The Call that Duty franchise is a an extremely successful one, and also with limitless Warfare being released so late last year, there have been some complaints of numerous error codes. Particularly, the one that reads POLANA, i beg your pardon is the game’s way of telling you that the game will restart as result of an upgrade failure, has been frustrating plenty of gamers roughly the world.

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Error Code: POLANA is pure cancer
I_Johto_I) December 14, 2016

I understand that addressing an error code choose this deserve to seem favor a complicated and intimidating task, but you’ll actually uncover that the is quite easy come fix. In fact, you many likely have all the understanding and an abilities you must correct it. You simply need to know exactly how to apply these an abilities and that’s wherein I come in. In this article, I will certainly be teaching you exactly how to appropriately fix this annoying error password that has been plaguing customers of this game due to the fact that it was very first released. So, if you’d like to learn just how to resolve it, you’ve involved right place.

Overview of call of Duty boundless Warfare


2. Re-install the Game

If this an easy restarting step doesn’t carry out the project for solving this error, then you will most likely have to go one step further, and that is completely deleting the video game from your console and then re-installing it.

This is done a tiny bit in different ways on each system, but it is a basic duty that every gamer must be familiar with and know exactly how to do. Delete the game and then merely re-download it. That’s it. I know that this can be a frustrating solution for those of girlfriend who desire to play this game right away, together this process will most most likely take several hours to complete. However, it might be necessary if the first technique doesn’t work.


Call of Duty boundless Warfare is the newest in this series and it is definitely not immune indigenous glitches. This specific error password perfectly illustrates that point, as it to be one that has actually driven human being crazy because the game was very first released.

After reading roughly in part gaming forums and also blogs, it appears that a bulk of the cases of civilization getting this error to be from the first pair weeks of the video game being released. The isn’t unexplained with major games choose this gift released, as I psychic the precise same thing occurred with Madden 17. This error password was really prevalent in the game’s an initial weeks, however now it seems choose they have gotten it down to a minimum.

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Still, you still may gain error code POLANA every now and also again while playing Call the Duty infinite Warfare. That’s why it’s necessary to know just how to do these steps simply in situation it happens and you’ll be able to fix it conveniently without having actually to look at it increase online. Besides simply this error, there room much an ext that you might get. Because that a majority of these, the very same solution approaches that I offered you will certainly work, so try those in ~ first, and if not, look around for other solutions. Additionally consider coming back here, together we have whole section top top Xbox errors.