Brazilian butt Lift at Jolie Plastic surgical treatment in Miami

Want a smaller sized waist and rounder behind? The trusted surgeons at Jolie Plastic surgical treatment in Miami have the right to make it happen as safely and comfortably as possible with the renowned Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian butt lift procedure, additionally known as a “BBL surgery,” is a butt augmentation procedure that entails liposuction of fat that is redistributed to the buttocks. The BBL surgery to reduce the dimension of the patient’s waist and also other problem locations while boosting the buttocks to achieve a voluptuous appearance. The surgeons at Jolie Plastic surgical treatment in Miami space board-certified and also experienced in cosmetics surgeries of all kinds, specifically the BBL. Due to the fact that it is among our most famous procedures, we have actually treated patients of every genders, ages, and body species and answered nearly any inquiry you have the right to think of.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian target lift is a operation procedure that:

Augments and enhances the buttocks v liposuction and also fat transport Modifies the form of the buttocks, typically for a rounder appearance creates an overall much more youthful and proportionate figure improves the figure of scars and also cellulite once the area is filled v fat

This procedure requires fat elimination from numerous body areas such together the hips, abdomen, back, and thighs v liposuction. Our Brazilian target lift medical professionals remove the fat cells, purify the tissues, and also then re-inject only the ideal cells into the subcutaneous space (space in ~ the skin) of the buttocks.

Jolie Plastic Surgery adheres to the lawful traditional of care for gluteal fat grafting. Therefore, fat is only injected into the subcutaneous an are and never into the intramuscular or submuscular regions (layers in ~ or beneath the muscle). We stay as much away native the gluteal veins and also sciatic nerve as feasible and just graft fat into the superficial planes because that the safety and security of our patients.

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A qualified specialist administers basic anesthesia beforehand.

Surgery duration:

The BBL procedure takes 2 to 3 hours.

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Bruising and also soreness last 1-2 weeks swelling lasts 4-6 weeks fluid drainage indigenous lipo incisions lasts 1-2 days

Healing & Recovery

You deserve to walk progressively after 2-3 daysResume routine activities after 6-8 weeksNo biking, jogging, or to run for 6-8 weeksAvoid sitting or laying top top your ago for 2 monthsUse BBL pillow once sitting because that the first 2 monthsWear compression garment because that 1-3 month

Final results:

Takes 6-12 months to watch Permanent, so long as patience does not lose weight

BBL Procedure process at Jolie Plastic surgery

Initial Consultation: At your initial consultation, the physicians will properly evaluate if you room an sufficient candidate because that a Brazilian butt lift procedure. ~ the evaluation, castle will comment on what BBL method best suits her body composition. Together, you will certainly design and decide what your procedural results will be. Throughout your complying with pre-op appointment, her surgeon will also administer a list of medications and also items friend will require for her surgery.

Anesthesia: before your Brazilian target lift, a qualified specialist will administer general anesthesia.

Liposuction: during the liposuction phase, the surgeon will certainly make minimal incisions and extract just the the smallest fat particles making use of a small tool dubbed a cannula. The most effective fat grafts are composed of smaller sized fat particles. During this exact same step, the doctor starts the contour process to develop the desired figure.

Fat Injection: after ~ the liposuction, the fat cells room processed and purified with centrifugation (intensified spinning). The pure fat cells room separated and used because that reinjection right into the buttocks. Commonly, just ¼ that the fat cell are favored for reinjection. The Brazilian butt lift procedure have to only take it 2 to 3 hours, depending on the quantity of fat gift transferred.

Recovery and Results: ~ the procedure, patients are taken come our recovery room for a few hours and also then exit from the facility. Patients should arrive through a friend or family member come be pushed home and also cared because that at all times throughout the very first three work after surgery. If the patience does not have actually a girlfriend or household nearby, ours team at Jolie deserve to suggest post-operative care options to ensure her peace and also satisfaction in the end.

Fat Grafting come Buttocks Infographic


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Brazilian butt Lift Recovery

Patients will have actually bruising and also swelling after a Brazilian target lift. Initially following the surgery, they must refrain from quick movements, specifically bouncing. They may also an alert excess tumescent fluid draining native the incision points. The liquid may be tinged v blood, however rest assured, this is normal and should only last a couple of days. Many patients have the right to walk progressively 2 come 3 days after a BBL however are advised to wait one month prior to walking faster.

Recovering patients may resume routine activities after 6 come 8 weeks. However, they have to wait for the fat cell to stabilize before continuing an ext vigorous, fat-burning activities such together biking, jogging, or running. Applying pressure come the buttocks can damages the newly transplanted fat cells, so the is mandatory to usage a one-of-a-kind BBL pillow when sitting throughout the an initial eight weeks. Patients are also advised to sleep on your stomachs or sides. While that is compelled to undertake a donate compression garment during this time, we recommend wearing one v the behind end reduced out to stop killing the fat grafts before they solidify.

BBL results

even after the ede subsides, it have the right to take upwards of 6 months prior to you’ll view your last results. About 60-80% that the transferred fat cells must survive the recovery process as lengthy as you:

Avoid direct pressure come the buttocks-- e.g., sitting, laying ~ above your back Wear loose clothing and a rearless compression garment after surgery Maintain and not shed weight adhering to the procedureEat nutritious foods items to administer your body with vitamins and also minerals as it recovers

Brazilian target Lift Before and also After