What Is A Revision Rhinoplasty?

10-15 percent of nasal reshaping surgeries will certainly eventually require a revision. This procedure is known as a revision rhinoplasty. A patient might desire or require a revision rhinoplasty bereason they have actually had difficulty healing, as the outcome of unplanned anatomical complications encountered in the time of surgical treatment, or simply bereason they are dissatisfied via the outcomes of their previous rhinoplasty.

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This write-up will briefly comment on the the majority of prevalent reasons patients have actually a revision rhinoplasty: their previous rhinoplasty has produced an undesirable readjust in appearances such as a hump or depression on the bridge of the nose, an asymmetrical pointer, a twisted nose, wide nostrils, or a broad middle third of the nose; or their previous rhinoplasty produced or unextended a useful trouble that need to be corrected, prefer a deviated nasal septum or collapsed nasal valve. The doctor can often perform the revision rhinoplasty through the nostrils with a closed rhinoplasty (minimal scarring), although sometimes an open rhinoplasty is forced for even more complicated corrections.

Indications For A 2nd Rhinoplasty

Tbelow are several various conditions for which a revision rhinoplasty may be an proper therapy option:


Nasal Bones and Cartilage

A Hump On The Nose

After a rhinoplasty, the nasal bones will sometimes create a bump. This can be an outcome of inadequate removal, a slight collapse of the connected septal cartilage after removal, or growth developing after surgical treatment. Humps are treatable by rerelocating the bone and also cartilage extending from the bridge of the nose. The medical professional may must lug the nasal bones together to redevelop the natural form of the nose.


Hump Removal, Before and also After (actual patient)

Tip Asymmetry

The nose pointer is mainly soft tworry and also cartilage, which will certainly heal and adjust in form for many type of years after surgical procedure and also as the patient periods. The medical professional deserve to correct a bulbous or irconsistent pointer with conservative removal of the peak edge of the reduced lateral cartilage, and also by bringing the left and also best lower lateral cartilages together.


Asymmetrical Tip, Before and also After (actual patient)

Twisted Nose

A nasal bone fracture might make the nose show up twisted. A deviated septum might readjust the external shape of the nose. Correcting the deviated septum or an osteotomy of the nasal bone can straighten a twisted nose.


Twisted Nose, Before and also After (actual patient)

Scar Tissue

With time, an operated nose might create too much svehicle tproblem. This excess scarring is normally an outcome of bad healing, surgical approach or grafting, or imappropriate follow-up treatment. The physician might need to carry out steroid injections or surgically rerelocate some sauto tconcern in order to reshape the nose.


Excess Sautomobile Tissue, Before and also After (actual patient; left photo is after one more exercise procedure; right photo after our correction)

Depressed Bridge of Nose (“Saddle Nose” or Ski-Jump”)

If as well much doramount cartilage or nasal bone has been removed, the nose might drop too much once viewed from the side. If the middle of the nose is depressed, it deserve to be elevated by building it up via cartilage or a fabricated graft.


Saddle Nose, Before and also After (actual patient)

Wide Nostrils

The nostrils have the right to be narrowed by rerelocating tiny wedges of skin at the nostril base. It is extremely straightforward to remove nostril tissue, but exceptionally difficult to add tworry to this location. Nostril narrowing need to therefore be done via caution. Nostril reduction (alar base reduction) is done at the end of surgical treatment, and can be done in the office if crucial.


Wide Nostrils, Before and After (actual patient)

Nasal Valve Collapse

Rhinoplasties are the major reason of nasal valve collapse. If the medical professional detaches the nose’s upper lateral cartilage when removing nasal bone, this will lead to an inner valve collapse and/or an ‘inverted-V deformity’. Removal of as well a lot lower lateral cartilage have the right to collapse the sides of the nose causing exterior valve collapse. Treatment of an external nasal valve collapse in mainly treated through an alar batten graft. The physician might usage grafts from ear or nasal septum cartilage to regain the stamina and symmeattempt of the nose.


Internal Valve Collapse, Before and After (actual patient)

Deviated Septum

A patient’s capacity to breathe may experience if the exterior of the nose is decreased without regard to an currently existing deviated nasal septum. A deviated septum itself have the right to adjust the external form of the nose. Deviated septum surgical procedure can be percreated in the time of a rhinoplasty procedure. Insurance will mainly pay for a deviated septum repair.


Deviated Septum, Before and After (actual patient)

Rhinoplasty Augmentation

Occasionally, the usage of extra tissue is important to attain the patient’s desired outcomes. Often, the medical professional have the right to usage cartilage from the septum or non-structural location of the ear for this purpose.


Ear After Cartilage Removal for Graft (actual patient)

Rhinoplasty Health

The capability to breathe comfortably deserve to promote a far better night’s sleep and is an essential component of a healthy and balanced way of life. Dr. Bennett treats many patients referred by various other surgeons with facility breathing problems or whose previous surgical procedure uncovered or produced breathing pertains to. He is popular for his revision rhinoplasty strategy, which restores the patients’ ability to breathe and also boosts the nose’s appearance by rebuilding formerly removed cartilage or bone.

Your Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation

Dr. Bennett will individualize your revision rhinoplasty arrangement and also care. A minimum of fifty percent an hour is needed to totally understand also your expectations and also to gain a finish history and also evaluation of the inside and also external of your nose. Knowing what to mean will make the entire endure even more pleasant and rise your satisfactivity with the surgical results. Dr. Bennett will certainly talk about the cosmetic and practical expectations of your revision rhinoplasty in information to make sure all of your concerns are answered. Your photo will certainly be reregarded with you and also a projected computer picture will be displayed to you to make sure we are on the same web page.

Computer Imaging for Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Bennett uses the state-of-the-art United Imaging System (UIS) routine to show patients the potential outcomes of a revision rhinoplasty. Reviewing photographs of your nose from a number of various angles gives you the opportunity to say what you choose or disfavor around your nose, and what you would certainly choose to adjust. Computer imaging provides a secondary action where medical professional and also patient deserve to agree on a last goal for the procedure. Computer imaging is not a guarantee of outcome and also individual results may differ.


Computer Imagaing for Rhinoplasty: Before (left), Projected Results from UIS (center), Actual Results (right)

The Revision Rhinoplasty

Knowing what to intend will certainly make for a smoother and even more enjoyable experience. Dr. Bennett performs the revision rhinoplasty at Lenox Hill Hospital or at a state-of-the-art Upper East Side ambulatory facility.

You will certainly must arrive one hour before your procedure is scheduresulted in start.You will certainly sheight through the nurse and also anesthesiologist about your clinical history and what to mean in the time of the procedure.Dr. Bennett will certainly talk about your therapy and also objectives prior to you get any type of drugs. You will certainly then obtain some medication to relax you, followed many times by a general anesthetic.Dr. Bennett will come to sheight via you aacquire after you have actually awakened from the procedure. He will have actually currently spoken to the perboy taking you residence.You are provided the provides essential to take treatment of your healing nose. You will certainly leave the ambulatory center via your chaperone about an hour after surgical procedure.

Dr. Bennett’s techniques minimize the recoexceptionally period and allow the majority of patients to return to a normal regime the week after surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty Techniques

Dr. Bennett employs both the progressed closed (endonasal) and open up (external) surgical approaches to sculpt an attrenergetic and natural-looking nose via minimal incisions and rapid recoexceptionally time. Many regularly no excisions are required on the external of the nose. When perdeveloping a revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Bennett emphasizes preservation or redevelopment of nasal breapoint and structural support. A natural-looking nose is additionally incredibly important. These ideas are the basis for a great irreversible outcome.


The Week After Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Bennett areas a tiny plastic splint over the healing nose for protection (he rarely finds it essential to pack the nose).It is normal to have actually a mild headache for a day or 2. You will be provided some prescription pain medication, although most patients take just a couple of doses and then switch to Tylenol.You need to store a dressing under the nostrils to prevent sniffling as soon as you have any nasal discharge.You will more than likely feel the majority of congestion, although some people have the right to breathe incredibly well automatically after surgical procedure.You might have bruising and also swelling about the nose and also eyes. This will certainly begin to fix within a couple of days. Many swelling will go down after a pair of weeks, yet changes in the nose have the right to continue for a year or even more.Avoid strenuous exercise for three weeks.Avoid wearing glasses for 6 weeks (If your nasal bones were broken throughout surgery).

You will return to the office one week after surgical treatment to have the bandage rerelocated and then rerotate as necessary to have the nose checked.

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To watch the outcomes of some of Dr. Bennett’s revision rhinoplasty measures, please visit the photo gallery.