Mosquitoes have the right to bite through any type of clothing it is thin and tight-fitting; however, the doesn’t median that thicker and also looser garments are fully impenetrable either. That’s why it’s crucial to have a protection plan that consists of the use of insect repellent and other mosquito prevention techniques to save those bites at bay.

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Clothing the Mosquitoes have the right to Bite Through

Mosquitoes have a functional tube-like mouthpart dubbed a proboscis that allows them come pierce through your skin, find your capillaries, and also suck your blood. While clothing can lessen her exposure to mosquitoes, they are not impenetrable. Below are the most common types of clothes that mosquitoes can bite through:

1. T-Shirts

Most t-shirts space made native natural, knit structure such together cotton and also linen, which make them an extremely soft and comfortable to wear. However, this fabrics are additionally sheer and also permeable, therefore mosquitoes can conveniently bite v them. Mosquito bites room also more likely if you’re wearing tight-fitting shirts because the fabric lays for this reason close to your skin.

An alternate is to wear shirts make from synthetic and woven fabrics favor nylon, polyester, and spandex. While this fabrics no as functional or breathable, they offer far better protection versus mosquitoes.

2. Yoga Pants and Leggings

Yoga pants and also leggings space made native stretchy artificial materials the hug your body and allow you to relocate freely. However, because they are thin and also tight, mosquitoes can quickly bite through them.

For much better protection versus mosquitoes, you could want to choose yoga trousers or leggings that have actually a wider fit or activewear make from more thickness material. If girlfriend still want to keep wearing her yoga pants or leggings, though, just make sure to utilize other mosquito prevention techniques such together insect repellents.

3. Denim Jeans

Though denim jeans room thicker 보다 yoga pants, it’s still possible for mosquitoes come bite with them. A mosquito’s proboscis is an extremely strong, therefore it can still pass through a tightly-woven cloth such together denim.

If you desire to make it harder for mosquitoes, choose loosened or large fit blue jeans over thin jeans and also other body-hugging styles. Also, make sure you’re wearing true denim material and also not jeggings, which space made from fabric similar to leggings. Various other considerations are size as full-length jeans offer an ext coverage 보다 cropped, and denim shade as a light wash will not attract mosquitoes as much as darker wash jeans.

4. Sweaters and also Jackets

Mosquitoes can additionally bite through sweaters because they’re do from knit fabrics that have large enough openings in between the threads. So, also if she wearing a thick and also heavy sweater, there’s still a opportunity that you could get a mosquito bite. 

On the other hand, mosquitoes will have a harder time biting with jackets. That’s because jackets space usually worn loosely and also made native thicker materials. Lighter jackets such together windbreakers can still market some protection versus mosquitoes because they space worn loose on the body.

5. Socks

Socks, even if it is they’re slim or thick, have a many of an are in between threads, so it’s straightforward for mosquitoes to bite with them. If she taking component in outdoor tasks such together hiking and also camping, nothing will beat the protection available by closed pair of shoes such as hiking boots and gaiters. Friend can additionally tuck in your pants into the boots or gaiters to stop mosquitoes from flying up your pants and biting your legs.

6. Hats

Even your head isn’t safeguarded from the wrath that mosquitoes. There’s tho a opportunity that mosquitoes will bite your scalp if you’re wearing hats make from woven fabric. For much more protection, you have the right to opt because that baseball-style caps and also other hats made v polyester. Meanwhile, if you’re camping, you might want to wear a hat through head netting so the you’re protected from both the sun and also mosquitoes.

7. Blankets 

If you’re wonder why you acquire mosquito bites if sleeping, that’s due to the fact that they have the right to bite with blankets together well. Similar to clothes, picking thicker blankets that use tightly-woven fabrics will certainly make the harder for mosquitoes come bite. However, mosquitoes will also find other means to get under her blanket. They’re attracted to the area due to the fact that your skin temperature will be warmer under the blanket. If your camping or sleeping in an area v a large mosquito population mosquito bed nets space a an excellent solution.

Go for Mosquito-Proof Clothing


It have the right to be rather tedious or even impossible come tailor your whole wardrobe based on whether mosquitoes have the right to bite through them or not. If you prefer not to deal with this hassle, you can invest in mosquito-proof clothing. In enhancement to netting clothing can be unique treated with chemicals the repel mosquitoes as well as other insects. Girlfriend should be able to find these online or at most popular outdoor stores.

Permethrin-treated Clothes

Permethrin is a chemical offered in insecticides to repel mosquitoes and also other insects. When sprayed onto clothing, permethrin will incapacitate or kill any insect the touches the surface. Because that humans, though, the permethrin-treated garments will be non-toxic and also odorless.

An necessary thing to note with this mosquito-proof clothes is that the chemical often tends to wear turn off after a certain variety of washes, depending on the manufacturer. You can always reapply making use of a permethrin apparel spray or other similar products obtainable in the market. Just keep in mind the permethrin is not intended to be directly used to the skin.

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Graphene Clothes

A brand-new study has discovered that clothes lined with an ultra-thin great of graphene deserve to prevent mosquito bites. Graphene’s impact is two-fold: one, it provides the fabric impenetrable to mosquitoes; and also two, it also blocks signals coming from sweat the signal to mosquitoes the blood is nearby. When graphene clothes have yet to role out top top a huge scale, it’s a viable option for those who desire mosquito-proof clothing that doesn’t usage chemicals.