I just obtained a blood dye on mine ironman and after some consideration I decided to move it to mine main and sell it because that bonds (for my ironman). However, I have no clue just how high value trading works, exactly how do ns make certain I gain the many money because that my item? I'm not really worried around selling the instantly.

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That is the last web page of the most recent forum for Treasure trail items. Bloods most recently sold for roughly 1750m-1770m but beware and also I would certainly watch those prices because that a couple of days. People often report false sales to shot and merch. If you clock them go up and also down because that a bit you will be able to determine around how lot you can acquire it. The much longer you sit it in the GE the greater price you deserve to get.

This. Just put the on GE for a little over the price they are telling ~ above the forums since the prices there space 90% merching. Friend can likewise put the dye ~ above GE and also then walk to w2 and start shouting that you are offering blood dye for X-amount price and also maybe someone will certainly buy it turn off you on GE. Or simply say you have actually it on GE.

Step 1: check this thread because that the prices water are selling at ~ above the GE. Conveniently, the many recent 2 messages atm space "ins blood dye 1752m" and "inb blood dye 1770" -- ins being "insta-sell" and inb being "insta-buy" if you're not familiar with the abbreviations. Little further back, you obtain "ins blood dye 1753m" and also "sold blood dye 1756m insta". Might check back even more if friend wanna inspect out the price trend -- check out whether the price is ~ above the increase or ~ above the fall.

So alright, blood dyes going for approximately that price range. (Forums are infamous for price manip, however this is pretty lot all you've got to go on.) Looks choose they commonly go in the 1750 millions, v that alleged buy for 1770 as an outlier.

Step 2a: Slap the blood dye on the GE. It's highly-priced, but it's listed below max cash, therefore it's doable. Don't sell for overview price -- through items together rare together dyes, the overview price will rarely be accurate. Instead, pitch your price based on the research study done in step 1. Placed in an sell for 1750m -- it might well market instantly, if not really quickly. Yet you don't care around how lengthy it takes come sell, so... Try cranking it up a li'l. 1770m looks prefer an outlier, but if the price is on the rise and you're ready to wait... Might as well.

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The alternative:

Step 2b: This is what i did once I was marketing the dye i got periods back, due to the fact that I to be a goddamn noob: the Marketplace forum. The first page has multiple people buying water -- yet on the whole, people buying top top the forums often tend to be annoying and also put "pm me" in your posts. If you wanna trade it in person, climate sure, obtain your PMs ready... Yet this is far more likely to it is in a ripoff, particularly when the GE works simply fine. There's also World 2 -- advertise you're selling, and hey, perhaps you'll obtain a prospective the person who lives who's ready to rip you off also worse!

I marketed my Barrows dye in human being to who on the forums, and shopped approximately for a buyer. IIRC the three human being I PMed offered prices that 220M "and that's my final offer" (hell no), 250M, and 260M. Take it the critical of those, naturally. Y'know what, though? points would have been way much easier just using the GE.