Buccal fat removed (a.k.a. Cheek palliation surgery) is the surgical removal of the buccal fat pads within the cheeks to reduce facial volume.

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Average Recovery

2 months




Minor surgical Procedure




$2000 - $5000




What is a buccal fat removed procedure?

Buccal fat removed (a.k.a. Cheek reduction surgery) is a plastic surgery procedure to minimize the volume of the cheeks. In a Buccal Fat Removal, the buccal fat pads space permanently gotten rid of from the cheek hollows. The size and also shape that the buccal fat pads varies in between individuals, and also is responsible for producing the contours below the cheekbones. A buccal fat remove can produce the figure of more powerful cheekbones, a an ext slender profile, and improved facial contours.

What cosmetic pertains to does a buccal fat removed procedure treat?

Who is the right candidate because that a buccal fat removed procedure?

The appropriate candidate for a buccal fat remove is a younger patient with undesirably complete cheeks, or those who have lost significant weight however have stubborn fat store in the cheeks. Buccal fat removal is no recommended for those who are not at a healthy and stable weight, or those through thin, narrow faces.

What is the median recovery linked with a buccal fat removed procedure?

Following a buccal fat removal there are normally a few days the acute downtime. Swelling, bruising, and also discomfort will diminish end a main or two, return swelling can persist for up to 4 months. Patients have to avoid strenuous task for one week, return light activity can it is in performed as tolerated.

What are the potential side results of a buccal fat remove procedure?

Possible side impacts following a buccal fat removed include transforms in sensation, prolonged swelling, nerve injury bring about muscle weakness, salivary duct injury, asymmetry, or need for revision surgery due to suboptimal results.

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What can someone suppose from the results of a buccal fat remove procedure?

The outcomes of a buccal fat removed procedure will build over a couple of months. The final results will certainly be topic to alters from far-reaching weight get or weight loss.

What is the average price of a buccal fat remove procedure?

A buccal fat remove procedure can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. The actual price of a Buccal Fat removed is dependent upon location, board certified face plastic surgeon, and length and also involvement that the plastic surgery.