A frustrating experience trying to login come an account leads to a rumination on just how Know her Customer (KYC) stops working us and our humanity.

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In the financial services industry, you need to be familiar with a procedure referred to as Know your Customer.

Know your Customer—often abbreviation to simply KYC—refers come the process in i m sorry a company verifies the identification of your customers. The idea is to stop unauthorized accessibility and boost security.

Have girlfriend ever referred to as customer business of part banking or credit service and had to it is in asked a severe of oddly particular multiple choice questions around your past? If so, climate you’ve been topic to KYC.

(As an aside, I have actually been asked concerns so obscure around my life that I had trouble answering them, which made me briefly involved that i wasn’t in truth me.)

All that this seems, if no straightforward, 보다 at the very least sensible. No one desires a instance where who else have the right to impersonate girlfriend and, say, drainpipe your financial institution account, or take the end a car loan in her name.

But I are afraid that we have developed a mechanism which penalizes humans and doesn’t actually attend to the larger difficulties of fraud.

To start this story of woe, let’s talk around Capital One, and how all I wanted to execute was log in in.

I’m outta here.

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