Brooklyn Nine-Nine hasn’t had much of one overarching storyline this season, however this episode continues the closest point Season 6 has to one — Holt’s ongoing, if offscreen, feud v Commissioner john Kelly.

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Kelly has actually invented a new app that permits people to speak to in advice from around the city, but since Kelly to be the one to implement it, Holt’s vehemently versus it. The becomes a problem when the application has a tip vital to a situation Jake and also Boyle have actually been tasked through solving… and also getting to the bottom of things can mean bringing ago some old enemies. Meanwhile, the Nine-Nine’s spending plan problems have created a catastrophe because that Terry.


The psychic of a Sicko

The main story this illustration revolves around Jake and Boyle’s investigation of a serial killer. Commissioner Kelly, Holt says, is breathing under his neck and also he requirements the instance handled. Jake convinces him the he and also Boyle can be major when require be, and they’re offered the case.

As castle investigate, Kelly uses his friendly-threatening manner come put pressure on Jake, Boyle and Holt and also he says his app might deal with the crime faster. V their work potentially ~ above the line, Jake says to obtain into the mind of a sicko, they need to talk to an additional sicko — and thus, they walk to talk to Jake’s old jail cellmate, Caleb. Later, Commissioner Kelly stops by the precinct and also says his app gave that a great tip that would help them deal with the case, and that details aligns with what they learned from Caleb.

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The pair monitor that information to one apartment building, wherein Holt corners them and also orders them come tell him around the tip. He’s skeptical, yet as it transforms out, Kelly was right and also they uncover the killer’s death room… though the perp it s okay away. “Should us throw the a parade?” Holt asks around Kelly, sarcastically. “Yeah!” Jake exclaims. “Maybe!”



In the consequences of losing the perp, Holt admits he to be wrong to take the end his pettiness about the application on Jake and also Boyle. Castle go earlier to Caleb for an ext clues, and with his help, they establish they’re not looking for a serial killer — they’re trying to find someone that stole the hearts because that a transplant.

This leads them to the Renaldi crime family, and also thus, they resolve the case: the head the the family members did it. They satisfy with Kelly, and also grudgingly, Holt admits they couldn’t have done it without the app. Things go sideways fast when they realize Kelly’s assistant was the one who referred to as the reminder in to the app… and Kelly assignment him to lock all the doors, so nobody can acquire in or out.

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Kelly’s Police State

Jake, Boyle and Holt figure out Kelly’s making use of illegal wiretaps to acquire his information and also invented the app to cover the up. Kelly admits to using a “stingray” device that supplies people’s location, texts, voicemails, etc. Of course, the trio desires to come forward v the information, but Kelly has proof that Holt would do anything to get him out of office. As such, he can’t come front without losing his job.

As the illustration ends, Jake walk to check out a despondent Holt and also tells the as lengthy as they can prove the stingray device exists, they have the right to still get Kelly out of office. Holt’s perplexed at first, and he asks how they deserve to do that — and also who they have the right to use for the job, that isn’t already loyal to Kelly. “These guys aren’t faithful to anyone,” Jake says… and also out to walk CJ, The Vulture and also Madeline Wuntsch.


Broadway Brian

Meanwhile, terry finds out he’s going to be moved to Staten Island due to the fact that the Nine-Nine no have enough money for his raise once he i do not care a lieutenant. He is none too pleased around being transferred out the the city, and he tries to uncover ways to cut corners at the Nine-Nine to save enough to store him in ~ the precinct.

Amy says there’s only one way to get sufficient money for Terry’s salary: they need to fire someone. They can’t carry out that, but they can “inspire someone to quit,” i beg your pardon lands them on Broadway Brian. Broadway Brian is always singing, and also they justify gaining him the end of the office by saying he deserve to follow his dreams. Terrycloth convinces Broadway Brian to quit, and also as the belts out a song, he claims he fan it every to Terry.

Unfortunately, Terry’s too type to let Brian go through with it once he realizes Brian has little kids, hardly any kind of savings and also a damaging singing voice. Because that the moment, it appears he’ll be moved from the Nine-Nine… unless the team can figure out another method to keep him around.

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