In this learning activity you'll research the structure of the cell membrane and also construct it using the correct molecules.

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In this interactive and also animated object, learner classify a variety of diagnoses by shooting a football ball right into goals significant "Medical" and "Nursing."

In this interactive discovering object, students see a simple wheelchair and identify its components in a click and also drag exercise.

In this animated object, learners view molecules together they collide and move in between two different solutions. They also observe what happens as soon as the temperature that the solutions is increased or lowered.

In this man activity, learners study nanotechnology applications the are based upon cell membrane structure and also function.

Viewers clock an introduction to monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. The procedures for dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis.

In this video clip you'll study the structure of the cabinet membrane and also construct it utilizing the correct molecules.

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This interactive is NOT functioning well.

#1 i can't drag any kind of of the state to its graphic.

#5 Can't traction fibrous protein to location in the membrane

Can not pursue Question #5


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This interactive is no working. I offered it previously this week and it was fine. Also, i downloaded it and also it works fine as a download, however I would favor my students to access this via the internet. Is there someone why can take a look at it. It seems choose the start switch may just be spanned up.

We space not may be to see this interactive.

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Your interactive just works increase to page 4 then shuts down. Is there a fix??? i really reap this interactive and use it v my college student in biological class?

what form of molecule can quickly go through your cabinet membrane or space PERMEABLE to the cabinet membrane

As ns go v the interaction component, I can view several of the pictures to select, but not all. It appears to be only the glycoprotein that is visible.

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Excellent work. My fourth grader is studing cells in school and also this will be a good learning device for her and it was funny also. We need an ext people prefer you that care.

I favor the graphic which have actually been used in it and it is complete or information. Ns would suggest every one come try.

At very first I was very nervous around using a website come learn about the cell membrane. Ns was very scared and didnt desire to use it. Like countless of you, i didnt desire to get false information. But my teacher strong recommended this website to me. Ever since, I usage it day-to-day for study purposes. I recently gained a hundred on my test! give thanks to you guys for changing me from a website fearing young to a website making use of man! ns will use you in the future! ns hope come learn around subatomic particles in the future!

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