Take a red and also white twist on decorating for the holidays. A candy cane theme supplies a minty-fresh approach to decorating! once Christmas comes around the corner, peppermint becomes the odor of the season. From Christmas tree decorations to the ar cookie exchange, liquid canes have a existence in practically every vacation custom. Take a refreshing approach on the iconic vacation candy through our candy cane Christmas decorating tips and treat cooking recipes ideas. Your door, entryway or table will brim through all things merry and also bright!


Idea 1: handmade a sweet and also festive placeholder out of treats!

A candy cane place card holder is one easy means to make her holiday collection both formal and festive. Every it bring away to make this sweet authorize is gluing three candy canes in ~ the top and also spreading the end the hooks, permitting it come stand like an easel. That holiday photo perfect!


Idea 2: dress your outside door in vacation brights!

Greet the season and your guests with festive decorations on your door. Liquid cane decorations—on the door and also in porch planters—offer a sweet nod come the iconic colors of the holiday red and white. Red tinsel wreaths, a shimmering garland around the door frame and striped bow accents are the finishing touches the make your entrance merry and bright.

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Idea 3: Sweeten her Christmas window decorations

Give your home windows the vacation treatment. Cave up a pair the tinsel liquid canes for a look it is brightly shining throughout the day and also into the night! because that a festive finishing touch, line edges of her windows v tinsel garland and attach strip bows come the window corners.


Idea 4: bright the holiday lights on liquid Cane Lane

You’ve heard that deck the halls, yet don’t forget the walkway! create your very own Candy Cane lane by placing lighted candy cane garden sticks along the walkway. They room battery operated, so there’s no need to worry around wires or strings. The spirited screen brings come life the whimsy the the miracle season!


Idea 5: create a vacation stairway of liquid cane stripes

The holidays are a time to action up the decorating, specifically when it comes to the staircase. For a stylish yet simple twist ~ above decorating in red and white, drape a red garland along the railing and also accent the top of each swag through a striped bow. For an elegant look, make certain to leave sufficient length in ~ the beginning of the banister to produce a flowy drop.

Idea 6: gain your table prepared for your guests and also the feast-ivities!

Trim her table in the dashing duo the red and also white—without the vacation stress! Chevron and also dots make it straightforward to produce a merry setting. The napkins are basic to get an imaginative with—wrapping tools in a napkin bow works perfectly v your liquid cane theme. A candy cane placeholder alongside the plate setting and a centerpiece consisted of of a tinsel tree and ornaments are straightforward touches that include a festive impact.

Idea 7: Nibble on the cheery color of the yuletide season

They’re do of sugar and also spice, yet not all are red and also white! put the merriment of the season on screen with brightly colored candy canes, lollipops and jelly beans. Clean bowls of differing shapes and heights add depth to setup of the kaleidoscope hues.

Idea 8: peak off a liquid buffet through Santa’s hat decorations!

Save room on your table because that a candy buffet that’s sweet to eat and also to display! ar candy canes or lollipops in the center of plastic cut down bowls filled v chocolates and also gumballs. Shimmering tinsel trees and sparkling Santa hats are basic ways to dress up a candy buffet for the vacation season.

Idea 9: set up a merry and also bright entryway tablescape!

Merrily greet your guests through a playful arrangement on the season’s standard colors. Tinsel tree in stripes and also solids add selection to a simple color scheme, and also a liquid cane marquee authorize keeps your plan looking festive. Keep a liquid cane jar at the ready for visiting guests—it’s a small touch the highlights the soul of the providing season.

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