regime is for students in grades 3-5 and will be hosted again Feb. 17, march 23, April 20 and May 18. It is registered is not required. For much more information, call 608-742-4959, expansion 211.

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On Tuesday throughout Teen Tuesday at the Baraboo windy Library, teens played a variety of table optimal games. Teen specialist coin Johnson, center, works on a jigsaw puzzle with Teddy Toberman, when Anna Strangfeld, right, plays cards v Beth valve Curine, who quit in for a few hands before her change at the circulation desk. Johnson facilitates weekly afternoon teen Tuesday program that offer educational and also fun activities for children in qualities 6 with 12.

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Teen solutions and technology Coordinator kris Baker, top top Wednesday, uses the Portage public Library"s new Smartboard to show the attributes of the digitized newspaper collection accessible to library patrons via as Library manager Debbie Bird watch on.

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Outgoing interim manager Susan Santner, left, reviews paperwork with new Portage publicly Library manager Debbie Bird in she office Wednesday.

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Baraboo publicly Library manager Jessica Bergin write leadership qualities on Lego toys throughout a Sauk County institute of leadership exercise in March in ~ the van Orden mansion in Baraboo.

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Libraries in the region closed your doors and also book drops in so late March, consisting of posting indicators like this one at the Portage publicly Library.

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The Baraboo public Library has actually multiple signs adorning every one of its doors and the return slot march 17, the final day patrons might request products to pick up prior to its closure.

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The CrafterNoon group at the Baraboo public Library, under the direction of Youth Services program Coordinator anne Horjus, created horns using cardboard tubes, balloons and straws July 11. The horns, which emit loud, low-pitched blats, resemble the instrument Horjus will certainly play in the large Top Parade together he accompanies the library’s 1,000 Books before Kindergarten unit. Hornmakers, from left, are Isaiah Foster, Mariah Foster, Elijah Foster, Aleksa Foster, Samantha Kruschel, Horjus and also William Emerson.

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Library manager Debbie Bird and also city the Portage maintenance worker Joe Sadlon ~ above Monday lug furniture right into the teen area the Portage public Library. The whole library will certainly be open up Nov. 25 together it wraps up a renovation job that started in September and restricted patron accessibility in the building. The task upgraded the fire-sprinkler system and installed a nitrogen generator and is gift completed two months ahead of schedule. "We only need one an ext week come clean points out," Bird said. The library will certainly be closed Nov. 28, 29 and also 30 because that the Thanksgiving holiday.

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University the Wisconsin-Extension entomologist P.J. Liesch, standing, presented the audience to the countless insect pollinators that we count on for farm and also garden food production may 16 at the Baraboo windy Library. Liesch likewise described environmental difficulties these insects face, and steps that human being can require to encourage pollinators in their own gardens.

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Portage highways employee Ron Martin, native left, library maintenance worker Joe Sadlon and city roadways employee Bob Lentz download the brand-new digital signboard Friday at Portage public Library.

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Rusch elementary fourth-grader Izzy Nummerdor and also children"s librarian Angie Tomlinson examine owl pellets Monday to learn much more about the nocturnal pets during Portage public Library"s "Make-it Monday" program. "When an owl eats a mouse, that swallows the whole," Tomlinson said of the pellets the youngsters studied to recognize what the animal eats. "Owls just digest muscle and also organ -- not bone and also fur -- so their bodies create this wad of stuff that they litter up." Make-it Monday is for youngsters in qualities 3-5 and also is organized from 3:45 come 4:30 p.m. ~ above the 3rd Monday of every month throughout the college year. For much more information, visit or call 608-742-4959.

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Baraboo windy Library web page Megan Olson labels books for Baraboo area middle school college student to check out as component of the Baraboo Reads initiative. Baraboo Reads is a community reading opportunity concentrating on themes of unity, equity and also inclusivity for people of all ages in the Baraboo area.

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Abigail Doro shows her sketches come artist Kaylee Tsuboi throughout the Japanese Comic and society Club conference Thursday in ~ Portage public Library. Doro, a 10th-grader at Montello eco-friendly Charter School, is among several teenager club members that learn an approach from Tsuboi as soon as they accomplish every other Thursday native 4 to 5:30 p.m. Tsuboi, a fifth-grade teacher at Wisconsin Dells feather Hill elementary School, had the student create brand-new Year"s resolutions for your artwork in ~ Thursday"s meeting.

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Scott Rawson, seated, throws a prompt to Jessica Elsing, left, in among the improv games performed by the CAB Theatre Comedy Improv Troupe in that is Jan. 3 debut in ~ the Baraboo windy Library. Various other troupe members looking for their comedy cues are, from left, Rahne Forbes, bill Arbogast, Erica Cochrane and also Molly Arbogast.

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The Portage windy Library"s new adult programmer, Pam Roets, standing, visits the secret Book lovers club during its conference Tuesday afternoon. Also pictured room Linda Wendt, left, and also Phylis Germain.

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Ann Dilcher of Quinn Evans Architects provides summary Wednesday that a conceptual design because that Baraboo"s library expansion.

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