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In our house, pizza is a favorite Friday night meal for ours family. It’s fairly cheap, exceptionally convenient, and requires very tiny cleanup. Ns really don’t also need to point out the best part about pizza, which is the it’s just delicious.

While takeout pizza shouldn’t require any type of heating in the oven, the exact same can’t be said for store-bought pizza. If we generally opt for take out, pizza purchased in ~ the store usually expenses less and also is just so basic to whip up on a lazy evening.

As you’ve most likely noticed, store-bought pizza practically always come on a piece of cardboard. Many people, including us, use this cardboard to assistance the pizza together we placed it in the oven, and also some also use that to take it out and also support the pizza while cut it.

Surprising, others leaving their pizza appropriate on the cardboard while it bakes in the oven. Is this safe, and is it in reality recommended? In this article, let’s find out whether or not you need to bake her pizza ~ above cardboard in the oven.

Is It safe to put Cardboard in the Oven?

While their space many cases of doing so, that is no safe to placed cardboard in the oven. Cardboard is combustible, for this reason it have the right to potentially record fire when heated to high temperature for prolonged periods the time.

So, if cardboard shouldn’t be put in the oven, why are there for this reason many cases of human being safely act it without issue? Well, there’s one an excellent reason for this.

If you happen to put your pizza in the oven directly on a piece of cardboard, it’s not going to be in direct call with a heating element. Together the temperature rises in the oven, so does the threat for ignition.

However, it’s not going to record fire as quickly as putting a piece of cardboard on an open flame.

Just save in mind the for all the claims of world safely placing cardboard in the oven, you’ll find their counterparts that had a kitchen full of smoke and a few that even started a fire.

Again, when it can have turned out it s okay for part people, that is no recommended to put cardboard in your oven.

Even if it was safe from a fire-safety standpoint, there’s another allude to consider. Many cardboard bases the ship v store-bought pizzas have an anti-grease class on the top.

This class is bound to contain some chemicals that you’re no going to desire to have actually leaching right into your pizza as soon as it’s heated.

What Is the function of the Cardboard base in Pizza Packaging?


If the cardboard that comes through a store-bought pizza isn’t safe to put in the oven, what’s the purpose? This one is quite easy. It’s all about support.

When a pizza is shipped to the store, then purchased and brought house by you, it’s most likely to obtain jostled around and also experience part temperature fluctuations. The cardboard base simply helps to store the crust and also ingredients in place during its trip.

Once you get the pizza home, you can find it useful for supporting your pizza together you slide it right into the range or onto a food preparation surface, such together a pizza stone.

Many civilization find yet one more use for the cardboard by pulling the pizza the end of the cooktop with it, then making use of it together a base to assistance a pizza cutter while cutting slices together well.

What to use for Baking in the Oven rather of Cardboard


While we’ve identified that it’s not a good idea to bake your pizza straight on the cardboard base the it come with, there space some far better options come consider.

1 – straight on the Rack

An option that’s frequently recommended ~ above the pizza packaging itself is to just bake her pizza straight on stove rack. By baking your pizza on an oven rack, you’re allowing for much better heating from the bottom, i m sorry should result in a crispier crust.

The main drawback through baking straight on the cooktop rack is that you’ll likely finish up with some grease and also possibly also some toppings fall off right into your oven.

2 – top top a Pizza Stone

As the surname implies, a pizza rock provides suitable surface because that baking pizzas. Pizza stones are typically made that ceramic or rock and are recognized for offering an also heating surface and also usually produce pizzas v a crispy crust.

The crispy crust is a an outcome of the porous surface of the baking stone, which help to eliminate some of the humidity from the bottom that the pizza dough.

3 – top top a Pizza Pan

Another solid choice for baking a pizza is to use a pizza pan. There room several styles of pans that are thought about pizza pans, and each has different benefits and also drawbacks. Most, however not all, pizza pans space round, which is ideal for a common store-bought pizza.

If you acquire a pizza pan with a perforated bottom plate, her pizza crust should come out crispier, together it will certainly get an ext direct heating from the bottom of the oven.

The perforated bottom also permits your pizza come bake more quickly, yet does enable for part grease to perhaps drip through, like as soon as baking directly on the stove rack.

4 – on a Cookie Sheet

If you don’t desire to spend the money ~ above a pizza stone or pizza pan, girlfriend likely have something that will certainly provide comparable results, and that’s a cookie sheet. A cookie sheet provides a nice flat base for her pizza and should produce similar results to a pizza pan.

Just be mindful that you most likely won’t obtain quite as crispy that a crust with a cookie sheet as you would through a pizza rock or pizza pan.

5 – top top Aluminum Foil

As I discussed in another article, there are some potential safety pertains to to think about when cooking with aluminum foil. However, for many of us, silver paper provides straightforward and readily available option to usage in ar of the other methods stated above.

One of the biggest benefits of making use of aluminum silver paper is the you don’t need to clean it. After you’re done, merely crumple it up and throw it away.

Foil walk come through a downside though, which is that it doesn’t provide much support, especially when it come time to slice the pizza after ~ it’s done.

How come Reheat Pizza Without using the Cardboard


If your factor for wanting to heat your pizza appropriate on the cardboard in your oven is the you desire to warm up your leftovers from critical night, there are much better ways to gain the task done. Let’s take a look at just a few of these choices below.

1 – In the Oven

If you have the time, one of the finest methods because that reheating pizza is to put it earlier in the range (using any kind of of the methods pointed out above). The vital to reheating pizza in the oven is to preheat that first, together this will assist to develop a crispier crust.

When reheating in the oven, you have the right to experiment v temperatures indigenous 350 – 425 F v a baking time of around 5 minutes.

2 – ~ above the Grill

If the weather is suitable (or you’re among those people that likes to grill in the winter), a fun way to reheat your pizza is to put it top top the grill. The same simple steps need to be adhered to as mentioned over when reheating in her oven. The results must be comparable as well.

3 – In a Toaster Oven

If you don’t have actually an oven, or simply don’t desire to bother heating the one friend do have actually for one or 2 slices, a more convenient option is to reheat your pizza in a toaster oven.

Just prefer with the oven and grill reheating methods, simply preheat your toaster oven, then ar a part or two in there because that a couple of minutes, until the cheese begins to melt.

4 – ~ above the Stove

Another choice for reheating her pizza is to warmth it in a skillet on your stove. Once using this method, make sure to heat that skillet first. Also, make sure to covering the pan to keep the warm in. Just cook until the cheese start bubbling.

5 – In the Microwave

The microwave need to be a critical resort, yet you can’t deny its convenience. When microwaving pizza, the tardy will likely turn the end a little bit chewier than you’d like.

One straightforward trick to help with this is to placed a item of file towel underneath your pizza, which will assist to absorb several of the moisture. Also, make sure to lower the temperature the the microwave to between low and medium.

Your pizza need to turn the end fine, yet don’t expect results as good as the various other methods pointed out above.

Final Thoughts

Although it can be tempting (and also seem convenient) to usage your pizza crate to bake her pizza, it’s simply not for sure to put cardboard in the oven. In ~ temperatures over 400 F for lengthy periods, cardboard can potentially catch fire.

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Instead of baking or reheating your pizza on cardboard, opt because that a more secure alternative, such together a pizza stone or also baking straight on the range rack. No only deserve to you remainder assured the you won’t begin a fire, however your pizza is most likely to turn out much better as well.