Hi, ns don't really understand where to ask this however sorry if this was the dorn sub. Anyways i don't yes, really have access to rolling papers. Therefore is it ok to role up making use of dried bay leaves bought native a herb shop. Is the any more harmful/carcinogenic than common rolling papers?


Well, see as some dude literally acting a joint out of constant printer file and to be okay, i don't think bay leaves are outright toxic. The acting will most likely be incredibly harsh tho, so be prepared for that.

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Honestly, ns think your finest bet is to try and improvise a pipe the end of something.

Bucket bong is likewise a an excellent one, basic to craft, use and also dispose of, as long as friend don't mind cigarette smoking a lil bit of aluminum oxide dust.

Hits ya like a mf train tho.

Also, for what it's worth: if you say you have no accessibility to pipe or rojo papers, i assume you are a minor. If that is the case, as a clinical student it is my duty to strong advise against it. Smoking cigarettes weed from an early age is proven to rise the risk of arising schizophrenia and other psychological disorders later in life for part individuals.

Bay leaves room fine and also have been smoked transparent history. Commonly they will be really dry and brittle, so unless you have a way to make them much more flexible then you won't have the ability to roll v them. You have the right to use it together filler for joints, seasonings not bad.

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I use a small tape towards the bottom the the bay leaf joint to save it together. Yet the ice cream is top top top and also round the joint(not the ideal lmao but we gotta make do) therefore the acting doesn't communicate with the tape, i m sorry is make in a cone way. The thing I like around bay leaf joints is that the way its rolling creates its own filter top top the bottom.

Ugh, bet that won't taste good. No bible? No tampons? No apples? checked out a dude do a bowl from a pizza late too. Several options, girlfriend know just in case. Edit:spelling

Yes but people usage backwoods to role up, which is likewise a leaf. For this reason why is it negative to roll using dried bay leaves bought from a herb shop?

But wouldn't it be safe if it was dried and bought indigenous a herb shop, this means that the leaves room treated, right? and also I also saw it is fine to smoke crushed bay leaves as well, for this reason why wouldn't that be great to usage it as an alternative for a rolling paper?


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