I median what space the rules because that calling a specific component of someone and saying "I am shooting the guy in the hand/eye/dick/butthole/some other specific part of the person's anatomy"?

I have actually looked and also Googled and also browsed mine books and also I can't number out wherein it is. Any help appreciated.

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EDIT: many thanks everyone for the input. Lot appreciated. :D


There aren't any particular targeting rules in 3.5 WotC materials. Most human being think that any added utility native calling shots is rendered useless since of the added an obstacle in determining things prefer individual armor for locations, remembering all the individual penalties because that injuries that can accrue throughout a long fight, or verisimilitude concerns with specific targeting and also hp abstraction. It's similar to why dealing with doesn't exist. Fifty percent the time football player can't also remember their attack bonuses so anything that bogs under combat even more usually isn't precious it.

You're steady in houserule territory, but lots of world have placed lots of initiative into making dubbed shot rules so pick one girlfriend like and go through it.

facing does exist together a different in discovered arcana, but i haven't viewed much about damage to specific parts of the body

I constantly house rule it based upon the dimension of the target. An eye is harder to hit then a face, etc. Together a generality I start at -2 (specific eight or leg) and also go down.

In 2e this to be indeed referred to as a "Called Shot" and it to be -4 to hit. The was no a feat, it was just a combat action.

It's suspect that once your attacking the you're aiming for the weak spots. So over there is no need for a called shot. Friend can define the hit therefore but over there isn't a certain action that need to be taken. :3

I assume that once you're attacking a creature, you're aiming at the easiest part of them you can hit while still dealing damage, be the their chest, arms—whatever is exposed at the time. Aiming somewhere else would shed you some of your strike bonus.

I had a player when ask if he can aim in ~ a creature's hands so the it would drop that is weapon. I told him the if he wanted to do referred to as shots, my monsters would likewise use called shots. It turned the end that that did not, in fact, desire to do called shots.

I provided this in my d20 contemporary campaign. Yes sir some advantageous rules for hit areas you can use in a fantasy campaign.


The publication Torn Asunder through Bastion Press has actually rules because that it, and also I think /overall/ they're quite good. I would say don't stroked nerves subtracting armor bonuse relying on where the hit is, just assume the target is quiet trying to skinny his armor into the attack anyway. The remainder is good. But your players will get really mad if a goblins crits them because that 2 damage, yet their throat is still sliced and they dice in 2 rounds from the (that was no a referred to as shot, just a crit, though).

We usually treat it as a called shot and also depending on the body part, rise the base AC for hitting the part. If that is a an essential body part (like neck or head), and the player deals a significant amount of damage with their dubbed shot, the enemy is killed outright. Because that example, if I desire to shoot an arrow at someone's throat and also normally my adversary has one AC that 14, we rise it to say 19 or 20. Let's to speak the adversary has 40 hp. One enemy's throat more than likely doesn't have much more then 5-7 hp, for this reason if the player hits, they deserve to kill this foe in 1 blow.

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