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Joseph Roisman

Roisman Joseph. The background of the fight of Tanagra and also Some connected Issues. In: L"antiquité classique, Tome 62, 1993. Pp. 69-85.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.3406/antiq.1993.1161


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The lift of the fight of Tanagra and also Some Related problems

In 458 or 457, as if awakened indigenous a lengthy sleep, the Spartans decided to take it up arms exterior their borders. The Phocians had struck Doris in main Greece and the Spartans pertained to its rescue with 1,500 the their own men and also 10,000 Peloponnesians1. The Spartans" activity is something of a puzzle. It adhered to a period of inactivity throughout which j the Spartans had actually not aided their major allies, the Corinthians, through their

i war versus Athens, and when the Athenians placed Aegina under siege,

f the Peloponnesians sent only 300 hoplites to the island (THUCYDIDES, I,

105-106; DIODORUS of SICILY, XI, 78-79). In comparison v Corinth or Aegina, Doris was of negligible strategy or armed forces significance. Why climate did the Spartans decision to help Doris and not their more important allies, and also why did they mobilize together a big force against the | reasonably minor power of Phocis?

| These are not new questions, however the answers given them space not

j totally satisfactory. The function of this paper is to sell a reassessment

j that the Spartans" factors for going on an expedition to central Greece, as

{ well regarding consider part related problems which number in the lift

j that the battle of Tanagra. These are : Athenian plan on the eve of the

battle; the relations between the long walls and democracy in Athens; and the status and also policy of Tanagra in the period under discussion.

that is commonly assumed the Sparta provided Doris" request for aid as an excuse to flex she muscles. The Spartans who had actually been preoccupied through suppressing the helots" revolt and, hence, can not to assist their chief

1 Thucydides, I, 107, 1-2 ; Diodorus that Sicily, XI, 79, 5-6, and also see G.F. Hill, resources for Greek background between the Persian and also the Peloponnesian battles (revised ed.), Oxford, 1951, p. 342, and also D.W. Roller, Tanagran Studies, Amsterdam, 1989, I, p. 57-69 for additional sources. The campaign has to be dated differently, 458 or 457, mainly due to the fact that historians attach it come the vexed question of the expression of the an excellent helots" rebellion at Sparta. I choose not to sign up with a conflict where neither date is an ext firmly created than the other. See, e.g., B.D. Meritt, H.T. Wade-Gery, M.F. McGregor, The Athenian Tribute perform (henceforth ATL), III (Princeton, 1950), p. 165-178 ; D.W. Reece, The date of the autumn oflthome, in JHS, 82 (1962), p. 111-114, and E. Badián, in the direction of a Chronology that the Pentekontaetia under to the renewal of the peace of Callias, in EMC, 32 (1988), p. 289 ff., esp. 318. All days in this file are B.C.E.