A digital thermometer picture and template that you can edit to meet the needs of your thermometer lesson. To have students edit and add you must be in "edit" mode. To write on it with use of a smart board you may use presentation mode. To change the temperature change the length of the red and whit
This is a 5 point scale thermometer that can be used as a self regulation and emotional tool for students to identify their level of emotions; as well as for educators to help teach emotional regulation. The scale can be adapted with words and photos as deemed necessary.

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A double-sided PDF worksheet on Thermometers (blank) which includes 24 blank thermometers going from 0°C to 40°C next to the exact values of °F.We are excited to offer you a range of resources.We offer resources for every topic within Math.

I couldn't find a thermometer I wanted on here, so I made my own! I created one in color and one in black and white so you can save on ink. This is a great tool for teaching temperature. I'm sorry to those who live in AZ because I didn't go above 100 degrees, but I'll get one uploaded soon. This was
This quick and easy to use resource is great for little learners when introducing temperature for the first time.Colour in the different segments on the thermometers and trace the words - a simple and cute display!Draw pictures inside the thermometers showing what the environment looks like in that
Use this thermometer to make and measure goals in your class. There is a template form and a form with examples. I will be using this by playing the teacher/student game. Students will earn each prize by the difference between the points. Enjoy!
Use this template to have students log the different weather qualities, such as, air pressure, temperature, wind speed, and other observations they see. They may draw, color, create sentences to express their observations. It even gives them the opportunity to practice converting Fahrenheit to Celsi
Students can rate their own feelings and the feelings of others. This opens up great discussions as often times our guesses about other how other people feel aren't always correct! Includes thermometers for happy, sad, mad, scared, worried, and a blank for a feeling of your choice. This includes one
Blank thermometer chart. Can be used to track any sort of progress that your class is making. I use this for tacking the words my class has read. You add your own marks on the side to represent the amounts you need.
A blank template of thermometers in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Page can be used as one worksheet or cut in half.
There are six blank boxes to organize events leading to the American Revolutionary War on this graphic organizer. Each box has a space for a title, corresponding description and a small simple sketch or symbol of covered events. Customize the events in accordance with your unit of study/state standa
This worksheet has 5 blank thermometers for students to record daily temperatures for a week. Additionally, there is a space underneath each thermometer for students to explain what type of clothing would be best for each temperature. This worksheet will assess students' understanding of TEKS 2.2D,
Zones of Regulation: Self-Monitor ThermometerPrint out the blank thermometer and have kids use it to self identify how much energy they spend on different emotions!If you are new to using Zones, I highly recommend implementing it into your sessions. I use Zones and this thermometer with all my kids
This is a very simple blank goal thermometer with tic marks on the sides. You can write in your own numbers on the sides and color in the thermometer to your goal level. My troop uses this for cookie sales.

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Homemade graphic organizer. I found a blank student thermometer online. I added to it and made 2 thermometers on one page for the hot and cold temps for recording along with kid friendly clip art on the bottom. You may want to add a name line at the top before printing...I wrote it at the top, I
Weather is a great unit describing rain, snow, clouds, hail, humidity, thunder, lightning temperature, barometer, thermometer, evaporation, wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, and others. It describes meteorologists and their important job. The unit includes the following activity worksheets; fill in the b
This is a series of worksheets to review Fahrenheit and Celsius measurement. Each worksheet has students read thermometers, place Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures within context, and relate the temperature to their own life. Designed to be done periodically after students have been taught a bri
Do your students need to know the boiling, freezing, and body temperature points for Celsius and Fahrenheit? This is a great recording sheet for these measurements. It includes a blank thermometer next to each temperature for students to fill in and create.
This is a 170 slide PowerPoint Review Game about the oceans, El Nino, La Nina, the Water Cycle, Clouds, and more. This Review Game is one small part of my weather and climate unit that I offer on TpT. 1-25 template and answers are provided.Weather and Climate UnitAlso included are hundreds of
•In this packet there is a temperature record keeping sheet. I asked my students to record the temperatures in the morning, afternoon and evening. Some used their phones or just Googled the temperatures. I did encourage them to find an outdoor thermometer, because we were learning about different fo
You will receive 15 images with transparent backgrounds in PNG formatThe images included are:2 different size rain drops2 different size grey clouds2 different size white cloudslightning strikesunpartly cloudypartly sunnyrainbowblack snowflakeblue snowflakeblank thermometerrainy cloud
This mini book is a great way overview of everything you will teach in your weather and water cycle unit! It is formatted in half pages, so that students can easily fit this mini book in their notebooks. Each page is interactive with fill in the blanks and questions/coloring opportunities! This mini
The above downloadable handout is intended for teachers of all grades, and it contains plenty of handy sheets that I made carefully and neatly in order to make grading and communicating with parents simpler, smoother, and clearer. This Zip file is composed of +20 sheets, which are:1. Grade book pape
Science Tools Trading Cards! This is a set of 8 science tools trading cards that you can use with your students when teaching science. I created them to look like trading cards and my students LOVE using them. *Note: This product is also available in Spanish. Find it here!This science tools set

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