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Police: armed man arrested exterior DNC ‘on patrol’ had actually no setup of attack


12 hrs ago



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An equipped man that Capitol Police arrested external the democratic National Committee Headquarters has been charged, however investigators stated it walk not appear he had any kind of intention of committing violence.

An equipped man who Capitol Police arrested outside the autonomous National Committee Headquarters has been charged, but investigators claimed it go not show up he had any type of intention the committing violence.

Charging documents released after ~ Donald Craighead, 44, appeared before a D.C. Premium Court judge disclose that investigators discovered no indication he had any type of intention of attacking anyone roughly the DNC ~ above Monday or had any kind of ill will certainly to the government or any type of officials.

He did, however, tell officers that he to be “patrolling for individuals trying to readjust his magnetic frequency and also the gay households who to be behind the September 11th strikes that have stalked him because that years,” the papers said.

The Oceanside, California, guy was want for violating his probation there and also was taken into consideration armed and also dangerous. Police stated that added to the arrest, as did the tools they allegedly uncovered inside Craighead’s pickup truck.

Along through a 7.5-inch hunting knife, initially described by police together a bayonet, they also found a 21.5-inch machete in a sheath top top the dashboard, the documents said.

They discovered a number of white superiorist symbols, including a swastika painted on the side mirror, and also a series of magnets and also coins videotaped to the inside of the vehicle. Investigators also found duck bones, human being hair clippings and four black cans tape-recorded together, which they later on discovered consisted of playing dice and tiny pieces that metal.

Craighead was wearing a T-shirt at the moment of his arrest that check out ‘Boogaloo Movement,’ follow to court documents, yet investigators say there is no indication indigenous a journal in his truck, his cellphone task or his interview the Craighead has any kind of ties to extremist groups.

He has been charged v carrying a danger weapon, and investigators bespeak he it is in psychologically evaluated before his following hearing. He is being organized without bond.

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