Black-ish Season 4 episode 19, “Dog Eat Dog World.” is filled v delightful household moments together the Johnsons debate whether or not to gain a dog after Jack comes residence with right A’s. This light-hearted illustration is miscellaneous we certainly need if the preview for next week’s illustration is any indication.

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Here space our favourite moments from “Dog Eat Dog World.”

BLACK-ISH – “Dog Eat Dog World” – The household is split over the idea of acquiring a dog after ~ Dre and Bow promise Jack they can gain one after he gets directly A’s – and also he does! Meanwhile, Bow’s brother Johan is in town and also he doesn’t acquire the heat welcome the expects indigenous Ruby, top top “black-ish,” TUESDAY, APRIL 10 (9:00-9:30 p.m. EDT), on The ABC television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)ANTHONY ANDERSON1. When Jack revealed he gained straight A’s

Jack has actually never to be the smartest human being in the Johnson family, for this reason it’s a pleasure to check out him not just succeed in an scholastic area but likewise get other he’s always wanted.

It’s extra funny to check out him gain a one up on Dre who occasionally prides self on being much more clever 보다 he in reality is.

2. Why Dre really doesn’t like dogs

Dre reveals that he kicked a dog as soon as in defense of little Zoey. Which makes sense indigenous his perspective as a brand-new parent. Everyone going after that is miscellaneous that would certainly absolutely happen, especially today in internet culture.

Dre’s view of hating the means we worth dogs over civilization is completely understandable, however not rather a good enough excuse come go back on his promise to Jack.

BLACK-ISH – “Dog Eat Dog World” – (ABC/Eric McCandless)AUGUST and BERLIN GROSS3. Diane’s chaos vote

Dre’s backup arrangement to usage a family vote to wriggle the end of getting a dog immediately backfires once Dre banks on Diane voting through him. Dre obtaining one-upped by both of the pair in this episode is sort of adorable.

Dre deserve to be overconfident periodically so once the twins outsmart the it’s a sheep of humility that he certainly needs. Various other highlights throughout this moment: Rainbow obtaining to claim Devante’s vote because of Ruby’s nepotism and Jack’s pure win and also total excitement.

BLACK-ISH – “Dog Eat Dog World” – (ABC/Eric McCandless) mile BROWN, MARSAI MARTIN4. Junior teaching the twins what comes v taking treatment of a dog

This is a recurring moment yet each that Junior’s lessons is hilarious and definitely important things come be aware of before getting a pet. Kids can gain blinded through the pure excitement of having actually a pet, however it’s not always magical.

Junior renders sure the Jack and Diane are prepared for all the aspects of having actually a dog, which renders him the stealth MVP the this episode.

5. The microaggressions native the rescue location coordinator

Even in this lighter episode, Black-ish renders us aware of the little ways in i m sorry racism is still so common in ours society. The way this mrs looks under upon Dre’s education, and also their home, i m sorry is very nice, is clearly judgemental past reason.

This moment doesn’t make the list as a moment I really delighted in as lot as the others, yet as a minute that makes tiny things choose microaggressions clean to the audience.

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BLACK-ISH – “Dog Eat Dog World” – (ABC/Eric McCandless) AUGUST and BERLIN GROSS, DANA POWELL, TRACEE ELLIS ROSS, ANTHONY ANDERSON6. Bring your dog to occupational day

Dre’s co-workers are nearly always ridiculous, yet seeing them all playing through dogs was simply plain cute. Even if it stops working to do Dre see their value.

Dre does have a good point though, people really should display as much treatment to the remainder of humankind as it does to animals.

7. Dre brings home a dog

Rainbow lastly gets the to watch the light and understand how necessary a dog can be come a family. And Dre gets to be the hero and the all-around great dad as soon as he renders his family members happy.

I love that Dre choose this dog because he was in reality afraid that the dog he assumed he wanted. And he literally drops in love with him the minute he is alone through the dog. “Baby gain Right” is probably going come become an ext Dre’s dog 보다 anyone else’s.

BLACK-ISH – “Dog Eat Dog World” – (ABC/Eric McCandless) ANTHONY ANDERSON


Yohan and Ruby’s monster flirtation is just…weird. What also is the teaser for next week’s episode? Dre and Bow are one of my favourite sitcom couples, so ns don’t choose that the show can be putting unnecessary drama right into their relationship. Who’s office dog was your favorite? i honestly love Peaches and also Herb.

What were your favorite moments from this episode of Black-ish? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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