Extra Gum ad Music – October, 2015 – Song and also singer details for Wrigley’s new Only Fools sirloin In ‘Story of buy it & Juan’ chewing gum commercial.

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Song Name: Can’t help Falling in Love.

Singer: Haley Reinhart.

Download the monitor from: iTunes and also Amazon.Starting off v the lyrics ‘Wise guys say just fools sirloin in’, this emotional and also romantic ad for Extra Gum attributes a new cover of the classic Elvis Presley love tune ‘Can’t help Falling in Love’.

This latest version is gift sung through the 25-year-old us songwriter and vocalist Haley Reinhart. The Illinois aboriginal is probably best known for finishing third in season 10 of American Idol, earlier in 2011.Reinhart’s debut album ‘Listen Up!’ got to number 17 in the charts.

Her cover of Can’t aid Falling in Love to be officially released because that download ~ above October 9, 2015:

More recently, Haley Reinhart has actually been performing with Scott Bradlee’s jazz/swing group Postmodern Jukebox, to sing on cover versions of such songs together Meghan Trainor’s ‘All around That Bass’, The White Stripes ‘Seven nation Army’, Britney Spears ‘Oops!… i Did that Again’, The Cardigans ‘Lovefool’ and Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.

The initial recording of Can’t aid Falling in Love to be made by Elvis in 1961 and also featured in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’. Since then the song has been spanned by many different artists, perhaps many notably in 1993 through the UK reggae tape UB40. There it was released under the slightly much longer title of ‘(I Can’t Help) fallout’s in Love v You’.

The over ‘Give Extra, obtain Extra’ commercial because that Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum debuted top top YouTube top top October 7, 2015 and has quickly started racking up the views. A follow-up come 2013’s ‘Origami’ film, this latest video is title ‘The Story of buy it & Juan’.

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The advertisement follows the development of a young couples love life, mirroring both the highs and lows. Transparent it every though, there’s one continuous both Sarah & Juan deserve to rely on. Friend guessed it, Wrigley’s Extra Gum.