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Bible Bookcase: Laminated

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This bible Bookcase is one old favorite for Sunday college classrooms. The glowing colorful wall surface chart mirrors all 66 the the books of the scriptures in your categories (Books of the Law, History, Poetry, the significant and minor Prophets, the Gospels, Epistles, etc.) shade coding helps students determine the books. Reproducible worksheets on the ago include a miniature that the chart in English and Spanish versions, one blank and one fill in. Laminated; wall chart size: 19.5"https://wgc2010.org/bible-bookcase/imager_2_2810_700.jpg x 26"https://wgc2010.org/bible-bookcase/imager_2_2810_700.jpg.

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Pricing: (Must acquisition the same bible with the very same name.)

1-9 Bibles: $6.99 per scriptures 10-49 Bibles: $4.99 per bible 50-99 Bibles: $1.99 per holy bible 100+ Bibles: $0.99 per bible

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