What is buccal fat?

Buccal (pronounced buh-kl, choose “buckle”) fat is a pad of common fat that sits within your reduced cheeks. It help to cushion the chewing muscles and also is part of a bigger collection the fat that extends all the means up to your temple. In part people, the buccal fat can be overgrown and also lead to extreme fullness in the reduced face.

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What is buccal fat removed or reduction?

Buccal fat removal, or an ext appropriately reduction, is a simple, in-office operation procedure performed to decrease fullness in the reduced cheeks. The procedure is normally performed through a small incision on the inside of her cheek and takes just minutes to complete. Discomfort is minimal and recovery is straightforward.

We’re together thrilled v our patients’ outcomes as castle are. Inspect out our before-and-after photograph gallery and also see for you yourself the type of work-related our talented surgeons do.

What are the benefits of buccal fat reduction?

Overgrown buccal fat will cause excessive fullness in the reduced cheeks which leader to a “rounder” facial appearance. It additionally decreases the amount of cheek “highlight” current over her cheekbones. By to reduce the amount of buccal fat, we have the right to slim her lower face to create more an interpretation and contour, i m sorry is frequently desirable.

What room the threats of buccal fat reduction?

The most worrying risk the buccal fat reduction is removing as well much. As we age, the buccal fat pad have the right to atrophy and also shrink over time. If friend are fairly young, the is an essential that the procedure it is in conservative to enable for a organic appearance once you’re older. Otherwise, her cheeks will show up deflated. Patient choice is an essential to ensure that the procedure is just performed on an excellent candidates who have actually naturally large amounts the buccal fat.

Is anesthesia required?

If buccal fat palliation is the only procedure friend are having actually performed climate it can easily be done under simply local anesthesia, much like a dentist operation. However, if the buccal fat reduction is being linked with added procedures that call for deeper anesthesia, climate it would merely be contained in the as whole plan.

What is the buccal fat palliation procedure like?

The procedure starts with skin markings ~ above your reduced cheeks based upon the surgical setup you architecture with your surgeon. Next, numbing medication is injected right into the inside of your cheeks lot like a dental procedure. When ready, a small incision is do on the within of your cheek close to your upper molar teeth. The buccal fat pad is tenderness teased out and trimmed utilizing a cautery device. The incision is closed through sutures that dissolve on their very own over 1-2 weeks.

How lengthy does buccal fat reduction last?

The results of buccal fat reduction space permanent; however, your as whole face will proceed to mature and also may readjust with weight fluctuations.

What is affiliated with recovery after buccal fat removal?

After your surgery, your cheeks will be sore, and you’ll have actually some swelling. Due to the fact that of her mouth incisions you’ll need to be ~ above a soft diet and use the noted mouth rinse to reduce your hazard of infection. You will swish this about your mouth after every meal. The goal is to prevent any fine particles of food from obtaining stuck in her incisions.

You will have actually swelling, but if you diligently usage ice package or cold compresses because that the an initial two days, friend can significantly lower her swelling. This no an overly painful recovery, and also your incisions will certainly heal quickly. Patients can resume their normal tasks the next day.

How need to I sleep after having buccal fat removal?

After having actually buccal fat pad removal at West End, you’ll have to sleep ~ above your back with your head elevated. This no an pure requirement, together it is with nose surgery or a facelift, for instance, yet doing so substantially helps rate your recovery.

Will i be awake during the buccal fat removal procedure? 

If we space performing buccal fat pad removed by itself, we can easily perform this procedure v the patient under only regional anesthesia. If you’ve choose to have actually buccal fat removal merged with added procedures, we might recommend general/sleep anesthesia.

When will I see results after this surgery?

After this surgery, you’ll likely have actually some swelling. Bruising is unusual, however. You’ll view an immediate distinction in her cheeks, through a thinner, more contoured cheek area. There will certainly be a depression beneath the cheekbone and also the cheekbones will show up higher. Swelling have the right to last increase to 3 weeks, but then you’ll start to view your final results. Swelling can linger in some patients, however.

Am ns a good candidate for buccal fat reduction?

If girlfriend feel her lower face is also round or full, compared to the rest of your confront or body, then you can be a an excellent candidate because that buccal fat reduction. It have the right to also help to carry out greater contour in her cheekbones. Patients who do well with this procedure frequently say they thrived up v “chipmunk cheeks” that never ever seemed to walk away. If you room curious to view if this is appropriate for you, we would certainly be happy to watch you because that a consultation!

How long does buccal fat reduction surgery take? 

These measures are no overly involved. They take in between 30 and 60 minute for most patients.

What are the risks associated with buccal fat removal? 

These are an easy procedures where our West finish board-certified plastic surgeons enter through an scratch made in ~ the mouth, situate the buccal pads and remove them. Swelling only last a pair weeks. Over there isn’t any type of visible scarring. Most world can get earlier to their normal tasks the following day. These room safe and also low-risk minor surgeries. 

Though no technically a “risk,” at West end Plastic surgery we advise our patients considering buccal fat removal to consider the permanent results. Defined cheek hollows and less fat will look good on a younger patience today, yet consideration needs to be offered to exactly how it will look together that same human ages. The organic aging procedure causes fat ns in the face, and also this decrease increases with every happen decade. That’s why this procedure is not advised for anyone over the age of 50.

So, if you have a fairly thin or angular confront now, in ~ a younger age, buccal fat pad removal may leave you looking gaunt, worn, or older than you room in the comes decades.

Will I be able to eat typically after having actually buccal fat removal?

Watching what friend eat is vital after these surgeries to defend your incisions. You should avoid sharp, good granular foods. Tortilla chips room a no-no, as would certainly be rice or couscous. Smooth foodstuffs such as smoothies and also mashed potatoes are the way to go for about one week.

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You’ll additionally use a unique mouthwash to avoid infection. 

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