Cory Matthews, the titular boy, grows up in this long-running sitcom, a staple of ABC"s "TGIF" lineup through lot of the 1990s. (It premiered when Cory was 11 and also ended through him married come childhood sweetheart Topanga Lawrence.)

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Episode 1

My ideal Friend"s Girl

Fri, Sep 22, 1995 30 mins

Shawn asks Topanga out on a date before Cory (Ben Savage) can muster the courage to ask her himself. Eli: Alex Desert. Trini: Brittany Murphy. Frankie: Ethan Suplee. Joey: Blake Soper.

Episode 2

Double Lie

Fri, Sep 29, 1995 30 mins

Jonathan tells Shawn he"ll be the end of town, leaving the teen---who has actually a warm date---to remain at Cory"s. Veronica: Erin J. Dean. Kris: Lisa Wilcox. Alan: william Russ.

Episode 3

What I supposed to Say

Fri, Oct 13, 1995 30 mins

Cory gets the cold shoulder from Topanga after he tells her he loves her. Eli: Alex Desert. Christi: Anastasia Horne. Shawn: driver Strong. Eric: will certainly Friedle.

Episode 4

He Said, She Said

Fri, Oct 20, 1995 30 mins

Shawn bring away a accuse counselor"s advice literally. Meanwhile, Harley returns from reform school. Miss Collins: Amy Leland. Griff: Adam Scott. Joey: Blake Soper. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 5

Hometown Hero

Fri, Oct 27, 1995 30 mins

Mr. Feeny smokes the truth out the Cory (Ben Savage), who"s acclaimed a hero for triggering a fire alarm that conserved his school. Janitor: Bob Larkin. Dr. Sorrell: Jim Jansen. Tommy: Michael Hanniff.

Episode 6

This tiny Piggy

Fri, Nov 3, 1995 30 mins

Cory is caught in the center when Topanga takes problem with Shawn end his brand-new pet pig. Victor: Richard Karn. Turner: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Amy: Betsy Randle.

Episode 7

Truth and Consequences

Fri, Nov 10, 1995 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) and Shawn (Rider Strong) soil Janitor Bud"s reputation as soon as they do a video clip report ~ above time-clock fraud. Bob Larkin. Monique: Kathy Trageser. Eli: Alex Desert. Topanga: daniel Fishel.

Episode 8

Rave On

Fri, Nov 17, 1995 30 mins

Cory convinces Eric to give up plans for a wild party in favor of one anniversary celebration for their parents. The Monkees" Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones and also Peter Tork appear as Gordy, Reginald and also Jedidiah.

Episode 9

Last Temptation of Cory

Fri, Dec 1, 1995 30 mins

if Topanga is sick, Cory becomes the object of an additional girl"s affections. Missy: Elisabeth Harnois. Trini: Brittany Murphy. Libby: lindsay McKeon.

Episode 10

Train the Fools

Fri, Dec 15, 1995 30 mins

Cory, Topanga and Shawn companion Eric and also the version he"s dating (Angela Visser) on a subway ride into town on brand-new Year"s Eve. Janine: Wendy Pitts. Valerie: Brooke Theiss Genesse. T.J.: Wesley Jonathan. Lynn: Dawn Maxey. Shawn: rider Strong. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 11

City Slackers

Fri, january 5, 1996 30 mins

Cory and Shawn sneak off to Mr. Feeny"s hill cabin; Eric and Frankie (Ethan Suplee) communicate in a marathon billiards match. Cory: Ben Savage. Ranger: trojan Evans. Bianca: Julie Benz. Mr. Feeny: william Daniels.

Episode 12

Grass Is always Greener

Fri, jan 12, 1996 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) goes to one more school"s party and is mistaken for his studly friend, Shawn---an error he stops working to correct. Hilary: Mena Suvari. Brent: Aeryk Egan. Dr. Sorrel: Jim Jansen. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 13

New Friends and also Old

Fri, jan 19, 1996 30 mins

Cory and Shawn befriend the school bully to dodge a beating, and discover the association bring them instant notoriety. Melanie: Eliza Coyle. Robert: Adam Wylie. Cory: Ben Savage. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 14

A Kiss Is more than a Kiss

Fri, january 26, 1996 30 mins

Cory reenters the dating world, yet can"t carry himself to kiss his day (Anndi McAfee) because he"s still pining for Topanga, who"s liven locking lips with another guy. Cory: Ben Savage. Shawn: driver Strong. Topanga: daniel Fishel.

Episode 15

Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Fri, Feb 2, 1996 30 mins

as soon as Shawn"s bad-boy image costs him a day with a "nice girl" (Larisa Oleynik), that tries to to convince her he deserve to be "boyfriend material." Sonja: Kimberly Scott. Pat: Brandon Maggart. Arthur: Danny Strong. Shawn: Rider solid

Episode 16

Stormy Weather

Fri, Feb 9, 1996 30 mins

Eric"s devotion come the TV station can mean a demotion in ~ school once his internship affect his grades and jeopardizes his opportunity of graduating. Susan: Rosalind Allen. Dana: Larisa Oleynik.

Episode 17

Pink Flamingo Kid

Fri, Feb 16, 1996 30 mins

when filming a family video for Shawn, Cory captures some criminal red-handed and also wants to enter a TV-news contest, yet Shawn objects and destroys the tape. Uncle Mike: Herschel Sparber. Eddie: Maury Sterling.

Episode 18

Life Lessons

Fri, Feb 23, 1996 30 mins

once Mr. Feeny refuses to review his onerous test schedule, some malcontents retaliate through vandalizing his house. Meanwhile, Eric dates an older mrs (Lisa Akey). Denny: Ian Bohen. Kyle: Patrick Renna. Mr. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels.

Episode 19

I was a Teenage Spy

Fri, Apr 26, 1996 30 mins

Cory it s okay a shock as soon as he"s transported ago to the 1950s, whereby his understanding of Russian experiments it s okay him mistaken because that a spy. Anson Williams and Tom Bosley ("Happy Days") have cameos. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 20

I never ever Sang for My legal Guardian

Fri, might 3, 1996 30 mins

Jonathan decides he"s all set to become Shawn"s guardian, however Shawn would quite be through his father (Blake Clark). Jeff: Bobby Jacoby. Louanne: Bobbie Phillips. Jonathan: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Shawn: driver Strong.

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Episode 21

Happiest present on Earth

Fri, might 10, 1996 30 mins

Cory tries to woo Topanga by adhering to her come Walt Disney World, however when that arrives, she thinks he"s after another girl (Hillary Tuck). Dana: Staci Keanan. Ronnie: Andrew Keegan. Topanga: daniel Fishel.

Episode 22


Fri, may 17, 1996 30 mins

Cory dreads his comes vacation as soon as he realizes his friends will be away for the summer, and Eric will certainly be away at college---for good. Eric: will Friedle. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Shawn: driver Strong. Cory: Ben Savage.