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ArtistBarns Courtney
29 September 2017
3.27 / 5.00.5 indigenous 115 ratings


djxfactor511 Feb 09 2018 2.50 stars
Barns Courtney has actually been on mine radar since his so-so opened slot because that Fitz & the Tantrums a year ago. His debut complete length finally dropped this previous week and didn't perform anything to change my initial opinion. To obtain an idea that what ns mean, take a hear to "Golden Dandelions" and "Hellfire". This songs might easily be from bands favor Young The Giant, Kaleo, or Imagine Dragons. Yes, they're catchy and have great hooks indigenous an target sense, yet there's naught at all that renders Courtney stand out as his very own artist, and also therefore he gets lost in the myriad of various other artists act the precise same thing. Honestly, if Young The gigantic were to cover this whole album a la Ryan Adams - 1989, they'd carry out it a helluva lot of better.
Experiment_IV january 09 2018 3.00 stars
Rag'n'Bone male plus Mika and also Jack White or something? method overblown manufacturing as you frequently see on modern mainstream UK productions, whatever screams "radio ready" below with little space for subtlety. The said, the songs yes, really aren't half-bad.
MusicNerdDavid Sep 30 2017 ▼ 4.50 stars
Wow! what a wonderful album. That exceeded my expectations by a mile. Gold Dandelions is just one of the finest songs come come out this year. So numerous perfect tracks. Best songs: gold Dandelions, Fire, sparkle & gold, Hellfire, Hobo rocket, small boy, rather dieWorst songs: Kicks, Goodbye john smithStrong 9/10
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