Do you love to have a plan? get the within scoop for her upcoming vacation —> this itinerary is the many detailed, epic, and easy-to-follow guide to the park!


The sparkling waters that Lake McDonald welcome you to the west next of Glacier nationwide Park….and what a glorious welcome that is! in ~ 10 miles long and also 500 feet deep, Lake McDonald is the largest lake in the park.

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What You must Know

This lake was formed by glaciers that sculpted their method through this area, leaving behind a gorgeous valley the is now brimming with fun things to do.

Lake McDonald is the hub of task on the west next of the park. Right here you’ll find restaurants, lodging, boat tours, boat and also bike rentals, shops, horseback riding tours, etc.

The shores that Lake McDonald space easily obtainable from Apgar Village, the Lake McDonald Lodge, and also the Fish Creek Campground. I extremely recommend paddleboarding or swim while you’re here!

Be advised the pets room not permitted on any type of lakeshores in Glacier nationwide Park.

Getting Here

From the West Entrance, drive about 1 mile north to an intersection. Walk left right here to reach the Apgar town Area or the Fish Creek Campground and also Picnic Area. If you want to get to the Lake McDonald Lodge, go appropriate at the intersection and also drive for around 8 miles follow me the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

2. Going-to-the-Sun Road


Driving along Glacier’s Going-to-the-Sun road is an exciting experience and one you’ll most likely never forget! This 50-mile long design marvel climbs up and also around the mountains, twisting and turning as friend hug the cliffside. The roadway crosses the continental Divide and reaches a height of 6,646 feet.

What You need to Know

The Going-to-the-Sun roadway is the key artery through the park and also offers lot of of hiking and sightseeing opportunities along the way! For specific information on the can’t-miss point out on this course as well as an impressive secret hike, take a look at this itinerary.

Most of the Going-to-the-Sun road is only open because that a short season throughout the summer months, yet some parts of the road deserve to be accessed year-round. For everyone’s safety, vehicles much longer than 21 feet, broader than 8 feet, or taller 보다 10 feet are not allowed on this road. A shuttle business is also noted for your convenience, however it is not required.

Click right here for the recent updates and information ~ above the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Getting Here

You can access the Going-to-the-Sun road by start the park either at the West Glacier Park enntrance gate or at the St. Mar Entrance ~ above the eastern side of the park.

3. Fishercap Lake


If you’re hope to see wildlife throughout your expedition to Glacier, a visit to Fishercap Lake is a must! This spectacular lake is a favourite swimming and also feeding spot because that the moose that constant the area.

What You have to Know

A visit to this lake is as close as I can acquire you come a guaranteed moose sighting. We’ve additionally seen grizzly bears, black color bears, and also mountain goats during this brief 0.5-mile roundtrip hike!

Fishercap Lake is part of a chain that lakes that are all easily accessed by a largely flat and scenic trail. The neighboring mountains provide a dramatic view and wonderful wildlife the town hall — don’t forget her camera and binoculars.

Pets are not permitted.

Getting Here

Fishercap Lake is situated in the countless Glacier section of the park. To acquire here from the St. Mary Entrance, journey north on US-89 for 8.5 miles to Babb. Take it a left onto course 3 the numerous Glacier Road and also drive for 12.3 miles to the Swiftcurrent motor Inn at the an extremely end of the road. The follow starts from here.

4. Trace of the Cedars


For a calm walk through the forest, be certain to protect against at the trail of the Cedars. A boardwalk meanders v a was standing of old cedars and has benches and also informational indicators to stop at follow me the way. A walk in the forest doesn’t obtain much better than this!

What You must Know

The trace of the Cedars is popular because it provides accessibility to one of the park’s most well known trails — Avalanche Lake. Most world hurry with to get to the other trail, yet this trace alone is worth her time.

At the far finish of the loop, you will discover the stunning Avalanche Gorge. The raging clear blue water that rushes v this canyon is definitely a can’t-miss!

This follow is a 1-mile loop and is wheelchair accessible. Pets room not allowed on this trail.For tips and tricks on detect parking in this area, inspect out this itinerary.

Getting Here

From the West Glacier Entrance, journey north for 2 miles till you with an intersection. From here, rotate right and also travel 14.5 miles north follow me the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The begin of the trace of the Cedars will be on your right. Parking is available along both political parties of the road close to the trailhead, in ~ the start of the Avalanche Campground road don’t park in the actual campground, or in the Avalanche Creek Picnic Area.

5. St. Mar Falls


This gorgeous waterfall rages v the rocks through such power and force to take her breath away….but the color of the water steals the show!If friend love waterfalls, you’re in because that a real treat.

What You must Know

This hike fall in elevation together you make your method toward the waterfall. Shade is scarce together the trail travels with a burn area indigenous the 2015 fire that charred the area, so be sure to bring plenty that water to continue to be cool and also hydrated.

This trail is 1.7 miles round pilgrimage with one elevation change of 260 feet. If you have actually the time, consider continuing your hike to the stunning Virginia Falls, which will add 1.4 mile to her hike.

Pets are not allowed on this trail.

Getting Here

From the St. Mary Visitor Center, drive west for roughly 11 miles on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The St. Mary falls Trailhead will certainly be on your left.

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You can likewise catch the park spaceship from the Visitor center to an alternate trailhead the shuttle drops off 0.25 mile west that the trailhead detailed above and has one more trail you can use to accessibility the falls. No exclusive vehicles are permitted to park here.