In an effort to reclaim his investment, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) takes under an investment system company. In FOX’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 5, episode 16, titled “NutriBoom,” Jake spies ~ above a food supplement firm while his wife, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) starts on she career as the department’s brand-new sergeant.

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Will Jake and also Amy have actually their dream honeymoon? room ten thousands dollars sufficient to sue a pyramiding firm down? will certainly Amy regulate her “Amy?”

Hello, eight Boom!

When Jake fell into signing a contract with the company “NutriBoom,” there’s no backing down. All it took was a couple of strokes that a pen on a piece of paper, and also his ten grand investment is gone for good (not to point out the quarterly fees paid because that the subscription). Jake and his Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) head come the NutriBoom Headquarters come cancel your contract.

Upon arrival, Angela (Christine Garver), the receptionist that the building greeted them. She explains that every Jake necessary is to authorize the papers. However when Jake is about to sign, Angela adds that he needs to salary fine for the cancellation that the contract, shipping fees, autumn fees, and other fees the Jakes doesn’t desire to pay for.

Jake (being Jake) imagine a plan that could save him and his wallet. He and also Charles will go undercover. Back tricky, that is a sure method to get him his money back. Not just that, if he exposes the agency that it is a pyramiding scam, he gets to shut them down. To obtain the papers that castle needed, they have to be inside the headquarters. In an effort to recoup files, Jake and also Charles came to be undercover agents.

In a party because that the NutriBoom subscribers, Jake pretended to be a NutriBoom user, if Charles together a NutriBoom clerk. As soon as an audio-visual presentation got the guests’ attention, Jake and also Charles sneaked right into NutriBoom’s office. In there, they acquired the records of the sales and also other documents of the company. V it, Jake discovers the cover up NutriBoom walk a year ago.

It’s like Staring in ~ A Mirror

Meanwhile., ~ the long-awaited promotion, Amy begins as the brand-new sergeant that the department. On her an initial day, she gathers her squad for a meeting. Yet Amy’s anxious about it. To know an ext about how to operation a meeting, she asks terry (Terry Crews) because that help. Terry suggests that she pours a glass the water in between her sentences, for this reason she doesn’t get anxious around the whole set up.


In the meeting, she brings a pitcher and a glass. ~ greeting everyone, she poured her an initial glass. But when she paused, among her policemen make the efforts to suggest something. Gary Jennings (Drew Tarver) is one talkative policeman. Back he’s new in the team, he acts choose he’s someone confident to talk to anyone. He offers suggestions once Amy pours a glass that water.

Due to Amy’s anxiety, she continued to to water water right into her glass. Soon enough, the glass overflowed. In an effort to conserve the meeting, Amy tells everyone the the first task the the squad is to dry the floors.

Amy concerns where she friends are. Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) and Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) tells Amy what to do. Since she is dealing with “herself,” Rosa and also Gina imply doing points that castle would do to prevent her. Castle hide as rapid as lock could, and then they try to stop Amy prior to she might ask how Rosa and Gina disappeared there is no notice.

Amy tried to execute what Rosa and also Gina suggested. When Gary approached him, she would certainly veer far from him. Amy would certainly always shot to escape Gary. Even if it were impossible, she would certainly still do a means to be complimentary from Gary’s ideas. Yet when things got worse, she pertained to Captain James Holt (Andre Braugher).

Amy disclosed every little thing to Captain Holt. Once she finished, Captain Holt only argued one thing, and also that’s to listen. Amy realized that she never listened come Gary’s suggestion. Captain Holt added that it no a task to hear to “Amy.” It to be a satisfied to listen to “Amy.” Amy fixed a most things because that the department.

During the following meeting, Amy asked Gary for forgiveness. She admitted everything that she did to remain clear that Gary. She additionally tasked Gary to think the a setup for ideal filing in the office. Gary provided Amy 5 steps and also 23 substeps top top what they must do. However Amy asked Gary come share it with him ~ the meeting.

Goodbye, boom Boom!

Jake to be right around his speculations. The company NutriBoom is hiding something native them. Follow to the files, the agency did a cover-up in the previous year because that them to become free from the eyes of the law. Jake endangered NutriBoom co-owner Debbie Stovelman (Kate Butler) for their past evil deeds. Jake promised the he would go to the FBI come report the illegal act excellent by NutriBoom.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 5: episode 16: ‘NutriBoom’

Jake comes earlier to the office and greets Amy after she meeting. He wasn’t able come reclaim his money from the pyramiding scam. That course, he was sorry because they couldn’t go on a honeymoon. However, Amy assured him that every work is a honeymoon with her. Amy realizes that a paparazzi is throughout the street indigenous them while taking pictures. Jake tells Amy the something favor that would certainly be around them because that a while due to his feud through the multi-million company, NutriBoom.

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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” proceeds next Sunday, April 22nd, with “Gray Star Mutual” in ~ 8:30/7:30c ~ above FOX.