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With the sharp and also salty flavor, blue cheese doesn’t get much love as other types of cheese prefer Mozzarella and goat cheese. However I know a lot of of world who evaluate it. Are you choose them?

If so, you can have to buy blue cheese only to realize that you can not use all of it because that a recipe the you are following. Or probably there to be leftover blue cheese after last night’s party. You could wonder: “Can i freeze blue cheese?” uncover out if the is the best method to keep this form of cheese in this article.

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What is blue cheese?
Can i freeze blue cheese?
How to frozen blue cheese?
How to thaw frozen blue cheese?
Other tips for storing blue cheese

What is blue cheese?


Blue Cheese, grape, slices of bread and a knife ~ above the chopping board

So what’s the best means to save blue cheese?

If you room looking to extend its shelf life because that months, then freezing is really the method to go. You can eat frozen blue cheese increase to six months indigenous the work you put it in the freezer.

Re-freezing blue cheese that has already been thawed isn’t recommended together well. The taste and also texture would certainly be affected when you are to put ago to the freezer blue cheese that has been frozen and thawed out.

But if girlfriend don’t need to extend the shelf life that blue cheese to months, climate you have the right to settle for refrigerating it.

Regardless that the kind of storage that you choose, you should avoid keeping blue cheese in ~ room temperature as it can hasten the spoilage.

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