Oat milk is a dairy product milk different that is versatile and also quickly coming to be a favorite of alternate milk drinkers. It’s perfectly creamy to add to your morning coffee and also contains natural sweetness that reduces the require for included sugar. Oat milk is a pleasantly palatable beverage that will certainly impress any regular milk drinker.

You can also use oat milk to replace other species of milk in cream-heavy products, such together dairy-free ice cream cream.

So deserve to you frozen oat milk? Yes, you have the right to freeze oat milk. However, it will certainly be a little bit grainy after that is thawed, so there space a few tips and also tricks that will help, such as straining thawed oat milk through a cheesecloth.

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Keep analysis to discover out the best means to frozen oat milk and also how come thaw it without affecting the texture too much. We’ll additionally answer some concerns that you may have after learning everything there is to know about freezing oat milk.

The complete Guide to freeze Oat Milk

Before we go into the freeze process, it’s important for you to know exactly how oat milk is do in order to understand why that freezes and also thaws the means it does.

First, we will comment on how oat milk is made and the finest uses for oat milk, then us will display you the step-by-step instructions to freezing and also thawing oat milk for this reason you can enjoy that anytime.

How Oat Milk is Made


In the carton:Place the entire carton in the freezer. If the oat milk has been unopened, it will last as much as 6 month in the freezer.In one airtight, freezer-safe bottle (like this on Amazon):Pour oat milk in a freezer-safe bottle, leaving at the very least 1 inch of space at the top. Liquid broadens as that freezes, therefore it’s very important to leave enough room in ~ the optimal so the glass doesn’t rest from the pressure. This will likewise last as much as 6 month in the freezer. Be sure to label the date of initial freezing. It’s no recommended to refreeze oat milk, therefore make certain you plan to use every little thing that you select to thaw ~ freezing.

And over there you have it! two easy ways to frozen oat milk.

So what carry out you do when you desire to use the oat milk? Keep analysis to uncover out the proper means to thaw oat milk so it retains most of its consistency and also flavor.

How to Thaw Oat Milk

Once you’re ready to use your oat milk, you deserve to thaw it in the refrigerator.

Oat milk should always remain chilled prior to use, therefore it’s crucial you allow enough time because that it to totally thaw in the refrigerator before you usage it. This means that you should not thaw the on the countertop prefer you would with some frozen food items.

Here’s exactly how to thaw oat milk:

In a carton:Take the oat milk carton indigenous the freezer and also place it in the refrigerator. leave the oat milk in the refrigerator for at the very least 8 hours or overnight to thaw fully. You can then use it together you would certainly normally. When oat milk is thawed, you have to consume it in ~ 10 days. In freezer-safe bottles:Again, place the bottle (or bottles) in the fridge and also leave it there for 8 hours. It’s best to thaw oat milk in the refrigerator overnight if you arrangement to use it in the morning. Consume within 10 days.

Remember the oat milk will be contempt grainy after ~ it has been frozen and thawed. Here room some tips to minimize the graininess of her thawed oat milk:

The finest idea to minimize the grainy structure is to restrain it making use of a cheesecloth or nut milk bag. This will get rid of those small granules that oats if you’re worried about it affecting the enjoyment of your oat milk.If you’re including thawed oat milk to cereal, us don’t really recommend restraining the oat milk since chances are, you won’t even an alert the grainy structure when you’re chomping away on your cereal, granola, or oatmeal that already has a grainy texture.

Freezing and thawing oat milk is a simple procedure that takes minimal effort and also is conveniently done right in the carton or by transferring into freezer-safe party that space perfect because that an individual serving.

Heating Oat Milk

Oat milk thickens as it heats. This is why it’s so great as an different to coffee creamer due to the fact that it offers a an in similar way creamy structure to her morning beverage.

However, this is not so an excellent in other recipes, such together soups and also stews. It’s finest to use other options that heat nicely, such as coconut milk.

Related Questions

We expect this short article has to be helpful. Review the section below to learn even an ext about oat milk.

How lengthy does oat milk last in the refrigerator?

Most store-bought oat milk have to be consumed within 10 days the opening, as lengthy as it has been chilled in the refrigerator. The “best by” date will generally be provided somewhere top top the carton.

Homemade oat milk only lasts 5 days in the fridge because it lacks the preventive that room usually added to store-bought oat milk products. Make sure to brand the date that girlfriend made your oat milk for this reason you recognize when you need to consume it by.

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Is oat milk as healthy as other oat products?

Even if you do oat milk in ~ home, the is still taken into consideration processed. The factor oat milk is a handle food is since it has actually been transformed from its original state: a whole oat grain.

Eating oats whole, specifically steel-cut oats, will offer you much much more fiber and added nutrients that space lost throughout the milking process.

That is not to say the oat milk isn’t healthy—it certainly is! but you do miss out on out on few of the benefits of totality oats.

If you want to usage oats in another way that keeps the fiber intact, friend can consider making oat flour to use in her baking recipes. Lucky for you, we’ve created an article all around ground oats.